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Holt Could Reunite With Martz in Chicago

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The Bears decided not to seriously pursue Torry Holt last offseason. However, that may change now that Mike Martz has been hired as the team's offensive coordinator. Holt and Martz enjoyed much success together in St. Louis and the veteran receiver might be able to help the Bears' young receiving corps learn the nuances of Martz's system.

According to the Florida Times Union, the Jaguars are expected to release Holt and tackle Tra Thomas on Monday.

Martz likes to run more multiple-receiver formations than ex-offensive coordinator Ron Turner did so it's likely the Bears will be looking to add a receiver or two. Holt, 33, may not be the player he was at the height of "The Greatest Show on Turf," but he caught 51 passes for 722 yards for the Jaguars last season, and could give a young group some veteran leadership.

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Holt was great once, but seems to be a waste of a roster spot at this point in his career. The young receivers talent the Bears have now could use one more exceptional quality receiver, a true number 1 but is Holt that guy?

I think not.

Torry Dolt? that's just SWELL. we need another has-been, washed up ex-Ram like we need a hole in the head. anybody remember Orlando Pace? we'd be better off pursuing Boldin, methinks.

I'll take Holt over Davis any day. They are not talking about Holt being a number 1, they are talking about brining him to help the other recievers learn the system. Which is really hard.

Just for the record I do believe Holts numbers are right in line with Devin Hesters, the Bears Primary reciever, yet people talk about how bad his numbers were this year. Holt who was the number 2 reciever and started fewer games then Hester, is 34 past his prime and has bad knees. So the amazing Hester is the equivalent of a 34 year old number 2 reciever at the end of his career with bad knees. That was the Bears primary reciever last year. But people are booing Holt.

The Bears primary reciever who was 46th in yards, 49th in TD's, was out performed by number 3 and 4 recievers who started between 2-4 games, rookies, and retiries alike. Mike Wallace the number 3 reciver from Pit, Games started 4, 39 rec, 756 yards, 6 td's, 19.5 yard average. Davone Bess GS 2, 76 REC, 758 yards, avg yards 10, TD's 2. Jabar Gaffney number 3 reciever GS 7, rec 54 yds 732 avg 13.6 td's 2. Robert Meachem number 3 reciever, Rec 45, Yards 722 avg 16, TD's 9. These guys who who's Hesters numbers compare most too. A bunch of number three's who either matched or exceeded his production in fewer games started. Thats your primary reciever, your go to guy.

Yet some don't think the Bears need help there. Let me tell you something Mike Martz hammered the Bears recievers this year on NFL network. It wasn't till he became the OC that he suddenly saw them as diamonds in the rough. I say bring in whoever you have to, to make it work. Holt could easily be a reliable number 3 or 4 for a year. People you must be forgetting that Martz uses lots of 5 wide sets.

Hester already said he would love to go back to being a returner only and the 4th WR. DA is your number 2, Knox should be your slot guy and number 3, Holt could be your 4th, Hester your 5th. Find a number 1. Your talking about more 4 and 5 wide sets then any bear fan has ever seen.

Receivers Wat Receivers Are Qb Actually Passed To Our Players This Year? How Bout Da Bears Finally Open There Pockets And Pay For Talent Instead Of A Bunch Of Washed Up Players

What about Mike Furrey?
Is he healthy?
He brings experience with both the Rams and Lions (he caught 98 passes one year). He's a tough possession guy who would be useful on third downs. He brings character (nominee for NFL Man of the Year). He would not get in the way of further developing the youngsters by demanding playing time. He even plays two-way: you don't think he might have seen time at safety last year? And he would come much more cheaply than someone like Holt.
Of course, the primary question is: how much could he contribute? His stats don't look like much the past two years. On the other hand, given the likely price, why not bring him to camp and see how he fits?

