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Marshall Mending Fences with Broncos?

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Brandon Marshall may be having second thoughts about leaving the Broncos.

"I don't know if I would call it second thoughts," Marshall told the Denver Post. "Last year I handled things totally wrong. I just looked at the business side of things and took things too personally. This year I'm going to remove myself from the situation and let the Broncos decide the direction we're going to go in as an organization."

The question is, now that Bears general manager Jerry Angelo knows the team must improve next season for him to keep his job, might he be more willing to take a chance on a player such as Marshall?

Marshall was was quarterback Jay Cutler's favorite target with the Broncos and the Bears are in need of a No. 1 receiver, especially now that Mike Martz has been hire to coordinate the offense. Martz uses so many multiple receiver formations that the Bears need receivers more than ever even after several younger players showed promise, especially late in the season.

Whether or not he remains in Denver may not be Marshall's decision to make. After protesting his contract situation by holding out from a mandatory minicamp last offseason, and being suspended for "detrimental" conduct during training camp, he concentrated on his play and caught 101 passes in 15 games before trouble struck again.

He injured his hamstring the Wednesday before the final game of the season and was deactivated for the season finale after showing up 20 minutes late for treatment.

After all that, coach Josh McDaniels may not want Marshall back despite another Pro Bowl season, which will only lead to more speculation that he could wind up in Chicago. Marshall is scheduled to be a free agent this offseason. He will be a restricted free agent if next season is uncapped, as is expected.

It's doubtful the Broncos will sign him to a long-term deal. They could sign him and then trade him to another team, which is the most likely scenario for moving the controversial receiver.

"Learning from last year and last offseason, I approached things unprofessional," Marshall told the Post. "This offseason I'm just going to go with the flow and just go in whatever direction the Broncos want to go."

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Well it will be an uncapped year next year and the Bears don't have the picks required to get Marshall. Marshall is saying what he is saying to increase his contract value. McNugget doesn't want Marshall and if you recall Marshall said he could play and it was McDamiels that said he couldn't, he also benched Sheffler and Royal.

Even if Marshall was a FA it will be a bidding war to get him and the Bears are expected to go defense with the FA market. Lovie wants to prove he can make any player a sucess in his system, well everyone except the players he has.

Also Angelo has stated he is very happy with the reciever group on the Bears. But he does have a third round pick who is sure to be the greatest player ever. Just ask him.

Marshall for Hester sounds like a win-win-win. The bears need a dominant receiver and Hester wants to return to his return man roll. Time to make a move...quality for quality

I havent seen the bears go after a top free agent, maybe ever, Tait was about the biggest, and he only had a few years left as he was already towards the end of his career. Marshall is a different story entirely, I have never seen the bears go for a quality young free agent like Marshall, ever. Cutler was a trade, that many of us never saw before either. Precedent? Me thinks not after the small time rejects that Jerry brought in after Cutler, none of the free agents he brought in were top notch, and remember we have no 2nd cause he gambled on a player that couldnt even start for our defense that wasnt any good. So I dont really see a precedence there, I see Jerry going the cheap after Cutler. Will Jerry learn this year from his mistakes last year?? I seriously doubt it, I mean he brought in the Coaches right? That will be enough in his mind with his 3rd pick to pick the entire team up. I am being very serious here. Just like all bears fans, I wish Jerry/Ted would bring in a Top FA, and I really believe that would get us at the leat 2 games into the playoffs, but an Offensive lineman not Marshall, or Marshall and a Top OG. But remember we still need a DE, I know, I know - we will go cheap and bring back the studly sacker, Goon. Watch and see if we dont.
Peppers would fit this team to a T, as would Marshall, then we could go OG with the 3rd, which would swing Omiyale to RT and Beekman to Center, and we would have the makings of a good young Offensive line. Wish upon a falling star. With Martz system and those changes the skye would be the limit for Cutler, and us. and Lovie co.

Obtaining Marshall is certainly a long shot at best. They could give up a 2011 pick. To get Marshall it would be worth a #1 in 2011 and kick in Vasher to the Donkey's but would not want to give up much more.

