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Holt: "It's a match made in heaven"

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It might be a lot of noise about nothing. After all, general manager Jerry Angelo will have the final say on all personnel matters. But if offensive coordinator Mike Martz does want Torry Holt to come to the Bears, and if Angelo agrees, Holt made it sound as if he would be on the first flight to Chicago while being interviewed recently on a local radio show.

"Absolutely I would consider coming to Chicago because of Coach Martz," Holt said on the "Waddle & Silvy Show" (WMVP AM-1000). 

The 11-year veteran, who was recently cut by the Jaguars, won a Super Bowl with Martz in St. Louis and said he has always kept in touch with his former coach.

"That's my guy," he said. "We've got a lot of history with Coach Martz, a lot of great years obviously there in St. Louis. I have a tremendous about of respect for him as a man and as well as a coach."

"What I respect the most is his mind. I respect his passion for the game of football. I respect the standard in which he sets every day. So yeah, I keep in contact with him and I would definitely, if they would have me, definitely consider playing football in Chicago next year."

Holt said current Bears players could benefit from his knowledge of the system.

"In his system you got to be able to run," Holt said.  "[Y]ou better be able to run, you better be cerebral, you better be able to learn, and you better have thick skin because he's so demanding, you're working with a guy who's a perfectionist. If you can't do those three things, and you're not tough and you're not willing to go and block and run routes and be efficient and be quick, you will not play in his system, I don't care if you're a first-round, second-round draft pick it doesn't matter. I don't care about your speed, if you can't do those things you cannot help this guy out and his offense.   I think it's a match made in heaven if they were to bring someone like me in to actually show these guys how to run this system, efficiently, effectively and consistently."

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There's no denying the talent Torry Holt brought to the field back in the day, but, I'm not big on the idea of bringing him in right now. I say go with the current personnel already on the roster in Devin Aromashodu, Johnny Knox, Devin Hester, Earl Bennett, and Juaquin Iglesias. I think these guys can get the job done.

Both Devin Hester and Earl Bennett have had problems in the past, as far as learning plays, but, I think thats all been blown out of whack.

I think Devin Hester had problems because of the fact he never really played the position before in college or high school on a full time basis, and was asked to play it at the next level on one. Over the last couple seasons Hester has developed into a solid receiver. If asked to play in the slot, he'll be a good one. I think the Devin Hester of right now shouldn't have a problem with Martz's system, especially is he's only going to be asked to man the slot position.

As far as Bennett, the guy came out of colleg a year early and was asked to learn all three receiver positions, so yeah, theres gonna be a learning curve. I think Bennett will also be fine now that he's been in the league for a couple seasons. Again, theres a big difference between the Devin Hester & Earl Bennett of now and three years ago. Both these guys along with Devin Aromashodu, Johnny Knox, and Juaquin Iglesias will be fine.

Remember Chicago also has Matt Forte to help out in the receiving game. If healthy, I look for Forte to put up some monster numbers in this scheme. And contrary to popular belief, I look for tight end Greg Olsen to help out also. Im pretty confident Mike Martz will find a way to utilize Greg Olsen's talents. One thing Martz said when he was named offensive coordinator was he's very pragmatic in his approach on offense, and that he likes to analyze his personnel to find the best way to utilize them. Again, Olsen will help out in some shape or form. I see no need for any outside help. Cutler, Forte, Olsen, and the current receiving core will be fine, just an opinion now GO BEARS!!

Yea Holt is a perfect fit for da bears. An over aged WR with little talent left in him. At this point in his career he is just looking to get any kind of paycheck. I have heard before that Chicago is the place to go for WR to die. I guess that was true after all. Bears go 7-9 in 2010 no matter what they do. Also if they get a comp. pick for Gaines Adams that would be BS. Toxicology report came out and he had drugs and alcohol in his system. NO COMP PICK FOR THAT!!!!! HAVE A GREAT DAY!

