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Is This Dent's Year?

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Here we go again with Richard Dent.

The guy belongs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He was a better player than Howie Long, and Long has been inducted.

Hopefully, justice will be served and Dent will be elected Saturday.

Here is Dent on WMVP's "Waddle and Silvy" on Friday.

Waddle: What would it mean to you to be elected to the Hall of Fame?

Dent: "It would mean a lot to a lot of people [who] feel that you deserve to be there. It's one thing that you get there and some people don't think that but yet, because we are in the entertainment business, we entertain people. It's a pleasure for people to allow me to come into their home to entertain them for that weekend. They can be doing a thousand other things, It definitely means a lot to the people that are in my life. For me, it's all about telling a whole bunch of people thanks. I had just lost my high school coach about a month or so ago. ... You want to tell everyone what they meant to you."

Silvy: How are you planning your day? Are you going to wait around for the phone call or are you going to be doing something to distract you?

Dent: "Well, after being through this six or seven times, I'm just going to take it as a day. Obviously, you look forward to the call and are hopeful. Not long ago talked to [former Sun-Times and current Tribune NFL writer] Dan Pompei. Some of the things he had said are enlightening to the things that he wanted to talk about and the data that he has gathered. It looks good so it's one of those things that for me if it doesn't happen today it has to happen at some time. Most important of all I had a chance to change my mother's life when she was here. My mother passed in '89 but so many people in your life from players to friends to coaches ,people that kind of gave you a good outlook on life itself, you want to say thanks to those people. ...
[Just so everybody understands, Pompei will be presenting Dent's case to voters.]

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Well you know these guys are going in first ballot.
Tim Brown
Emmit Smith
Jerry Rice
Shannon Sharpe will probably get in, he's the number one all ttime recieving TE.

Its a really tough call for Dent because it is such a loaded class. I think either he or John Randle will get in. I would also think Dermontti Dawson is getting considerable consideration. Cris Carter is trying to sell himself but with Brown and Rice already locks, He may go in ahead of Brown his TD totals are insane. I can't see 4 recievers going in at once though, my guess is either Brown goes or Carter goes. Rice will be carried in on their shoulders.

Dent has more Takles than Randle, but Dent was an end. The are tied in Sacks. Both should go in But Randle was a better Under Tackle than Sapp and Sapp is already in. Still Dents numbers are better as a whole. But Randle was a 6 time all pro, Dent only only once was named an all pro.

If Sharpe somehow doesn't get in then both Dent and Randle should be locks.

This is his year. The hall has recently realized it's gross bias to offense over defense and will be looking to make up a little ground this year. I believe it's like 133-72 offense to defense. Not including pre-modern two way players, place kickers, or people who got in as coaches.

You Chicago guys need to ease up on Howie Long when you make your case for Dent. They were different players and Dent was not a better player than Howie Long. Dent was a true defensive end and a damn good one. A great one. But if you asked him to do all the things the Raiders asked Long to do he'd be out of his depth. Strongside end in a 3-4? Nose tackle? 3 technique? Dwight Stephenson ( HOF center) John Hannah(HOF guard) and Jackie Slater (HOF tackle) all said Long was the 1st or 2nd toughest guy they ever played against. 2 of those 3 guys never had to worry about Dent.

Dent is a great, great player, Should have been in the Hall years ago. But your comparison to Long makes it look like you're a fantasy football guy who just looks at sack totals to determine who was better than who. You should be better than that, Neil.

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