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Report: Gabriel could remain in place through draft

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The following was written by's Mike Florio. I posted a comment at the end.

Amid rumors that the sudden termination of Bears director of pro personnel Bobby DePaul could lead to the departure of director of college scouting Greg Gabriel, a league source tells us that Gabriel most likely will remain on the job through the 2010 draft.

On the surface, it makes sense.  The uncapped year makes free agency more limited than usual in 2010.  In contract, the looming rookie wage scale has nudged more high-end juniors than ever into the draft pool.  More than ever, the draft dramatically overshadows free agency in 2010.

Moreover, if Gabriel were going to be fired, why not fire him the same day DePaul was escorted out by security?

After the draft, however, Gabriel could indeed be gone.  In this regard, his contract will likely be a factor.  Many front-office personnel are signed not through the end of the football season but through the end of the draft season.  If Gabriel's contract expires at some point after the 2010 draft, he could be vulnerable.

Then again, if his contract expires, Gabriel might want out of Chicago.  As Micheal Ray Richardson once put it, "The ship be sinking."  And as he said regarding how low it can go, "The sky's the limit."

Meanwhile, someone at the team's official web site might want to consider tweaking G.M. Jerry Angelo's online bio, since the triumphs attributed to him were orchestrated by the man who already has been dumped -- and by the guy who could be the next one out the door.

Here's what I can't figure out: If you're going to fire Gabriel why wait until AFTER the draft? If he is being let go because of his draft-day record why let him to contribute to yet another draft?

If this turns out to be true, it's the latest example of how sometimes decisions made at Halas Hall boggle the mind.

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The team is in shambles. Lovie and JA are digging in for custers last stand... Never should have come to this. Bears shoulda fired them both already. This team is now the joke of the NFL...

I think a bigger part of the problem with Gabriel is that we joined one of the scouting "collectives," where everybody shares scouting reports to make it possible for more players to be scouted without traveling to each site. We are trusting the evaluation process of other teams, who have their best interests, not ours, at the core of what they are doing. If I were them, I would color my evaluation on guys depending on whether I liked or did not like them.

How often have we missed on a guy we wanted, or had to take a guy early because of what his "perceived" value was? We will never know how many we missed on, but a safe bet would be to assume we had free safeties totally wrong on the draft board compared to how the rest of the league viewed them in the 2009 draft. We know the bad leaps we have taken on players (Wolfe, Bazuin, Okwo, Bradley, JD Runnels, etc.), and this all boils down to us not viewing players the same way that other teams do. You can say all you want about scheme, but I can't remember a single scouting report that saw Garrett Wolfe as a 3rd round pick. If I remember, everybody saw him as a 5th rounder.

So who is responsible for the draft board? Angelo, the coaching staff, and Gabriel all set the board based on input from the scouting department and their own assessment. Where is the breakdown? I think it is in their process, not in the personnel executing the process.

They are identifying scapegoats now, and pretty soon there won't be any left. Then all we will have is Lovie and Angelo. Will they blame the fans then?

The Bears official team web site is a propaganda joke. All it does anymore is try to spin positives and fails miserably. You can bet Jerry or Lovie approve any and all articles written. I don't even waste my time going there anymore, oh well. At least we will have high draft picks in 2011.

Confused? No problem, I will explain it to you.

The reason this report about Gabriel makes no sense is that it is not based on reality. It is rumor fabricated from examining the situation and trying to make an educated guess on what happens next. If you make enough educated guesses you will occasionally hit on a few. If you are not held accountable for the ones you miss, your hits could eventually add up and somebody will quote you as an "expert".

There is a very fine line between success and failure in professional sports. You may believe Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith are not as good at their jobs as their competitors. I sometimes think that too. That is judging them by their competition. These people operate a billion dollar company. To get to where they are now makes them very smart, high caliber people. If you think they are complete idiots, that's not very perceptive.

Yes very strange to keep someone through the draft, maybe they dont want him talking to another team, privacy rule and all that, but they didnt worry about DePaul about that huh?
If they respected DePaul then I would think they would have kept him regardless, you always find an excuse to keep an employee that `messed up' that is helping your business alot.

