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Montana on Cutler: "Part of it is Pressure"

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Joe Montana was a guest on the "Waddle and Silvy" show on WMVP (AM-1000) today and had this to say about Bears' quarterback Jay Cutler:

"Part of it is pressure," the former 49ers quarterback said. "You're coming from a program, and sometimes you bring it on yourself a bit. You're not happy somewhere, and you leave and you think it's better somewhere else, and I love Chicago, and maybe when you get there and it's a little bit more than you expected, and maybe it's not what you expected. 

"His weapons weren't the same he had in Denver, I don't know, but I think his ability is there. But some of it now is just, some guys have a tough time adjusting mentally to that part of it, and hopefully he'll settle down."

Later in the interview, Montana was asked if Cutler's temper negatively impacts his performance.

"I just don't know him personally, but a lot of times, if you're emotional off the field and emotional on the field, you're ok," Montana said. "But if you're not that same way, if you get that emotional when that affects you personally more, and he wants to succeed so bad. A lot of the times you're trying too hard, and you're emotional, and you have that on top of it, and you're trying harder. You're doing things you don't typically do as a quarterback, and you're trying to make plays instead of letting plays happen."

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In my opinion, Joe Montana is hands down the best quarterback to ever play the game, why you might ask? Name me another QB that has won 4 rings, and passed for over 40,000 yards during their can't. The guy had the numbers and the titles. So when Joe cool says something about quarterbacking, you simply sit back and listen.

That being said, Montana is right, Cutler needs to calm down a little. As the season went on he did. As far as the weapons comparison between Denver & Chicago, Montana is also right. Once Cutler got that big receiver Devin Aromashodu, kind of like what he had in Denver in Brandon Marshall, his numbers went up, especially down in the red zone. I don't think its any coincidence Cutler had back to back 4 td pass games when Aromashodu was in the lineup at the end of the season. Over the final four games of the season when Aromashodu was finally given a chance, he caught 22 passes for 282 yards with 4 td grabs. His 4 td grabs was second best in the league over that 4 game span. Given some more time to adapt, along with some weapons like Aromashodu, Olsen, and Forte, and Jay Cutler will be fine GO BEARS!!

To add Kev- Knox is going to be a rockstar in this offense. With all that speed at Marz's disposal, the offense has a chance to be very dynamic and "high-flying."

The question then would be Kevin: what took the bears so long in getting Aroma. into the lineup? In my opinion its the same reason we have Olin/Harris/Garza/Url/Omiyale still starting or probably will start this year. Lovie will simply start the same veteran players whether or not they deserve to start or not. Why did Beekman sit when he was clearly better than Omiyale? Maybe that was Olin saying he wanted Omiyale but I am hoping Martz has the fortitude to sit the guys that just simply are not getting it done. period. Pace really didnt do too badly at pass protection but with Omiyale next to him that was disaster. Now who's going to start this year?? Same old same old? if so we will be hurting again. We all saw Pisa knock Jacobs on his keister and Jacobs knocked Url on his keister, but all we heard was how `if Url was healthy' he would be in there making a big difference. Same with Harris, same with Olin, my gosh, when its time guys, its time, hang em up. That will be the big thing this year, does Lovie start the players that deserve to start or do the same old with the same old players that dont get r done. I was hearing how Hester would be nice in the slant routes with Martz, I am hoping he still plays WR just not No. 1.

To Randy: Listen man you simply cannot be thinking straight with the players you are rattling off as finished. Brian Urlacher is absolutely fine, can you blame a guy for getting injured? You want Hillenmeyer over Urlacher? Thank that one through one more time. Pace was certainly not all that impressive, and there is no way you can blame that on Frank Omilaye who actually had a pretty impressive end of the season. Olin Kreutz may not be the most skillfull offensive lineman but he's still our best, he leads the line and is a reliable and even above average center. Tommie Harris, really? Gonna jump on the hate bandwagon this guy is starting to form? Got anyone better mulling around the sideline? Well coach, do ya? He can be a force at times, and we have to hope that one of the HIGHEST PAID defensive linemen in the league does better, and you don't sit a guy making that much money, period. So Randy, before you count out good players and question coaching, think before you write.

Randy - "The question then would be Kevin: what took the bears so long in getting Aroma. into the lineup?"

as I remember it, he was slated to be the 3rd receiver going into the season. He hurt his hamstring, which led to the Bears bringing up Knox, who then had a great start to the season. At that point, Knox, Hester and Bennett were playing well, and we didn't use 4 receivers under Turner, so the 3rd and 4th receiver had to be a special teams player...Knox returns and Davis guns, so it was settled and D.A. had to wait. When injuries hit and Knox struggled late in the season against the jam and with route consistency, D.A. hit the field and played very well.

"Why did Beekman sit when he was clearly better than Omiyale?" Beekman was a better Run blocker, and Omiyale was clearly a better pass blocker, especially later in the season. Beekman was inserted into the line up, twice, and got re-benched for failing to impress.

As for your Urlacher hate, well, that's your own business. He isn't a bruiser, but he is one of the fastest sideline to sideline MLB in the game and is a fantastic player in coverage. Even in 2007 he still pulled out a 5 interception season. the MLB, in a cover 2, is very important against the pass if you didn't know it.

Hey Armstead,

Nice analysis. I agree about DA and Montana.

I have to say, Steve Young was AS GOOD as Montana, but due to injuries and the cap, he wasn't able to play as long under center with a bunch of HOF's.

Montana's the man--but Steve's right there: highest QB career rating of all time (yes Peyton's has dropped) and highest QB rating is Superbowl history.

I always thought Montana was one of the true greats of the game, but I do not think he really said much of value in this interview.He made a couple of points that have already been made a number of times in the past. Different quarterbacks have different strengths, and each one tends to judge others on his keys to past success, not the strengths of the quarterback in question.No doubt Fran Tarkenton would fault many quarterbacks for lack of mobility and accurately passing on the run, while a pure pocket passer might fault a quarterback for not hanging in and holding the ball long enough.

I really think Jay is the best thing to happen to the Bears in years. We fans must just be patient Go Bears.

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