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Is Ruskell's hiring inevitable?

| 12 Comments | No TrackBacks's Mike Florio is reporting that it's only a matter of time before the Bears announce that former Seahawks general manager Tim Ruskell will replace senior director of pro personnel Bobby DePaul, who was fired Monday.

Florio writes that he has heard that Ruskell has been calling Angelo daily, strengthening a relationship that dates back to when both worked for the Buccaneers.

Evidently, the Bears want to put some distance between DePaul's firing and Ruskell's hiring for public relations purposes, which is why the move hasn't already been announced.

Florio concludes that Ruskell will be in his new role when free agency opens March 5.

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Angelo is slime! He is tarnishing one of the greatest sports franchises in history.

Of course its inevitable!! So was Rod Marinelli, Mike Martz, the attmepted signing of Perry Fewell. Lovie thinks that whoever he has came into contact with will work. Is it just me, or does anybody know why we went with Jerry Angelo in the first place. Yes, they did make the superbowl one year at 9-7 but that is it!!! Who was fooled into thinking he was a mastermind in building and maintenance of a team?? 4-12 guys!!!


What do you mean they made the Super Bowl at 9-7?? They were 13-3 that year.

I, too, am angry over the incestuous ways the organization has handled personnel decisions. But, let's not completely rewrite history here.

I dont have the time right now, but I would have to look at Ruskell's Records with those teams and the players that were drafted/free agents signed etc.. before I decide if I feel its nepotism or just cause. Yes Lovie/Jerry do hire friends, that can be good as you know what they bring to the table or it can be bad, as they will do what is best for Jerry/Lovie and not the team. So I wonder if Lovie will really be calling the D plays and Rod is just a figure head?? hmm.

We already have Moe, Larry and Curly (Phillips, Angelo, and Smith). Now we can have a Shemp.

Randy it is not just cause, Ruskell sucks, his first year their they went to the Super Bowl but of the team was already their.

Ruskell was with the Buc's in the 80's and was another guy like Angelo that rode Rich McKay's coatails to success.

Seattle had been to the playoffs 2 years in a row before Ruskell got their.

This is the guy that let Steve Hutchinson walk after multiple pro bowl year, bad move, such a bad move.

The big difference in the 2004 seahawks and the 2005 seahawks was Hasselbeck played all 16 games. The Seahawks offense consisted of 3 pro bowl O-linemen, Alexander, Strong and Hasselbeck. So his offense started with 6 pro bowlers that he had nothing to do with bringing in. They needed a reciever to compliment Darrell Jackson, so he brought in Warrick and Jurevicius. Neither were the answer and Warrick would end his career as a bust that year.

He added LDE Bryce Fisher.
Jamie Fisher
LeRoy Hill draft
Lofta Tutupu draft
Kelly Herndon
Andre Dyson

In 2006 he brought In Julian Peterson, who played really well, but then traded Peterson for Corey Redding. Not such a good move. He signed Kerney who was 30 at the time to a 40 million dollar contract but Kerney like most guys in the nfl who are passed 30 has not lived up to his contract. T. J. Houshmandzadeh was also given a 40 million dollar contract at the age of 31. Didn't work out very well for them.

He is very similar to Angelo, if Angelo had a bigger check book for FA. He will bring in a good FA from time to time. Angelo and DePaul had a better history of FA signings than Ruskell and actually did a lot more with less money. Ruskell often payed a lot for the guys he brought in. Like Angelo who had success with Briggs, he had success with Lofta. However after that his draft history is really bad. He has tried to build his team more through FA than the draft, and like Angelo has often relied on players well past their prime and hoped they would return to their glory days. He like Angelo failed to replace key players who have left or retired. I believe he has only drafted 1 pro bowl player. He has also made some really questionable trades.

Under Ruskell the seahawks went from a contender to a bottom of the barrell team. He has had little success in the draft and often spent lots of money to bring in FA who were well past their prime. He has failed to replace Alexander, find a number 1 reciever, and the offensive line which was once one of the best in the nfl, has fallen apart under him, failing to find replacments for Jones or Hutchinson. He also has no eye for QB talent and prefers to rely on often injured Hasselbeck, much like he did with Jones. The Seahawks spent a lot of money to get old and bad with Ruskell.

With the Bears he will not be given anything close to the money was given in Seattle and even if he was his judgment on aging players is questionable. Their is a reason seattle fired him. Their is also a reason they won 9 games in 2 years. You can only patch an aging team with high priced FA for so long. He took a contender to pretender, that's all you really need to know. Ruskell was allowed to resign before he was fired on 12-02-09.

Call me a fanboy, call me an Angelo apologist, heck, call me Kevin Bumstead if it makes you feel better (hey, lonely people gotta do what they gotta do to stay occupied I suppose), but I like Jerry Angelo as a GM. I'll tell you why.

Before Angelo got here this team was a joke, does anybody remember the Bears before Angelo? After Angelo got here this team went from Being a joke, to winning a couple division titles, a conference championship, and a trip to the Super Bowl. Yes, the Bears haven't exactly been great the last couple seasons, but I believe this team is gonna get better, the win over the mighty Vikings at seasons end is a preview of things to come. The Bears are simply in a transition period, you can't expect a GM to keep a team on top year in and year out, if you do your living in fantasy land.