Its hard to believe that Jerry got all of his draft/FA signings from these guys and did no homework himself, but SOMEONE messed this teams Talent level up really bad, I would think Jerry would take the heat, but it all flows downhill.

This is pure speculation, also, when does Gabriel's contract expire? In Florio's article it says, "IF Gabriel's contract expires at some point after the 2010 draft." Then in the very next paragraph Florio writes "Then again, IF his contract expires, Gabriel might want out of Chicago," again with the IF. When does his contract expire?

I agree with one point, IF Gabriel was gonna get the axe, why not now? Why wait till after the draft? I don't think he's going anywhere. I think this speculation was brought on because of the way Bobby DePaul was let go with the security escort and everything. Also, like the article says, why keep him on for another draft if they don't like the work he's been doing in the past. Because like the article also says, a lot of Jerry Angelo's triumphs were due to both Gabriel and Depaul. I think Depaul was let go because he didn't get along with someone within the organization, not because of his work. GO BEARS!!

There is a very fine line between success and failure in professional sports. You may believe Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith are not as good at their jobs as their competitors. I sometimes think that too. That is judging them by their competition. These people operate a billion dollar company. To get to where they are now makes them very smart, high caliber people. If you think they are complete idiots, that's not very perceptive.

Actually MS you are so wrong it is not funny. These people didn't get their because they earned it

Virginia McKaskey Married into the family. She didn't build the Bears.

Mike McKaskey, mommas boy was handded a job by mommy, had little to no experience in dealing with an NFL team

Ted Phillips, an Accountant, running football opertions even though he had no experience at doing this.

Just because you are given a job does not mean you are qualified for it.

Rob Marinelli, defensive line coach(qualified), got a head coach job, wasn't qualified and showed it. Just got the DC job, but has never called plays in his life. Not qualified.

News flash just cause your family owns something, that doesn't qualify you as a football expert or a good buisness man.

If you haven't noticed being a CEO in the united states does not mean you are doing a great job. HENCE THE MASSIVE ECONOMIC DEPRESSION. How many bad congressmen, presidents, judges, buisness men, Lawyers etc. do you need to actually figure out that some people who get jobs are bad at jobs. Wow the Bears have the 9th most valuable nfl franchise, maybe that has something to do with being located in the second largest sports market in the country. You would think they would be in the top 5 at least, New York has two damn teams splitting their market and both are in the top 5, Was, NE, Dal, Hou(freakin houston), Philly and Tampa are all doing better that the Bears who are in the second largest market by themselves. They got three teams in Florida splitting that market, the bucs suck are in a much smaller city and smaller market and yet they top the Bears in franchise value. Excuse me if I am not wowed.

You think because somebody has something given to them they earned, thats not always the case, if it was people wouldn't get fired for being bad at what they do. DePaul was both qualified and good at his job but got fired. Angelo who never ran a draft prior to the Bears and was a Pro Player director was not qualified to be incharge of both Pro and Scouting. Yet was given a GM job with no experience running a scouting team. Gabriel deserves to be fired but is still here. Many people get fired because they are bad at their job, but according to you, nobody should be fired because they got the job in the first place. Thats a little crazy. By the way yes we all have our hits and misses some people miss almost all the time and other hit almost all the time. Its an imperfect world, some people are just better at some stuff than others. But you should no that by now.

Hayes you are missing something with this comment.

"Moreover, if Gabriel were going to be fired, why not fire him the same day DePaul was escorted out by security?"

DePaul wasn't fired because of the job he did, if they were going to do that they would have fired after evaluations when they fired everyone else. It has to be something else, call DePaul and find out, the guy likes to talk.