I say no on Holt. Martz needs to come in here and develop something that will work for the Bears in today's game. Not recreate the Rams' offense from years ago. With Holt here there will be too much temptation to relive their experience in lieu of creating ours. Besides we do have some nice young talent that needs attention and opportunuty. If anything we need to add a crafty, smart, dependable WR like Wes Welker. What we do not need is an egomaniac, big mouth, attention adict WR that thinks he is more important than everyone else. I'm not saying Holt is one though.

While we're at it, let's bring back Marty Booker.

Think about it.

Holt was let go by the Jaguars and was previously let go by the Rams. He has an injury history and ain't getting any younger.

I'm fine with Aromashodu at 1, Bennett at 2, Knox at 3, Hester at 4 etc. You know why? Because the first thing this offense needs is an offensive line with a.) A center who won't snap the ball at Cutler's shoelaces b.) A tackle who won't acquire penalties like the other team paid him off and most importantly c.) A line that gives Cutler at the very least 3 or more seconds to pass.

Wow. Maybe Adam Archuleta can return for an encore season.

Why not bring in Isaac Bruce as a WR coach? I realize he's not a Smith, but hey.

So people are fine with a bunch of average to below average recievers who have little experience, have never played in a timing system, and have no clue about the playbook. Yes god forbid they get a vet to help out. By the way didn't Hester get injured for the second year in a row. Knox got hurt, and DA got hurt.

Mike what does Holt have to do with the line? Yeah the line needs to be better but didn't you hear they hired Mike Tice. Who will do for the O-Line what Marinelli did for the D-Line. Players don't have talent coaches create it with thier systems. We all know Angelo thinks the line is great. Kruetz had a bone spur removed, know he's younger. They may actually move Omiyale over to RT, if you look at FA without the CBA the number 1 available linemen is 33 year old Bobbie Williams. Sounds like an Angelo special to me.

Just a heads up to Bear fans Leonard Little is a FA. Oh yeah, oh yeahhhhhh.

When Matt Millen replaces Jerry Angelo, all of the pieces will be in place. In the meantime, let's try to make a silk purse out of this sow's ear. Find a way to get Brandon Marshall and Julius Peppers. A tier one free safety would also help. How likely is this scenario under the current regime? As Dizzy Dean used to say, 'There are 2 chance.... slim and none.' I think Dizzy's comment paints too rosy a picture. Don't you?

Bring him in to help the other WRs learn??? Don't we have coaches for that? This organazation is now a joke. I'm a diehard fan and I don't even care to watch a game next season for this lame duck staff.

If Holt is willing to take a long back steps and be there purely as a mentor to the young receiving corp, like Lindsey is doing with the Bulls, then maybe. But I doubt he would. He would probably not take a role anything less than a number two and would not play special team.

There aren't a lot of options out there though. Even if they don't agree on a CBA, I doubt the Bears would spend the money on decent but non-elite receivers available. And if they do agree, the better receivers out there are restricted.

Hester for Marshall? Possible, but I highly doubt it. How about Owens? Can you just imagine Terrell getting on Cutler's face, or vice versa? Now that would be the greatest show on turf.

Now, remember JA has told us everything's fine and we have GREAT offensive talent! The receivers that you see before you is ALL that you're getting-the Bears don't believe in paying alot for their services. Brandon Marshall isn't coming here even if he's free because the big spending markets will overshadow our offer. If you're accustomed to paying then you'll pay BUT if not you won't. That's not how they conduct their affairs and then have the nerve to wonder why the Colts are back in the super bowl. Probably has something to do with their willingness to pay people for their services. THis is how it is so get used to it!

holt as a possession receiver would be a good fit and a nice 7-10 yd guy who can make the first down catches. I like the idea of a veteran to come in and help improve our existing core.

(Mike) - Really? Thats the WR core you are happy with? Aromashoudu, Bennett, Knox, and Hester.

Develop Bennett and Aromashoudu, but Knox can't run a route to save his life...atleast 5 of Cutlers interceptions were becuase Knox ran the wrong route or quit on the route!!! And the 'Hester Experiment' didn't work. The good news is, is that Hester and Knox provide a very good special teams threat.

