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Lovie keeping draft options open

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Because the Bears don't have a first- or second-round draft pick doesn't mean they will approach the draft from a radically different point of view. No one knows what might happen between now and the April 22nd draft.

While it may be difficult to move up, it's not impossible.

"When I say we're keeping all options open, trades happen," Bears coach Lovie Smith said. "We have to look at the draft based on us having a first-round draft pick. You never know what might happen. Of course, we may look a little closer from the third round on but we can't disregard the first two [rounds] either."

The Bears have had more success in the later rounds than with the earlier picks, which is a point Smith conceded.

"We haven't done as well probably with some of the earlier picks," he said. "But it seems like the third round on, we have done well. So looking at it just from that point of view, we know we've gotten a lot of players that have played well for us from the later rounds on and that's what we're dealing with."

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Sure, why not waste the energy and resources of our meager and relatively weak scouting department on guys who we have no chance of drafting...

Nice to see Lovie's incapability to adjust during a game can carry over to the offseason as well.

Get a helmet Bear fans, 'cause it's going to be ugly and messy.

Didn't Angelo just say he was not expecting to trade up. Sounds a little like Lvoie wants to trade up. Who can blame him. The only real chip they have is Olsen and Angelo said Martz has been having a lot to say in their meetings. If they can get a two for him they could trade their 2nd and 3rd and get into the first if they really want a top saftey or really good tackle. I don't think Angelo will do that given his love for his own players not matter if they fit the system or not. Not to mention he is not really a fan of trading up. Hey maybe they are talking about trading down. Or maybe they will trade their 3rd pick for a player who is already a bust. Yes that sounds like a Angelo move.

Oh and to keepthe Devin Hester tweet jokes going.
"Why ya'll hating on sea world?" I think its a great place to visit, I really like those whales."

I don't see Chicago trading up, and like Angelo said, they simply don't have enough ammo to do so.

Chicago needs to come out of the off-season with some more offensive linemen, either via the draft or free agency, or both. Chicago might like what they have in house for the right tackle job in Frank Omiyale, or maybe James Marten? But they could go into free agency and sign a left guard, theres a couple options out there one being the Texan's Chester Pitts. If a left guard is signed, I look for Chicago to stay put in the third and draft Indiana tackle Rodger Saffold. Saffold was a four year starter at Indiana and impressed Chicago at the east west shrine game much like receiver Johnny Knox did last year. Saffold impressed scouts with his good foot work from his tackle position and could be a guy on Angelo's radar?

I say go with Omiyale at right tackle and draft a guard. If Chicago stays in the third round, my guy is still Alabama's Mike Johnson, the 6-5 305lbs guard is a four year starter at Alabama and was a first team all-american this season as a senior. He should be there for the taking in the third. That would be my guy for Chicago to take to come in and play left guard.

If I was gonna trade up for anyone it would be Idaho's Mike Iupati the 6-5 325lb left guard. Iupati has 35 inch arms, so he could line up outside, but I'd keep him at left guard, a position he has 34 career starts at. The guy is big and athletic and would make a great addition to Chicago's front. Another one I'd trade up for on the other side of the line is Michigan's Brandon Graham, the guy proved at the senior bowl he can get to the QB and is just as good at stoping the run. Graham could come in and play left end for Chicago from day one. Scouts say he is a prototypical left end in a 4-3 defense. But again, I don't see Chicago trading up, so I say go with Mike Johnson, just an opinion now GO BEARS!!

Isnt the player that were drafted by Angelo and still playing for the Bears mostly 3,4 and 5th round picks anyways?????????

Snoochie Boochies hahhahahhahaha

you should draft mark ingram

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