Good points Joe, the safeties we have been through is crazy and position changes. I don't like the way our drafts have went, and someone is responsible, and I agree MS they are intelligent people. They are just not intelligent in drafting great NFL players. There is a big difference in intelligence in the job you do and intelligence in general. I told my Colts fans friends that when the Colts hired the Tobins they would be really sorry they ever heard the name Tobin, a couple years later they were telling me I was right. The Tobins were intelligent they just were not NFL player/scheme intelligent.
I mean, how many of us wanted totally different players chosen on draft day and we did not understand the players or even positions the bears drafted? Most of us know something about football, and we are smart enough to realize that the bears drafts have mostly missed under the current management. It does not take a rocket scientist to compute hindsight, and hindsight says the bears are draft deficient.
And we know the security escort meant something. Wow, that must have been some argument, and it had to be about players either wanted or taken by the bears.
Geez wouldn't it be nice for security to escort all 3 Jerry/Lovie/Ted out the door. lolol

and you know what? I havent been to the bears website in a couple years, maybe once or twice, a complete waste of my time there.

Just a reminder to Neil Hayes in regard to the possible firing of a college scouting director(Gabriel) after the draft--and how Halas Hall decisions boggle the mind--it has happened somewhat recently in Bears history.

In 2001 after the draft, Mark Hatley was out a few days after the draft and was hired by Green Bay in May 2001. Hatley was in charge of the Bears scouting and personnel department at the time and was in reality the GM as the Bears had no one with that official title at that time

Angelo was hired with the official title of GM in June 2001.

Creighton--Virginia Halas McCaskey did not marry into the family. She is the family. my point is....peoples can get FIRED from there jobs msbearsfane!!

off course i woudnt no sense i never had a job. :)

but youy guys now me old crap-tonm just trying to be posatvie...

p.s. :)

I'm still waiting for someone to explain how DePaul was so "good" at his job the past three seasons.

I'm also not buying this story. Another piece of rumor mill going as news.

I seriously think you guys need to head over the Northwestern for refresher courses.

Everything you write anymore is rumor.

Virginia McCaskey is the former Virginia Hallas. She did not marry into the family but came out of the family. Her blood lines are true. Unfortunately the heir to running the team was the late Bugsy Hallas who past away too soon. Ms McCaskey has had to depend on her offspring and hired help to run the operation.

There is a very fine line between success and failure in professional sports. You may believe Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith are not as good at their jobs as their competitors. I sometimes think that too. That is judging them by their competition. These people operate a billion dollar company. To get to where they are now makes them very smart, high caliber people. If you think they are complete idiots, that's not very perceptive.

LOL, OMFG!!!! Where to start? First, Angelo and Smith don't "operate" the Bears, moron. That would be the McCaskey family, who...aren't exactly operating it with any objective degree of competence. The buck stops with them, and they hired Phillips who in turn hired Angelo and Lovie. That's the causality in operation here, dufus. By the way, if it's illegitimate to judge someone by their professional counterparts, what other objective benchmarks do you have in mind, Mr. Rocket Science?

Shocking that the Bears are in chaos right before a very important time in the offseason? A similar thing happened to the Bears in 2001. My mind is going blank (I want to say Hatley?), but whoever the Bears had in charge of that draft that year was leaving immediately after the draft to work for the Packers - and everyone knew it. How do you have your rival's player personnel director make your draft picks?

Does anyone else remember how Michael McCaskey handled the coaching change in 1999?

Unfortunately what we are seeing now is not unusual - for the Bears.


Whether they are "very smart, high caliber people" is beside the point and totally irrelevant. They could be those things and still be totally incompetent at their jobs with the Bears, which they obviously are.

What you're clearly not getting -- and what the media haven't discussed at all that I've seen -- is that the Bears got one of the top QBs in football, but instead of him improving the team, the team was so lousy it ruined him. The team has to be really rotten for that to happen. The Bears still have a few players left from their NFC Championship, but it's been a downhill slide that continues to this day and is now going down at an ever increasing rate of speed.


Thanks for answering MS. I couldn't have said it better.

DePaul was fired to put the blame on someone other than angelo.

this looks like angelo is doing something.

How many coaches and management level personnel have been fired since Lovies arrival? I count 25 or 26. All of them were hired by angelo and/or Lovie. That is an awful lot of blame to go everywhere except where the blame should be.

