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Marinelli Promoted to Defensive Coordinator

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The Bears ended their coaching searches with a series of hires.

Rod Marinelli has been promoted to defensive coordinator/assistant head coach. Eric Washington will be defensive line coach, Shane Day as quarterbacks coach, Andrew Hayes-Stoker as offensive quality control and Mikal Smith as defensive quality control.

Washington had been the team's assistant defensive line coach last season while Marinelli served as assistant head coach/defensive line.

"Rod is among the best defensive coaches in the NFL and will be an excellent defensive coordinator for us," head coach Lovie Smith said in a statement released by the team. "We considered outside possibilities, but I didn't feel our defense would benefit the same way it will with Rod in the coordinator role. From the first day I became head coach of the Chicago Bears I envisioned Rod as our defensive coordinator. I considered him for the role last year, but wanted him to have the opportunity to work exclusively with our defensive line and become acclimated to our team. He will remain in our defensive line room, but will add the responsibility of the defensive calls on game day.

"As I mentioned at the end of the season, I think we have an excellent defensive staff. Our position coaches bring a valuable expertise to their respective areas and our defense evolves every year based on the input they bring to our planning meetings. We are excited to get to work and we expect to play the type of disruptive defense we have been known for."

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So from day 1, he envisioned a guy who has never called plays before running his defense?

This is a terrible decision by the Bears. If they were going to promote from within, why wait until 2 days before the Super Bowl? This should have been done right away.

Either the guys they wanted were not interested, or they really are that inept as leaders of the organization.

So Lovie couldn't handle playcalling and head coaching duties...What about NEVER CALLING PLAYS BEFORE? Marinelli is in no way qualified to be a coordinator, other than that he is Lovie's buddy.

I would resist the temptation to call this shameful, but that is pretty well what it is. This is going to be a disaster.

Great, now try adding some athletes. Preferably ones that Lovie will actually start.
Its hard to Coach players that simply arent any good, look at all the greatest Coaches, as soon as they lost all their talent they were let go as their teams couldnt cut the mustard anymore, Look at the demise of the bears after the 2006 SB, we lost all our great players and as a result our team went steadily downhill. It takes talent bottom line. The difference in Jimbo Covert and our line? We had Probowlers at most positions in 85, how many did we have last year? People want to say great talent creates more great players, well if thats the case we had nada great players to create anything.
Thats my response to Rod as our D coordinator. If Jerry is commited to changeing the way the bears play he needs to change the way he evaluates the draft.

?......While I somewhat understand the move, why not wait until after the superbowl? Why not interview Indy's Williams after the superbowl before the move? I believe that Rod is probably a good coach, but I have not seen great things out of the d-line yet. Well i guess we'll see how this plays out in 2010....lets just hope we're not out of the game before half time.

Not only did I call this, but I said firday before the Super Bowl, which I stole from Hub Arkush, who said it a month ago. The Friday part not the Marinelli part. Most of us Smart football fans new it was Rod. Lovie also said he wanted this done by Friday which suggested Marinelli because they had not interviewed anyone.

So Martz and Marinelli. Just can't keep these to guys apart. I think its a Bromance. Somehow I get the feeling Rod would rather just be a line coach.

I wonder how Angelo will say the way they looked for a coordinator was the right way to do it, and then say the way they hired a DC was the right way to do it. Not to many interviews for that DC job. Didn't do a whole lot of searching. Cha cha Change.

Yes NC why not interview some peole after all the Bears say that is he best way.

The real story here is Eric Washington, oh yeah. Wait does this mean the line will get worse because Marinelli made them so much better?

Joe do you really think Rod will be callig the plays? Joe get used to the term "we decided to run that play" comming out of Lovie's mouth in post game interviews next season.

Randy what draft? We don't have a first or a second. I am sorry for Adams but it was a bad trade to begin with. This is a really good draft year to. You can see by the trade for Adams that he doesn't evaluate talent as much as he evaluates draft status, you will note he does have a history of taking players who are dropping below their suggested draft position. He loves what he perceives as a deal.

All I could think when I first read the headline was, "Oh, GREAT" (as in sarcastic, right?). But, then, I got to thinking... on the surface, this seems like a (pick one) *lame *suck-a$$ *weak *stupid *embarrassing *last-ditch ...move. But, then, I got to thinking, if good old Roddy the Toddy never called plays before, how does anyone really know how he'll do come game day? I mean, lookit- Joe Montana got picked 82nd in the 1979 draft... that's a third-rounder, boys and girls... and just look at what HE did, when nobody thought he was worth a high draft pick. He was, arguably (and, in my own current opinion), the greatest quarterback to ever play pro football. A champion.
Right now, everybody knows that Lovie is on the hot seat (including him), and that his defenses have played worse since Ron Rivera left; that, the same Ron Rivera who was running elements of the 46 Defense in the Super Bowl against the Dolts (put 9 guys in the box, and guess who's coming to dinner?) which had Peyton Manning shi**ing bricks in the first half before the Dolts made half time adjustments and the Bears layed off the blitz in the second half.
So, suppose Roddy the Toddy actually HAS a knack to dial up defensive calls, and - ESPECIALLY - dial up the right blitz at the right time? Suppose he has a talent to motivate and fire up a whole defense to blow up an opponent every week, week in and week out?
The fact is, while this very well may turn out to be Lovie's swan song, we don't really know enough to criticize an unproven commodity... and, so, we'll know more come next season, won't we?
I guess what I'm saying is, that I'm interested and hopeful as to how things turn out on this one. It's true... I DO bleed orange and blue.
I hope this works out...
... Yup.

