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Report: Bears targeting Peppers

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The Bears may be going "hog wild" in free agency, after all.'s Jason La Canfora is reporting that the Bears top free-agent target is none other than Julius Peppers.

That the Bears are reportedly targeting the belle of the free agent ball makes sense on two levels. Given the win-or-else mandate coach Lovie Smith and general manager Jerry Angelo are under, why not try to make a splash in free agency? Secondly, the Bears, as everybody knows, need a defensive end who can put consistent pressure on opposing quarterbacks.

La Canfora also reports that Packers defensive end Aaron Kampman, who is recovering from a knee injury, is also being watched closely by the Bears.

As reported on previous posts, many around the league have questioned Peppers' consistency and wonder if he'll lose motivation after signing a lucrative, long-term deal.

When he addressed three media members last Friday, team president Ted Phillips said the team wouldn't go "hog wild" in free agency, which is consistent with the team's approach in recent years.

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The Haynesworth Factor people... Give a FA a schit load of $$$$$$$ and they vanish. Fact of life in sports. Look at Albert Haynesworth.. he got massive dough from the Skins and did zippo.. Why work hard when you get 45 million up front to bank?? I would rather spend big money on some stud OL. Bottom line is that Lovie knows he cant coach, so he needs some stud players to make him look good. Especially on D. The OL is in shambles Lovie and JA.. SHAMBLES!?!?!?! Here we go again... they will spend the whole McCashkey savings account on Peppers.. to get 4 sacks and on the IR by week 12. LOL.. This team has no luck.. Add to that pure idiot coaching and the worst owners in the NFL... 5-11.

Wow so called it its not even funny. Peppers said he wanted to be in a 4-3 system last year. What Lovie does here isnt much deiffertnt then Jon Fox. Oh its on its so on when Peppers gets here. I dont care how quick Arron Rodgers is Peppers will chase him down aftewr bowling through three linemen he is just that good. So there you go styuckinasheep now you have a good raisin to be angry your Pack are going down. I like when Angelo does what I wants. If he did it more often this team would be in the big game every year, That my friends is not an opinion that is a fact.

Hey Bill H tell your buddies at HAlas that this is a good move you have there personal emails right? Do it now and then tell them to a real free safety like Bob Sanders.

I agree, don't put all your eggs in one basket. If the Bears are going to spend that kind of money, Kaampman and an experienced offensive lineman or saftey would be better than spending all on Peppers.

I dunno, Jared Allen looks pretty good in purple.

I love the bears but lets face it guys, we probably wont see this guy in orange and blue and hypothetically: if we do, he wont be the player we all hope and pray for. I could be and greatly hope to be wrong.

Seems like more of a public relations move. They just announced a ticket price increase, lots of fans are upset so you say your going after Peppers, it wouldn't be hard to not get him. Just offer him the least amount of money. He's a big name to get people excited. However Angelo has always liked Peppers and its do or die.

I am sure they are watching Kampman, and I do hope he comes back healthy. Just not with the Packers. They won;t have much choice on Peppers if Kampman can't make it back on time and in shape for training camp.

Wow. And of course this will clash with the Bears' stated philosphy of NOT entering into these types of deals. Remember when Larry Mayer posted this on the team Web site?

Ah, the difference a couple of seasons can make.

There is nothing that this motley crew of management can do to fix this team. But you can bet save their hides...they will go thru the motions...and don't be surprised if they give away the kitchen sink to do this...that is...give away top draft picks in 2011 to get what they can in 2010 to save their buts.
However, lovie will continue to play the cover-none defense and every team in the league knows how to play against it. They have to play 11 good teams next season, 8 playoff contenders from this year and 3 division champs from last year. Good teams will expose the bears. But if Cutler can score 50 points per game, maybe they can do it.
When was the last time you ever hear of a QB scoring 50 points a game?....never!!!

This is the Year that they need to spend the Big Bucks on two Free agents,Darren Sharper and Julius Peppers the same the Bears would spend on a 1st and 2nd round Pick and if they re-signed ADwale,they have lost with the trade for Cutler.The D will than be just great.Think Briggs,Urlacher,Peppers,Sharper,Harris,Brown,Peanut.Sign Nick Roach and Mark Anderson as they are restricted free agents and there cap value will be low. Let D Manning be the Nickle Back and it will give the youngsters at safety Al and Craig battle it out for the other safety postion. The Key is Defense the Young offense will come around.

Thanks to Love the Mope and Jerry the Dope the Bears Defense is in ruins! These guys can not recognize talent and they can't develop
players either! Look at the safety situation and the D line!!!!!!!!

If Martz can't tune up the offense, the Bears will be below .500!
Will Virginia wake up?


