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Lovie: Bears need to 'invest' in safety

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The Bears only had one interception from the safety position last season. For a defense built around forcing turnovers, and a scheme that relies on a ball-hawking safety, that's not good enough.

"We need to invest a little more into the safety position," Bears coach Lovie Smith said at the NFL Combine on Friday. "We've hit well on some lower picks but sometimes you need to invest a little bit more whether that's free agency or higher draft picks."

The Bears don't have a first-or second-round draft pick this season, which means that investment may have to come via a trade or free agency. Kerry Rhodes of the Jets or Antrel Rolle of the Cardinals are among the veteran possibilities.

"We need good players there, period," Smith said. "You'd like to have a veteran player at every position but it doesn't work that way. We have enough of a veteran crew on the defensive side to have a good young player if we went that route come in and be ready to play."

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If thye have hit well on their draft picks as he claims. Why do they need to draft anyone? Could it be they need help at safety because they haven't hit well with their picks. Now Smith said they may need to draft higher or FA market. Maybe I missed something but Manning was a top of the second round pick. SO in order to go higher than thta you would need a first round pick. But you don't have a first or a second, so how are they going to draft higher? Trade Greg Olsen, before he demands a trade after next season and his value drops because he has 300 yards recieving in the Martz system. Probably won't happen.

Smith also addressed the offensive line saying Omiyale is penciled in at either RT or LG depending on what happens in the off season. So they are looking for help their as well. Glad to see Omiyale's success has not only earned him one starting job, but two. He was so good he earned two jobs, no competition at RT or LG, its one or the other. Lovie continues to be stupid. Hey let me just promise you a starting job because it has always worked out so well for me.

Now personally I think the Bears will look to find a Saftey in the FA market first, then use the third on either the best available guard or Tackle, probably guard. I say safety in FA because unless some good players get cut the line talent in FA is not very good. My guess is DE and FS in FA though, however they can't afford the best of each position. Well they can but not with the imaginary cap they will give themselves.

The Bears need to invest in a HC and a GM period. Will there be any avaiable when we draft in the THIRD round??

I think a playmaking FS takes priority over the DE. FA must land the FS. You cannot put any faith in getting a FS in the draft and hope he starts the first year. Huge gamble that Lovie cannot afford right now... Find the best vet FS that hits the market and sign him instantly. Then go get Kampman. Getting a legit FS and then signing a solid DE like Kampman will change the face of the D. Kampman is a helluva good football player. He may not be flashy, but he gets it done. Kampman plays the run just as well as the pass. Reminds me alot of Trace Armstrong. Plus he would be a former packer who gets to stick it to Aaron Rogers twice a year. If they can land a good pass rushing end to pair up with Alex Brown, it will free up Tommie to do more. The team is loaded with SS.. We must get that quality FS to play center field..

I know a lot of people want Peppers, but signing either Rhoades or Rolle along with Kampman at DE would be money much better spent.

Kampman is a poorman's J. Allen and with his work ethic he'll bounce back from his injury.

Rhoades was a playmaker for the Jets 2 years ago, but just never seemed to fit with Ryan. Rolle's got a ton of talent, plus I'm sure Martz could find away to work him in at the Wildcat. He supposedly can throw a ball 80 yards. Cards used him there last year.

Either safety & Kampman, spend any left over money on the O-line.

Go Bears.

Well, we used a 2nd rounder on Danieal Manning. He didn't get it at first, then he was moved around a bunch, but then old Lovie said enough's enough and took him under his wing to personally coach him up. Now he's worse off than ever.

For a guy with D. Manning's skill set, there has to be someone out there competent enough to tutor/mentor him to his fullest abilities. Anyone.

I'd love to see us pry loose Kerry Rhodes from the thick, grimmy paws of Rex Ryan, especially with us having to play the AFC East next season, it should make for a hell of a press conference the week before the game. Seriously, Rhodes from LOOOILVILLE would be an upgrade, I like the thinking about spending some money on a proven player here to help get the defense back on balance....Rolle as another option is interesting, but this may be one time most of us can agree with Lovie's assessment, this position needs a serious upgrade and can't be put on the backburner any longer....Go BEARS.......

Here's to whineing REX.......

I really doubt the Jets will get off any of their players, they had some success this year and I really feel the owners are going to listen to Coach Ryan after what he did in his first year in the Big Apple. Too bad it wasnt the Windy City huh? Wouldnt you love to have Rex here? Woah! The 46 would be alive and taking names!

Yeop, we really need to address that S position huh Lovie? Wonder if he's knocking Jerry there? lol. Nooooo, must be the guys that Jerry fired lolol

Hope Lovie doesnt take Peppers under his wing? Sign him and leave the Man alone!


Get Taylor Mays out of USC, Bears fans will love the way he plays.

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