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Bears fire DePaul

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Senior director of pro personnel Bobby DePaul has been relieved of his duties, a Bears spokesperson confirmed.

DePaul has been in his current position with the Bears for nine years and played a key role in the trade that sent two first-round draft picks and a third-rounder to the Broncos for quarterback Jay Cutler in April. Although the organization whiffed last offseason when the brought in veteran left tackle Orlando Pace, who clearly disappointed before being injured late in the season, DePaul also had a hand in acquiring Thomas Jones, Fred Miller, Muhsin Muhammed, John Tait and Roberto Garza and trading for Adewale Ogunleye.

DePaul's role with the Bears includes evaluating pro players for possible acquisition via trades and free agency while also coordinating advance scouting of opponents. He also helps out with the salary cap, contracts and oversees scouting technology.

DePaul has always been close to general manager Jerry Angelo but has not always seen eye to eye with coach Lovie Smith, which could mean Smith will wield more power in the wake of his departure.

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I guess if you are going to turn over the pro personnel department, this is the offseason to do it. Very few free agents will likely hit the open market compared to prior years.

I do not understand anything that this regime does any more. So were DePaul's evaluations any worse than Gabriel's scouting reports? I think we all know the answer to that question. It didn't matter once they got in the hands of the idiot brigade running the show. Bad draft choices, bad free agent signings, poor game planning, no adjustments in the second half of games.

You could have Gil Brandt in the scouting department, and Angelo and Lovie will still find a way to screw it up. No imagination, and no ability to see beyond their own ideas. That is what is going to make this team mediocre...

Did he quit or was he fired? I heard he was escorted out of Halas hall after a fight.

Yes give Lovie more power, thats just what he needs, get that rope nice and long so he can hang himself with it.

At least DePaul is gone, now just Lovie and Angelo. Great time to fire your Head of Pro Player, 3 weeks before FA starts. Hahahaha, probably could have just done this a month ago. Unless their was a fight.

You know whats sad? DePaul was better at his job that Gabriel, Angelo and Smith. He did bring in Jones, the more I think about it, he actually did a decent job, Pace and Omiyale where not good choices, but he may not have wanted Omiyale to play guard. That may have been a Smith move. Not great but not horrible. Some of the guys brought in were not on him but on Angelo and Smith, like Adam Archuletta, Turner wanted that goofball reciver. He didn't do to bad, not great, but not horrid. I would much rather see Gabriel gone or Angelo. Word is DePaul is the guy who was really behind the Cutler trade.

Its also been reported that Lovie didn't like his honesty. What a surprise.

Is there anyone left at Halas Hall that Smith doesn't find threatening?

Love the spin about all the good players he was involved with bringing in. He also must have had a hand in bringing in all the busts we've gotten. Or did Angelo bring in the bad ones and this guy was the unseen genius.

So after X years, Jerry or Lovie decided there was an opportunity for improvement here.

All I see is more BEARS CHURN, designed to create public interest and ticket sales.

Why hasn't Lovie fired Jerry or Jerry fired Lovie ?

Further, Isn't this a lot like the search for a lame duck Defense coordinator or lame duck offensive coordinator?

And when they hire a new GM, will that guy be able to fire the 'new' pro personal guy?

Much of the tail waging the dog I say.

The Bears are where Senior directors of pro personnel go to die.

A fight, wow! The Bears are turning into the Raiders, and not the good Raiders from years past. There is something really dysfunctional going on with this team. Hopefully it will be made public so we can at least be entertained by it. The Bears have become a laughingstock, and if the ownership and top management cared about winning above all else, this stuff wouldn't be happening.

The team has become a drama. It has become a shell of its old self. The hard working Joe Grabowskis who are the fans of the organization can no longer relate to the team. When change happens- make a complete change and spare us these never ending cuts leading to death. Ownership has lost control. Management has run amok.

Two options for explaining this: I think this may signal what the Bears are planning for in free agency- which is not much. Or, an alternate theory is Mr. DePaul didn't agree with the rest of the head shed's vision of how to execute in the offseason in terms of personnel.

Who really knows what role DePaul would've played- with the CBA issue out there, aren't most guys like him just going to be sitting on their hands for the foreseeable future?

They probably caught him on some porno site where there is probably more talent than on the roster and certainly more brains than Lovie Dovie has exhibited.

You know its bad when the comments are filled with harsh sarcasm.

The ownership has lost it, management does not have a clue and head coach is about as sharp as a baby's behind;the team appears to be in total disarray.

Oh please,

Now there is a Bobby DePaul fan club?

From the same people who have in the past criticized the Bears free agent deals?

A week ago, Moose was overpaid. Omiyale was a bad signing. But since DePaul didn't like Lovie, he's some genius?

