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LT hits the market

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Ladainian Tomlinson may no longer be the player he was, but he could be intriguing to a team like the Bears, who are in the market for an all-around back who can compliment Matt Forte.

As expected, the Chargers released Tomlinson on Tuesday. The move came early, presumably to give him more time to latch on with his team of choice in free agency.

"It has been a privilege to work with him and witness his entire career," San Diego owner Dean Spanos said in a statement. "I'm proud of him and grateful to him for the way he has carried himself both on and off the field.

"No matter where he chooses to continue his career, in my mind LT will always be a San Diego Charger. His legacy as one of the greatest running backs the game has ever seen will be as a Charger."

Tomlinson is a nine-year veteran whose role has been diminished the past two seasons.

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While being a thought you have to wonder if L.T. will be even the 4th or 5th RB signed.I see Forte being a poor mans L.T. so in my opinion why sighn another guy that has the same skill sets. The Bears need a change of pace back. A down hill mean and nasty hard nose runner. With the system thats gonna be in this year I see Forte being on the field for at least 80% of the time. I say its wishfull thinking but just dont think L.T. would be interested in maybe 20 or so percent of the snaps for the year.

Im Out....

I agree that LT would not fit, but C Taylor on the other hand. not only would we be stealing from the ViQueens but a solid N-S downhill runner. Go Bear

Lets get this straight cut the guys carries in half and then cut him for lack of production. Duh give him more than 12 carries a game like in 2006 and his body of work tis past year would have been substanially more significant! Also notice when dopey Norv came in He got rid of Lo Neal who was a definative part of LT's success only to banf LT in the Box inbetween the tackles beating up this small at best in stature running back instead of getting the bal to him in space. Shame on Norv Turner. He really misused a wonderful back and then ran him out of town LT will be very productive somewhere else whereupn the use him correctly and give him the carries any decent back in the NFL needs to put up decent numbers!

Only a no-class jack*ss like Spanos would cut a future Hall of Fame player who's been with the team his entire career. But what do you expect, this is the same bunch of low life idiots who let Drew Brees go because they wouldn't give him time to recuperate from a serious injury. I really hate that this team makes the playoffs every season, I wish they'd end up in last place where they belong.

As to L.T. coming to Chicago, that would not help the Bears one bit. L.T. is a mere shell of what he once was, and you don't build championship teams with players like that.

All this talk and fantasizing about free agency misses a crucial point: Championship teams are almost always built through the draft, not through free agency. You plug holes with free agency. Of course the Bears are a team of holes with a few plugs and they have no draft picks left, so they have to do whatever they can. Again, miserable ownership that hired incompetent management caused these problems, and they're not going away until the Bears are fixed at the top.

Without an offensive line, the running matter who he is, will find a brick wall to run into. Folks....and that ain't all. Last season was much easier than this coming season. The bears play 8 games against playoff teams....and 3 games against 2008 division champs. Cutler will be running for his life and even more so with Martz's game plans.

So I ask you guys....what did the bears do this off season that makes you think they are going to be a lot better? Do you think they will have a pass rush? Marinelli fixed nothing and now, the zero and 16 ex head coach will show the fans how good he is at calling defensive plays exactly the way lovie wants it know...the cover-none defense....which allows good teams to pass all day against them...especially in the winding moments to win the game.

I do hope that the offensive line is better next season but they have nothing proven on that line yet and their depth stinks.

Oh yeah....I forgot....203 players not entering free agency is going to make it difficult to fill positions and the bears have lots to fill. Oh...and I forgot...they have no number 1 or number draft pick.
I'm afraid that you all are going to have to wait till 2011 season, after the bozos, phillips, angelo, lovie, marinelli, martz, and babbage are fired and replaced with real football people.

Val, yes we do have a much tougher slate for 2010...while I have some hope for the offense, sadly the defense should be as bad as ever...hopefully we can win a few "shootouts" if Cutler gets any time to throw and stays healthy. Wrigley Bear sums it up...we have miserable ownership and highly incompetent management (unless you're a McCaskey who relishes their cash cow as they stand to be considerably wealthier no matter what the Bears record).

Here's my scary thought...let's say we go 5-11 and we dump Angelo & Lovie. Does Phillips get dumped? Isn't he the guy that provides much of the "spin" for the McCaskeys? I'm not sure he gets fired. Finally, who's to say the McCaskeys make any better hiring decisions in the future with their devious penny-pinching history? Sorry to be so negative but the Bears incompetent ways are wearing me down. (I can't get rid of them,,,they're in my blood (sigh).

While he did shine on special teams, OUR Adrian Peterson led the team in average yards with 7.3, almost 4 more YPC than Forte. He didn't get enough carries last yerar to show his stuff, when called on, he dlivered. Adrian has always shown great inside running ability. Of course, this was never recognized by the 3 stooges. Preterson did lead the country in yrdage in cllege. Although he's getting on in years I think he'd do a lot better than Wolfe or Bell.

"The bears play 8 games against playoff teams....and 3 games against 2008 division champs." -Val

Oooh not last years playoffs teams! I mean, look at what the World Champ Steelers did to us this season. Oh yeah, they were harmless. Even the Chiefs, Browns, Bengals (2X) and Raiders beat them. Players retire, trades and the draft happen, and teams change year to year. Strength of schedule means nothing.

Looking into my crystal ball here. Tomlinson will go to...the Raiders! Now that would be funny.

no way does LT even consider coming to Chicago. he'll pick and choose the right opportunity to be in a position to end his career with a Super Bowl ring... and, hey, dat ain't here.

That was my first thought as well. What idiot on the Chargers would do this? at the least retire his number! And also I have no respect for Norv, maybe some of you do, but I have never considered him a top notch Coach. And yeah, I could see the Raiders. I dont think I would want LT but we havent seen Forte yet. He might still be slow like last year, which leads into Val, yeop, this team hasnt played a game yet, they still have the same tired players from last year, some will no doubt (surely) be better with experience, but some will be older as well. The new O Coaches will help - got to be better than Ron Turners stuuuuupid play calls, but the D? Its the same Coach lolol.....and I said I liked the hire of Rod last year, but I dint see any big difference in the line and he was supposed to be our draft choice. Now they move him to a new position! lolol just like they did Omiyale - roflmao :p
At least we have a new Offense to be excited about. cmon Jerry get us a Guard!!

just exactly why would anyone with the slimmest amount of intelligence, compare the Bears 2010 schedule to last years?????? Teams change overnight....2009 means nothing as far as schedule strength goes. What next? Someone spouting off about how Adrian Petersen led the bears with 7.3 ypc? All 3 times he carried the ball....I can't wait til somebody posts that.......i am just waiting.

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