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Source: Day Shoo-in for QB Job

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It looks like the Bears are about to fill the last position on their offensive staff.

Shane Day interviewed at Halas Hall on Wednesday. A reliable source told me that he would've had to have bombed in his interview not to be hired as quarterbacks coach.

It makes sense. Mike Martz got to know Day when they were both with the 49ers, and going from offensive quality control --- the bottom rung of the ladder for an NFL assistant --- to quarterbacks coach in Chicago is a huge promotion that Day is unlikely to turn down.

If there's any concern about this hire it's because of Day's skimpy resume.

His 49ers bio says he "works closely with the offensive coaching staff on their weekly game plan and the compilation of the daily practice report, while also assisting with the offensive line." Before that he was quality control/assistant quarterbacks coach at Michigan, where his duties included opponent film breakdown, recruiting and various other assignments for the Wolverines staff, according to the bio. He also worked to develop the younger quarterbacks on the Wolverines roster.

He was a high school coach in Washington for four years before he got to Michigan. He coached receivers and quarterbacks before coordinating the offense in his final season at Auburn Riverside High School.

He played receiver and shortstop at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tenn., but got his degree from Kansas State.

His lack of experience likely won't be an issue because when it comes to Cutler, Martz will be doing most of the coaching. Martz knows that the quarterback is the key to everything he wants to do offensively. He also knows that the relationship between he and Cutler is more critical than the one between Cutler and his quarterbacks coach.

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Only time will tell if this O will work, and for us fans' sake I deep down want to succeed, but on the surface still desire us to flop.


On a sort of off-topic subject I heard that Hester has come to terms with the fact that he's not meant to be a #1 WR and is willing to go back to returning kicks and punts.:
"I know what I'm best at," Hester said Thursday on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000. "The return game is my bread and butter, so if I had to cut back on my receiving and go back to returning, that's something I would love to do."


It sounds like someone (Martz) put the bug in Hetsers ear...too bad as I really would love to see Hester run those slants like the Rams WR did, fast acroos the middle and then take off - which is what Hester is best at, he cant jump ball like Jay likes his WR to do, and after watching Hester fall at returnes last year, Im not so sure that moving him back is a great idea, maybe its past him now, and maybe if he starts at OTA maybe he can get it back, I am thinking not but it would be nice to see both, didnt Prohel (sp) do both???

I think Day would be an excellent choice, and I hope he is offered and acepts the job. Regarding Hester, I think a comment in passing was grabbed by the media to try to stir up controversy. I have no doubt that Hester will be a receiver first and returner second. Of course Hester loves the returner role. That's where he made the impact and pro bowl and boosted his salary value, but he is more needed at receiver and will grow into that role. With his speed and quickness, he should become a stellar performer in the Martz system, just as Forte will be a force as a receiver out of the backfield under Martz.

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