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Like Everybody else, Briggs Disappointed in '09 Bears

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Linebacker Lance Briggs appeared with "Waddle and Silvy" on WVMP (1000-AM) this morning and had some interesting things to say about his season, the Bears' defensive scheme and Jay Cutler.

Here's the transcript:

Waddle: Give us a recap of the 2009 season.

Briggs: "Disappointment injuries or not disappointment. There are a lot of things that went on with us here in Chicago that we just didn't get stuff done and there are no excuses but it is what it is. I don't view it as a coaching problem I view it as a player problem because coaches get out there and tell us what to do and we get out there and when we are able to display that we don't display what we can do. People ask whether we can get back to the Super Bowl every year or not. We don't have the same players we had when we went to the Super Bowl."

Silvy: What type of players would you need? Julius Peppers is out there. Would you welcome a player like that that can put a quarterback on his back?

Briggs: "Absolutely I love a guy like Julius Peppers putting pressure on a quarterback each play. I'd love that but you know for us [what] we need obviously starts up front. Defensively, it starts up front so if we get pressure up front that makes everything --- I don't want to say easier --- but it just makes things make sense for us in the defensive backfield and for our linebackers."

Waddle: How much does the defense change without Brian Urlacher?

Briggs: "The thing about Brian is Brian as a leader is huge to what we do as a defense but whether Brian is in or Brian is not in, what happens up front is crucial. It is more important than anything else. If our defensive line plays well we play well. We have a chance to win every game that we are in if our defensive line doesn't play well then its hard for us to win each game."

Silvy: Do you have any clue who the new defensive coordinator is going to be?

Briggs: "I have no idea who it's going to be."

Waddle: You're not expecting a lot of change.

Briggs: "Right, I'm not expecting a lot of change."

Silvy: Doesn't this team need a guy from the outside to tweak things?

Briggs: "Yeah, I want so bad for our team to be a 3-4 defense. I'm like itching for it right now, NO WRONG, WRONG. No I don't. I really don't. I'm happy with what we are doing. There is nothing wrong with our defense. There is nothing wrong with the scheme. ... it comes down to the personal and the people that are playing in it."

Silvy: What was year one of the Jay Cutler experience for you like?

Briggs: "The experience with Jay Cutler was probably the same experience I had myself. It was just disappointing. Everything I think was disappointing. I'm a big Jay Cutler fan and I think everyone in Chicago is [going to] end up being a big Jay Cutler fan but right now with what we had going into this year Jay Cutler had a lot of problems. There were a lot of things that were going on. He was struggling as far as trying to have time. He didn't have a lot of time. He was trying to make things happen. I think that Jay Cutler is an elite quarterback and you give him an opportunity to be that and he is going to do it. He was in the Pro Bowl with me the year before and that's really where I'm going to leave it at. I'm just going to leave it at that. I think he is an elite quarterback and he will get back to that."

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Good interview, but I think Briggs is over sold on Lovie's version of the Tampa 2. Even Kiffin said it needed to be changed to fit the modern NFL. But he is also righ in that they don't have the players.

His Cutler remarks are pretty candid and seem to callout the O-Line a little. He is right and many of us have said it, if you give the QB time to male plays he will make them. People forget that even Manning in his first few years, used to throw some picks and make bad throws. In fact if you watch the old Colts game you new if Manning was getting pressured and hit he started throwing picks just like most QB's do. His 4th season wasn't much better than Cutlers.

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