Think about what Angelo has done since 2006. The Bears needed a franchise QB (something they've never had), what does Angelo do, goes out and gets a franchise QB, maybe one of the leagues better young guns, if not the best in Jay Cutler. If you don't like Cutler, name me another current young gun that has set passing records for two different NFL teams, has went over 3500 yards passing three years in a row, and put up 20 plus td passes three years in a row. You wanted an up and coming QB, Angelo gave you Jay freaking Cutler. Just two seasons back this receiving core was a joke, now they could be a team strength. Earl Bennett has the hands to be a great possession receiver, Knox is gonna be a big play guy, and Aromashodu might be a beast if he keeps up what he did at seasons end, maybe a #1. Through the draft and other teams waiver wires Angelo put together a pretty solid receiving core, and their all young.

Your not suppose to judge a draft class til their 3rd season, anyone that knows anything about player development knows this. The 2008 draft class for Chicago looks to be a good one heading into their 3rd season. In this draft Angelo got a left tackle in Chris Williams, one of the leagues better all purpose backs in Matt Forte, a pretty good up and coming receiver in Earl Bennett, a good defensive lineman in Marcus Harrison, and oh yeah, how about Zack Bowman, who came in and was 5th in the league in picks with 6 as a first year starter. I'm not saying this calss is full of pro-bowlers, but the ceiling is up for all these guys and they all look to be major contributors for the upcoming season and beyond. I say give this team a chance, their young and I believe GM Jerry Angelo has them headed in the right direction GO BEARS!!

Kevin, I agree with you that Angelo gets bashed much too often on the blog, but he is in deep water this season, and must show major improvement even for those of us who support the BEARS through thick and thin.....This team has been completely "built" by him and him alone, he has allowed Lovie to bring in his "boys" as coaches, but his talent evaluation is what we ultimately see on the field.....Ruskell has not done much where he was in Seattle, but Depaul certainly has not done much in Chicago either if you go by our record the past three years......
This is a "must" season in Chicago and it starts on March 5, 2010....I'll be rooting and watching, but most of all hoping for a winning playoff season to put this odor of mediocrity behind all BEAR fans.......Go BEARS....

Creighton -

Split the prozac in half next time.


Wow, this just keeps getting worse. I just talked to a friend in Chicago. His comment on the Bears (we mainly talked about the Bulls trades and free agent possibilities) was that they're now a joke like the Raiders. I cringe to imagine how this could get worse, but I have full confidence that the Bears will show us how. Maybe bring back Abe Gibron for head coach?

Dear Chicago,

Thank you for hiring Tim Ruskell. He will bring leadership (chuckle) and a brilliant football mind (snicker) to your franchise.

Sincerely The Minnesota Vikings

One of the things great coaching staffs do is identify persons who can help the team. Angelo should bring in people who don't cost much, fit into what Lovie is doing.
1. Signing Julius Peppers is a desperation move I think because,
He is all about the money but he would be a huge upgrade at DE. Can we get the sack increase without giving someone $20M a year? Kampman and Van De Bosh seem a much better fit, sign them both.
2. One of the things JA can moniter is the health of Tommy Harris. If Tommy is as disruptive as he was in the last half of the season last year then keep him, but if he is not then I say trade for a better DT, if Shawn Rogers is available, or cut Harris now and sign Wilfolk if possible.
3. Is Vasher worth his huge contract? I don't know if he got most upfront and is now only counting a small amount against the cap but it does seem a horrible waste to give a backup CB that much money.
4. The Tampa 2 scheme does work but....every scheme needs players and smart coordinators. at LB, CB, NB the Bear defense is solid. However two of the three elements needed for the Tampa 2 scheme to succeed are not there. A Dominent DT and a hard hitting SS. If Harris returns to form Chicago still needs a hard hitting SS who can cover. Everything else in the Defense depends on that. If Chicago gets those two fixed the defense will finish higher than their 9th rank.
5. Offensively Matt Forte cannot carry the ball as much as he did the last two seasons. Chicago needs more RBs. If Jones cannot get on the field he has to be cut. No one pays money for a guy who doesn't show up to work. LT if he isn't expensive, Chester Taylor is a possibility, however if Clinton Portis checks out medically, he can be a #2 back. Thomas Jones returned to Chicago seems a good fit also.
6. Greg Olsen cannot block. I don't feel sorry for him because it is his own fault. If he doesn't get playing time it is because he doesn't block. Why should Martz have to scheme around someone who doesn't want to put the time in to get better. Tony Gonzalaz was a horrible blocker who imporved. At the money Olsen is making and I'm sure he doesn't want a pay cut, Chicago should trade him and start a young and geting better Kellen Davis and btw he is cheaper too. Who pays a TE as much as Chicago does and that TE doens't block well?
7. Lovie is at fault for one thing. Sticking with his scheme which does not work without a dominent DE, and DT. He should have demanded from JA a better DE than what Chicago has now not trade for a project in GA. I am not disrespecting the dead I think GA could have been an incredible football player but he kept making bad decisions in life. I think if Chicago fixes its DL with 2 or 3 free agents Chicago is in the playoffs. The WR have developed trememdously and with a second year of Jay Cutler they are more famalier with him.

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