BTW, Creighton... "Bromance"? WTF!

You just had to know that Smith would blow at least one of these hires. So, since the Def Line coach was the most important acquisition last year and he had such a "magical" influence I guess the sky is the limit. One and done Lovie, one and done.


You know who else never called plays?

Ron Rivera.

You know who else who never called plays who had great success his first year?

Lovie Smith.

While I would have rather seen them go outside the organization, many first time play callers have success, especially when they have so much experience.

Creighton, EVERYONE called this. You do not call anything. Your words are so twisted and minced, it's hard for any of them to warrant credibility. You called nothing. Your are not part of the 'smart' football fans, especially when you listen to Hub Arkesh. Obviously, you only repeat what you hear on Boers and Bernstein. I rest my case.

Creighton, I actually do enjoy your commentary. However, weren't you supposed to perform some outrageous act after Angelo signed Jay
Cutler last summer? Anyway, I can no longer accept these bone-headed incompetent moves, one after another by our once formerly proud organization. What can we do? Who can help us? Chicago is a huge NFL market and we have to sit here and suffer through all this B.S.!!!! Lovie is either the dumbest head coach in the NFL or at least the most guilty of ABUSING his power in promoting only his buddies...NO MATTER THEIR QUALIFICATIONS. I love my Bears but this all makes me want to curl up inb the fetal position!

This does not come as a surprize. One does wonder why there was so much hullabaloo when in-house was the obvious choice. I hope it works out, but his position as head coach was a disaster, which does not seem to breed great optimism. Let's hope that as head coach he reached the Peter's priciple of his level of incompetence and the demotion will put him back in a job he can handle effectively.

Hey IDC, you know who else had never called plays at the pro-level? Boob Babich.

You know what else old Boob has in common with Rod? They're both Lovie's treehouse pals and love the Cover-2.

Here's another question: You know what's going to happen in 2010?


What a pathetic off season this has been.
Just wait for the reality of how bad this really is when draft day rolls around and the Bears don't even have a 2nd round pick and the gut they traded it away for is gone.
That is after a pathetic regular season in 2009... 2008... 2007.... not really like this at all. I have a deep respect for Coach Marianelli as a man, former Marine, and Vietnam vet. I respect him for not losing the locker room in Detroit. I did not want him as a DC, but this was as inevitable as the Martz hiring.

That being said, this does not mean that the Bears are doomed either.Our offense will put up points. I do believe that.

Turnover in the secondary and very little production up front has left the D kind of suspect, flashes but no consistency. That being said, the LB corps was wiped out, Urlacher and Pisa back should add some bite, having Bowman and Afalava with a year should help. Would be great if Moore could show up. Figure out something for Manning or let him get paid.

ha! a luck duck season

You are correct in that Rivera and Smith did not call plays prior to their first coordinator posting, but neither of them had been coaching for 30+ years when they got that post. Marinelli has been in coaching way too long to never have this kind of responsibility.

So forgive my skepticism that a nearly 60 year old man who has held no other position as a defensive coach besides line coach can learn how to call plays quickly enough to salvage this abomination of a defense the last three years.


My point was only to say that people who have no experience at coordinator can have success the first year.

And no, I'm not in the crystal ball business.


Did you really suggest that Marinelli has been coaching too long to have the responsibility of coordinator? Did you really say he too up to pick up how to call plays because of his years of experience?

What type of sense does that make?

I wanted Williams too, but it will be OK.

Guys this calling the plays thing is really overblown. Marinelli will run the defensive meetings and still coach the D-line. He may even call Urlacher's helmet with the plays. But....Lovie is going to decide what defense to call in a given situation. Always has, always will.

Who says the Bears took too long to make these calls? The "I gotta have something NOW to print, say, post, or twitter media that's who. We love them, but they don't have anything to do with what the Bears do on the field. I'm just as much to fault as anybody because I check for news updates all the time. The thing is that "last" season ends Sunday. The Bears will start NEXT year's work with their annual self-analysis in the next couple weeks. The mini-camps where they teach the offense and defense to the players are when?...April?

In other words the Bears made these decisions in plenty of time for their own purposes.

Oh and Creighton, "Most of us Smart football fans new(sic) it was Rod." Dude that is a classic. My ribs are going to be sore tomorrow. Keep it up, but if you are going to be that slapstick funny wait a couple days. We don't want anybody to hurt themselves.

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