Geez I cant believe anyone would want us to go any further wit the same DE that havent been able to develope at all.
bears fans are looosers like the bears huh?
And yeah right - lets save that money on a TOP DE SACK MACHINE, and buy another cheap Omiyale or Shaffer lolol

To say he wont do anything on the bears is ludicrous or base what Peppers does on Haynesworth? thats BS
All we have is what he has done in the past not future speculation people. And what he has done is beta our sack totals like the pack and vikes has been beating us.

Hey, Get Peppers and Rolle from Arizona and we may just have a top ranked defense again. GO BEARS!!!!!

Strass, you are an idiot. You suck at your job and thats why you get on sites like this to feel important. ....How does that feel?

When you say Lovie knows he can't coach and thats why he needs good players, you really sound like a cry baby. There is nothing wrong with an opinion but there is also going to far.

As for Peppers, there is no doubt he has moments where he is a beast. But how much money do you spend on a guy that may or may not help turn our defense around (a pass rush makes everyone on D look better).

If he was 26 and we were risking alot of money I'd be on board because if he panned out we'd have him for 5-6 years. If he is a stud for us, at his age, it wouldnt be for many years. You always have to think long term or you end up like the Redskins.

Not worth the risk. If I had my choice, I'd go with Ric Johnson and get a Kampmann(if he's healthy) and some offensive line help.

I don't think so Randy. No team would let something like this leak out. It gives an agent to much power at the negotiation table. This could be Peppers Agent trying to gain leverage in the bidding process for his client. Its about that time that agents start jacking up the price.

Thing is Angelo can't sign Peppers, he doesn't have the authority to spend that level of money. He has to go through Phillips.

It could be true desperate times = desperate measures. But so far the only guy who has said his inside source points to this is Jason La Canfora. I would think the Chicago media would have a much bigger inside track than Canfora when it comes to their local teams and none of them have quoted their inside sources about this.

As for Peppers your right Randy he is a major talent and he would be a great addition to the Bears. He spent his first 6 seasons at LDE and his last two at RDE. So he plays both sides.

Doesn't change the fact that the Bears would never leak this, but it is something an agent would do to gain leverage with other teams.

The Bear's are targeting Peppers? Yeah, you can say anything, but doing is a much more significant thing.

Maybe we can get lucky like the slackers did and have God intervein on our behalf to bring Peppers on board, otherwise I see him following the $$$$ and we all know the BEARS won't be at the top of that list!

Get Peppers & Dunta Robinson put Peanut at Safety...On Offense Send that Third & Vasher for Bolden !!

I think, and this is only my opinion, that the Bears should sign Kampman, sign Taylor from Minnesota and then go after either Rolle or Sharper for the safety spot.
This doubles their impact by adding to your team and taking a way from two division rivals and the Super Bowl champs. Kampman would thrive back at end where he belongs. Taylor will get more carries in Chicago. Win, Win situation.


Although many times I completely agree with your point of view, in regards to the potential of getting Peppers, I have to disagree that of course the big money is important but don't you think that some of these superstars AKA (known as Peppers) maybe want a SuperBowl title and want to be with a team that could one day get there in the not too distant future.

I think Peppers given the right team that has a shot at the title would again become a beast because he will have one goal in mind and that is the title. Carolina does not offer him that because the QB situation is going into an abyss.

Cutler and the Bears might offer him the ring, if they can get the O line set with a solid O line, Peppers would make the d line automatically one of the best in the league and the whole defense better because of the pass rush potential. Peppers can take over a game similar to the way Dent did back in the day.

Peppers, would automatically make the Bears contenders for the Norris Division and playoffs, but of course O line and Safety are absolutes to get resolved as well, even though I don't think Lovie could coach himself out of a Paper bag, with talent the Bears might still get there. Peppers would be a great start for the Bears in achieving that goal.

Also forgot, Cutler needs to use his brain more and make good decisions not another year as an average performer with elite physical talent and a brain that he is not using to make the smart football decisions on the field. I hope Martz can teach Cutler the mental aspect of exceptional QB play similar to Montana, Brees, Manning etc.

Go Bears

as much as id love to jump up and down in my undies.. im a bit uncertain about them just targeting one guy and selling the farm sort to speak.. i agree with some of these posts to spread it around if indeed the bears are going to spend that kind of loot..
sharper, a running back, a defensive end that can still produce a rush and an o-line men and the bears are much improved!! look what happened to cutler last year big splash and no help around him!!

I'd much rather see A. Rolle at FS and Kampman at DE. Leaves some money for the OL.

But, if we do sign Peppers, I say sign Kampman too. Peppers, Kampman and Brown rotating at DE would be a force. We could live with our safeties with that kind of pressure!

I keep reading that Smith and Angelo were given a "win-or-else mandate", but is that really true? I don't ever remember reading a statement to that effect from Ted Phillips or from ownership. Who is this "mandate" from, reporters? Did I miss something?

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