just a thought, I wonder if Pace taught Williams a thing or 2 about pass protection? The Best Left Tackle in the game Ever at our exact Offensive scheme and our young brand spankin new Franchise Left Tackle was schooled on a daily basis, not bad for the best to teach our Franchise LT huh? Same with Holt, we have really young undeveloped WR, What money Holt got from the bears or the very few plays he took from the WR is well worth the On the Field mentoring from one of the best WR to Ever play the exact same offensive scheme that will rely completely on our Franchise WR to produce or it doesnt work. Sign the Man. ASAP

Kevin, great post, funniest thing I have read all week. Didn't know you could be that sarcastic. "Olsen will help out in some shape or form." Hahahaha, oh nad this one. "Again, theres a big difference between the Devin Hester & Earl Bennett of now and three years ago." Yes their is a huge difference from Hester 3 years ago and now. Three years ago Hester was the best return man the nfl had ever seen who sometimes played a little slot reciever and did some trick plays. Now Hester is back to being a return man full time but has sucked at returns the last two years, and will be used on occasion as a trick play guy and slot reciever. Yes huge difference. But you are right their is a big difference from Bennett three years ago and Bennett now. Cause three years ago he was in college and not on the Bears. Hahahahahaha.

What a joke, are you a tard? His blood alchol level was .021 which is within the legal limit to drive, not to mention he was at home and can drink as much as he wants. What are you six? The guy basically had a beer in his system, and he had smoked some grass. Thats not what killed him moron.

What a stupid a## fan you are. Thats got to be Stuckinasheepsbum/Brando/Packerbacker. The only clown I know that wishes death on people for garbage like this.

By the way where on earth are you getting a comp pick from? What nfl rule is that idiot? A player dies so you get an extra pick, who told you that moron?

Creighton, before trying to make me look dumb because I have a different opinion than yours, heres what I meant about Bennett.

Earl Bennett is going into his 3rd NFL season, 2008, 2009, and now 2010. What I meant was the Earl Bennett three seasons back when he was a rookie. I shouldn't have said the Bennett three years ago. But, you probably knew what I meant, your just angry at what I said because I have a different opinion than you and are trying to make me look dumb for it, god forbid, having a different opinion than you the great Creighton.

Bottom line is this Creighton, the Bears receivers will be fine, Greg Olsen will be fine in this offense, Martz will find a spot for him. Chris Williams is going to turn out to be a good NFL left tackle no matter how much you don't like it. Just because he played out of position on the right side this year and was a first year NFL starter doesn't mean he was a bust because he had some bad games, he'll be fine. And oh yeah Creighton, you didn't call Martz as the offensive coordinator, you said Mike Tice would get the were wrong???? WOW, I would have never figured? One last thing Creighton, the Steelers suck, now GO BEARS!!

There is no reason to not sign Holt.

Fact is, none of the WRs on the roster are proven commodities, and each will have to adjust to a new system.

For the sake of mentorship and productivity out of the gate, Holt would be an asset. I also think the team should go after Furrey, as a hybrid player (DB/WR).

Holt will not stunt anyone. He will do the opposite, as people can learn from him.

I also agree with Randy's point, and think the team should keep Pace around next season, if to do nothing else but help the linemen pick up the scheme. He may also perform better with Martz (although he should not necessarily start, and would have to move to the right side).

I agree with you Kevin, our WRs are fine. I don't have a lot of confidence in both Hester and Bennett, but still think they both can produce and turn out to be good. That's left to be seen. However, I believe strongly in both Aromashodu and Knox, and can see both of them contributing big in 2010. Olsen was a huge disappointment simply because his YAC sucked last year. If he can become more physical (in the mind) than he should be a great asset for Cutler.

I say leave our WRs alone and rebuild the O-line first. Also, our secondary is a bigger issue than the WRs. I really like Bowman, but we need another young talented CB and especially a FREE SAFETY!!!

I wish Creighton would stop with his act of pretending to be some Bear insider that has all the answers. Honestly, I have to laugh at a lot of his post just because he tries so hard to make people think he has direct access to Halas Hall. hahaha

Creighton, their is no reason to insult someone's post just because their opinion's differ.

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