He did some nice things. But once you get past Cutler, his job was merely average. Maybe slightly above average. Frankly, other than Thomas Jones an Reuben Brown, most of the free agents they have brought in have been merely serviceable.

That's why those of you signing DePaul's praises now have consistently dogged the free agent moves.

And you are right. As much as people talk down about the drafts, this team, when successful, was built through the draft.

The free agents have largely disappointed, and last year was no different.

And no, Halas Hall is not dysfunctional. If anything, this will bring cohesion to management.

You all may not like it, but some of you will never support Smith and Angelo. You never did.

We (at least I) don't have enough information to know just how much influence this dude had in the past. He could have been the only sane voice in the room or the root of all evil. We just don't know.

All I do know is that the Bears don't have enough talent on their roster. They need to do something different. Where there is smoke there is usually fire. As far as I am concerned fire is good and this is some thick billowing smoke over Halas Hall.

IDC....agreed....except for the Angeloof part.

The "I hate Lovie" idiots, just see that he had disagreements with Smith and decided to take this goof's side without failing to realize that THIS WAS THE GUY WHO WAS IN CHARGE OF BRINGING SOME OF THESE GUYS IN!!!! LOL!!!

There's a reason why this team is where it is. Coaching is definitely part of it(Lovie), but TALENT LEVEL is definitely another(Angeloof and DePaul)

He had to go...



I'm not saying Angelo is great. I have criticized him before, and will do so again. And Lovie, too, has made some errors.

I am simply stating that neither he nor Lovie get the credit for what the team has done well.

Did they deserve to be fired after this past season? Perhaps. But to accuse them of being the most inept franchise in the NFL is beyond absurd.

Other coaches, such as John Fox, Jeff Fisher -- guys who have been to as many Super Bowls as Lovie -- and Marvin Lewis -- a person with no SB appearances -- have managed to bounce back after several years of poor play although other coaches who have achieved limted success.

I'm optimistic this can happen with the Bears, and maybe getting rid of DePaul was necessary to make this happen.

Like MS, I have no idea what DePaul did. But if this move was required to bring contiuity to the staff, so be it.

Idc... dont think we are forming a fan club, but the point is JA is deflecting all the failures elsewhere. Turner had his faults,, but JA gave him crap to work with. Zero vet WR's,,an OL that was horrible and nothing to back up Forte with. JA is the start/end of all trades/drafts/FA's.. Really its Lovie and JA that call all the shots. They have a decent core of players outside of the line issues. Player development is Lovies job. Playing Manning at the nickle spot all summer then moving him to FS the day before camp starts??? WTF!?! Steltz has been messed up development wise just as much. Did anyone notice the last few games that had Bullocks at FS and Steltz at SS... there were very few break downs and the tackling was solid. Bullocks never got a shot and he was the best pure FS on the team. Lovie does not have a clue.. not a friggin clue.. Nor does JA. This talk of bringing that Seattle guy over.. horrible idea. Another yes man. Ownership has set this team back years by not doing what needed to be done. That was to fire JA and Lovie. Now they are building the walls higher. Have no doubt that DePaul voiced his opinion that Lovie and JA did not like.. GONZO... cough cough... Ron Rivera anyone?? This team has come apart. The FA market is crap. We dont pick till the 3rd round. The D is weak up front and Lovie wont adjust at all.. Get used to 38-31 games.. that we lose unless Cutler gets killed. WOW... we are a JOKE!!!!!

Yeah, if your giving him credit for bringing in those players then who brought in all the terrible players? Geez youd think we went to the playoffs every year for the past 9 years huh? and why even mention the Goon trade? That was a trade that shorted our DE position for years, Angelo figured that spot was solid and dint try to replace it, all the while Goon was playing half a33.
I dont care who did what, my serious opinion is Fire em all! For all the heartache they have caused the fans, all the booing, embarressment for what? To trade for a ProBowl QB and hang their hat on that one player?

Well to many people don't actually seem to know what DePaul's job was. He was incharge of Pro Player, he had nothing to do with the draft. Now he doesn't bring in all players, he has staff and Angelo is his boss. Angelo goes to him, or Lovie or Turner/Martz, and says I want this guy or that guy or I need this position filled or even we need some DT's or Tackles. He goes and scouts them and looks at trades. These are the guys he has been credited with bringing in or being a big part of getting according to Angelo and Haugh.

Robbie Gould.
Thomas Jones
Des Clark
John Tait
Ruben Brown
Fred Miller
Roberto Garza
Frank Omiyale
Jay Cutler
Kevin Shaffer

These were guys he was asked to get:
Adam Archuletta
Orlando Pace

Gains Adams was a deal between Angelo, Smith, Marinelli and the Tampa GM. As reported by Angelo.

Now thats not all the players he had dealt with just a short list showing some success.

DePaul was considered the best front office guy on the Bears staff across the league and is up for multiple GM jobs.