On second thought, the D line needs a pass rusher and a good one.

I believe a great pass rusher would be the best ticket in free agency but finding one that is not washed up, now that is a different story.

Marshall is young, he could be a great wideout for years with Cutler.

JA, you did it once in getting Cutler, can you do it again?

Questionable but not out of the question?

You mean Archuleta, Ricky Manning Jr., and Frank Omiyale don't qualify as quality young free agents? Sorry, couldn't help myself on that one. You are right on the money, and that failure is the second part of the fall of this team. Every team misses on draft picks, but the good teams make up for those mistakes by key FA acquisutions. We seem to do poorly at both. If Omiyale gets moved to RT, then we still have a hole at LG, and we have Shaffer, who is a solid RT already that will be moved to the bench. When we move Danieal Manning all over the place, we do it because we have no appreciable depth at either corner or safety. Payne, Afalava, and Steltz are all strong safeties, and Bullocks is the only free on the roster. After Tillman, we are rolling the dice on Bowman, Graham, Vasher, Moore, and whoever else we sign off the street to man the position. Garza was supposed to be a short-term stopgap at guard while we waited on draft picks to develop. We didn't draft anyone before the 6th round, and none of them have panned out. Miller and Tait were going to be "hold the fort" guys until we replaced them with developed younger players. Chris Williams is the only draft pick at tackle that has even been close to game-worthy. Ogunleye and Alex Brown are never going to be solid sack number guys again, yet we have only drafted guys in the late rounds before 2009, and we took 2 guys who are not ready to play yet in Gilbert and Melton.

Missed draft picks and missed free agents is what made Detroit what it is today, and we are on our way there. Since Urlacher, we have not gotten the kind of production out of our first round picks that we need to build the foundation of our roster. Olsen and harris have been good, sometimes better, but not consistently that over a full season. Jury is still out on Chris Williams, but if he is as good as Tice says he is, we have our left tackle for the next several years. But looking back 12 years, it is not pretty:

1999- McNown
2003-Haynes and Grossman
2006-Hester and Manning (2nd round)
2009-Gilbert (3rd round)
4 starters, and 3 Pro Bowlers over 12 drafts. Manning and Hester are not full time starters.
A quick review
-2 "franchise" QBs who are no longer with the team
-2 "franchise" RBs who are no longer with the team--Benson looks like the player we thought we were getting in Cincy
-2 OTs that could be our bookends today. Colombo was injury prone here, and has been relatively healthy in Dallas until this year
-a #1 WR who wasn't even capable of being a #3
-a receiving TE who is still developing
-a lucky guess on a SLB that moved to the middle, and booked tickets to Hawaii for years after, despite not being able to shed blocks
-A couple of Kick returners
-a 3 technique who could have been all-world, but injuries and a lack of heart have slowed his career
-a DE/DT tweener that couldn't get on the field as a rookie
-A run stuffer at DE that didn't want to play football

Not exactly a strong track record. For contrast, let's look at the Vikings over the same time frame:
Randy Moss-S
Dmitrius Underwood-stabbed himself in rookie camp, so that was a bad pick
Daunte Culpepper-S
Chris Hovan-S
Michael Bennett-S
Bryant McKinnie-S
Kevin Williams-S
Kenechi Udeze--illness stopped him before he started
Erasmus James--injuries
Troy Williamson
Chad Greenway-S
Adrian Peterson-S
Percy Harvin-S

They hit on 9 starters in the first round, and 4 guys that have gone to the Pro Bowl. Now they and the Packers are the class of the division, and we are chasing them.

Ain't happening.

When the Pats AAA affiliate in Denver said yes to the Cutler deal Angelo could have just unplugged the phone for this kind of trade offer. There are just so many bullets in that gun and he has already pulled the trigger.

This type of trade talk is for losers in my opinion. The Bears need to get to the point where they have more good players than they can keep under the cap. Then look for somebody to trade them premium draft choices for players they can't sign anyway.

If they bring in veteran players it will have to be street free agents.

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