Now all we have to do is find a way to fire the McCash-keys....and get a new owner who wants to win.

fans the Bear defense wasn't that bad. It finished 9th in the NFL and get this we have a corner who can play opposite CT. Zack Bowman had 6ints tied for 5th in the NFL. Imagine Urlacher, Briggs and Tisa? Tommie played much better the second half of the season and I think he is now as good as he is going to get.
Now the offense finally has a coordinator who likes throwing downfield and a coordinator who uses all of the wide receivers. People worry about Jay being sacks a lot. Two thing to remember. One with a 4 and 5 wide receiver set teams can't send a six in pass blitzes because the leaves someone wide open do you want to give Jay that kind of opportunity? And if you do blitz remember Jay is the most mobile qb Martz has ever had. He is also the strongest! Jay Cutler is the most talented qb Martz has ever coached. Kurt wasn't drafted, Bulger was a low pick. Kitna wasn't drafted, O'Sullavin undrafted. Which one of these qbs had the talent Jay does? Even HOF Kurt got a lot better after being coached by Martz. And how good were the receivers in St. Louis before Martz got there. One thin to remember the way NO's offense works is they bet their 3rd and 4th receiver is better than your 3rd and 4th cover guy. Martz does the same thing. Trust me with the speed just like Martz said on the Bears WOW!


hey jim, for being such a smart guy (which your obviously not), tell me this. what kind of idiot calls someone else a moron, and then says something stupid like the GM and head coach don't operate a team? but in the same fair weather fan breath will say the bears troubles are due to the GM & coach? so tell me smart guy, if the GM & coach don't operate the team, whats your problem with them? its funny, when the bears are winning games next season, you'll be right there saying i stuck with this team through thick & thin, but in reality, your nothing but a two-bit fair weather fan, aren't you?


To answer your question I think Smith and Angelo, who did not inherit there jobs, SHOULD be compared to their counterparts around the league. "Operate" may have been too big a word for you. These people decide who to hire and fire, set the company mission and tell everyone else what they are supposed to do. Most of these people were hired because they have successfully climbed the ladder in the dog-eat-dog, win or else world of the the NFL. Do they sometimes fail? Sure they do, but they almost have to be smart, hard-working people who were given the opportunity because of success at the previous level. That level was probably pretty tough. For example, I think Angelo was doing a job something like Gabriel's or DePaul's at Tampa.

The original post repeated a rumor that basically said that the Bears management had decided to wait and fire Gabriel until after the draft. That would be really foolish. It is unlikely that somebody smart enough to be hired as an NFL GM or head coach would be that foolish. It is possible that Gabriel will leave his job after the draft, but it won't be because they are waiting to fire him. Dude has almost 30 years in the NFL and has grandkids. He may decide to do something else, like go fishing.

I was making the point that it would be wrong to compare an NFL francise with the local pizzeria. Some bloggers could fall into the trap of comparing everyone to the unfortunate souls we all encounter in this increasingly half-assed world that Creighton is talking about. People who have difficulty making change, people misplaced in supervisory positions who can't understand the simplest instructions let alone give them; people who have inexplicably risen to positions of authority who are not held accountable for their failings. These people usually get by on bluster and blaming others for their problems. They tend to use words like moron and dufus because they are more comfortable with words of two syllables or less. Occasionally they will try to use big words like illegitimate and wind up looking kind of foolish.

In other words....people like you.

Creighton you are wrong, but that's why they run the horses. At least you were civil about it this time. Thanks for that.

Like all Bear fans, I hope they win the Super Bowl every year, including the upcoming one. But Peter is a perfect example of what allows the McCaskeys to continue to put garbage on the field and still make a lot of money. Instead of saying, "H*ll with you, I'm not spending another penny on the Bears till you hire real football people in the front office, and good ones at that," Peter fantasizes about how good the Bears will be in 2010. In reality, the Bears have very little chance of the Bears even being .500 in 2010. The best we can hope for is that idiot Martz doesn't get Cutler killed or ruin him mentally and emotionally.

And I'm not letting the Chicago media off the hook, either. The major media should be slamming the McCaskeys, Phillips, and Angelo every chance they get. How about constant articles about how much money the McCaskeys are making off fans who support their lousy teams? Features on the fancy dinners and vacations that they enjoy, how much they cost, and the fact that Bear fans paid for them? Etc. That's what the articles should be about, not meaningless details like personnel or minor coaching changes, which won't do anything till the jerks at the top change.

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