Idc you know what cracks me up, you constantly talk about Lovie not getting credit for all the good he does, yet I have never heard you give him credit for anything outside of 2006 and you blame everything that has happened to the Bears on everyone but Smith. You are so full of it. What has he done well the last 3 years, here is your chance, to show all of us the true genius that is Lovie Smith. Please feel free to list his great moments and try to justify your statements instead of the usual "he is awsome cause he is" comments you make.

By the way, the word is Gabriel is next.

By the way Idc Fisher hasn't had a loosing record in 4 years, and has been to the playoffs 2 of the last three years. Not sure why you are saying him and Lovie have been the same, cause its clear they haven't. The Titans have been to the playoffs 6 of the last 11 years, thats over 50 percent of the time, not to mention the Titans are a small market team.

Marvin Lewis was on the hot see this year and made the playoffs, unlike Smith. Again the Bengals are a small market team, and can't afford to do what the Bears do.

Fox is 20-12 the last two years and was in the playoffs last year. Again a small market team.

Your comparing Smith and the Bears to small market teams who are actually doing better then the Bears. All three coaches have been to the playoffs the last two years and none of these teams are making the crazy moves the Bears are.

As I have stated, had Angelo and Smith been fired, it probably would have been justified.

That said, the team has not imploded. For the lack of talent on the roster -- and we all agree the team has major talent gaps -- The Bears have not fallen to the depth, and was a game away from the playoffs two seasons ago.

In fact, you could argue that Lovie did a solid job of coaching in 2008, given the inexperience at the WR, RB, and patchwork on the offensive line. The team also suffered from injuries that season, as they did last. Yet that year -- when everyone expected them to lose ten or more games, they were literally a play or two from the playoffs.

You choose to state that Lovie is a moron and a loser, but given the talent he has had on the roster, I would argue that he's gotten the most out of his players.

And that brings us to DePaul --

Are you seriously going to sit there and say that the list you presented is exceptional? Especially from someone who has sat over the past week and complained about signing over-the-hill vets?

On one hand, a lot of those guys were productive, especially some of the younger players. They played a role in getting the team to the Super Bowl. He deserves credit for that.

But for the most part, the guys brought in through free agency were average, below average or broke down after one year. For the most part, the free agents have been as ineffective as many of Angelo's draft picks.

You ask constantly what Lovie has done since 2006. What has DePaul done?

Marty Booker? Brandon Lloyd? Kevin Jones? Anthony Adams? Josh Bullocks? Roderick Hood? Kevin Shaffer? Omiyale (who all of the sudden is a misused player). Glen Earl?

If Angelo's drafts have been bad the past few seasons, the free agent signings have been an abomination. If that's DePaul's department, he has failed just as miserably as everyone else, if not worse.

Other than DA and Tim Shaw, they have gotten zilch from any free agent brought to the team. Nothing. And yes, there is something wrong when you have to brag about a special teams player as a major accomplishment.

So please, spare me the gospel of Bobby DePaul. The free agent signings have progressively grown worse and worse since 2005. You know that. But since he challenged Lovie, he's suddenly a folk hero.

Give me a break. If you think Lovie and Angelo deserved to be fired, so did DePaul.

Bang up job as usual, Creighton. ldc = another Halas Hall shill.

Idc.. No doubt they all deserve the axe. Interesting though how Lovie and JA are circling the wagons. We really dont know whats going on at Halas Hall.. but Lovie is the poster child for stubborn and JA cant draft anything consistently to help the team. Its a recipe for disaster. But we know this.. Lovie hires close friends consistently. Sign of an unsure coach with buddies that wont call him out when the obvious dumb things are done. Todays lesson is... play nice with Lovie and JA.. or get thrown off the playground.

As long as were throwing blame around like rice at a wedding, forget all this talk of how Jerry/Lovie whoever killed the bears. The bears have had ONE great season since I started watching in 63. I really dont believe that Jerry/Lovie can be blamed for that, (maybe). The real blame and the real bear killer is the fact that the owners are STUPID bad. I mean how in this world could anyone have such a horendous NFL record as the McCaskeys? They have one of the largest markets, they should have enough pull in the Comish. office, they have everything in their favor but can only pull out one great year? (and then screw that team up as well.) Geez guys quit the hollerin bout who cut the cheese, its gonna be this way for awhile untill the McCaskeys get another warm moist ball of turp to stick on that barn wall.

(oh btw it was Jerry's fault) look at his Tampa drafts/offense, he reminds me of tobin. Look at Jerrys drafts and you will see where the bear fell (lately) BUT the Free Agent signings were terrible as well, and I know that cant be the real Creighton saying Moose/Shaeffer/Omiyale were Good FA signings. Whose in charge? The top dog, he has to ok everything, chain of command.

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