Adding Holt could be benefial, he does know the offense.

Also, if Dallas Clark can catch 100 balls for 1100 yards and 10 Td's, why can't Olsen be used like that???

Said it before and I'll say it again.
Fix the Line (both sides of the ball) and we are a playoff team again. It is the biggest problem we have. Can't pass block, can't run block. Can't stop the run, can't pressure the QB consistently. All other positions on the field will automatically upgrade when you control the line of scrimmage.

Yes, we need our young WR developed, who better than a GREAT WR that played the same system! The bears will run the Martz system, make no mistake about that. Why bring him inm to start a new system for a team that has no system or players that are even used to any NFL pro system? These are youngsters with Hester only playing the position for a couple years now. Geez thats a very cheap Coach there, and one of the best.
But to bring him in to actually play alot of minutes? nope, not sure he would want to sit though too much. I would hire him as OC assistant/WR assistant Coach. (not Smith) But he wont want that, he still thinks he can play, (like Olin/Pace/Harris and maybe even Url) geez we sure dont need another old geezer whos days are behind him starting do we? So would he play a No. 4?? I sure hope so as we have to develope these young WR and he is the best option for that.

and geez I was thinking of our Dline major improvemnt with Rod as well...hmmm not sure that worked out as Harrison was supposed to stud out but he went backwards, and Adams was the best, Harris was the same no show, our DE...who is our DE again? and I really hope they dont say that the new Coach staff is our No 1 pick again. please anything but that bs. People want to put down Cutler but if you think about it he actually is our best player. (


You ask, "if Dallas Clark can catch 100 balls for 1100 yards and 10 Td's, why can't Olsen be used like that?"

Um, because Dallas Clark can actually block. If a tight end cannot block, like Olsen, he can be defended with a safety instead of a linebacker, making it harder for him to get separation. Also, Clark has much better hands than Olsen, who drops good passes all the time.

For all of you who are denigrating Torry Holt:

In 2008, Holt caught 64 passes for almost 800 yards, despite not starting a couple of games. I didn't see him play at all in 2009, but from what I saw in 2008 he could still play. I'm sure he would have been the best receiver on the Bears if they'd brought him in before the 2009 season, and he'd still probably be the best if they got him now. I don't know how anyone could be against getting a player who's clearly superior to anyone else on the team at that position. It's not like the Bears have any good receivers, though some of them might have potential. Holt's certainly not what he used to be, but he's still better than anyone the Bears have.

And he'd also be a big help to the younger players. There is a wall between coaches and players due to their duties and ages, and it helps a lot to have veterans who can teach the younger players.

"I'll take Holt over Davis any day. They are not talking about Holt being a number 1, they are talking about brining him to help the other recievers learn the system. Which is really hard."

Wow, this is the most enlightening statement you've ever posted. Davis is on the team for his STS prowess, not his expertise as a WR. Picking up Holt would be pointless. Why take up a roster spot on an aging player when the team has more holes than an old pair of jeans? Martz made a bunch of unknowns into stars, and he can do the same with the likes of Knox, Hester, and Aromashadu.

doctor chip: "we'd be better off pursuing Boldin, methinks."

Why do Bears fans do that? You're giving the rest of us a bad name.

The Bears do not have the assets to acquire Anquan Boldin OR Brandon Marshall. These are elite receivers that would require a first or second round pick.

Jerry Angelo explored trading a second round pick in last year's draft for Boldin. If a second round pick isn't good enough, what makes you think a third round pick will be? The Bears don't have a first or second round pick, remember? Or have all Bears fans forgotten that?

This isn't a video game; it's life. And acquiring players like that is extremely difficult.

The last thing we need is another aging, slowing player who still thinks he is "Big Game" Torry Holt. I would honestly rather sign Bruce as a player than Holt at this point. Holt was a premier route runner, but relied on his superior physical skills to get open. Those skills have deteriorated, and he does not have the same burst.

That being said, I would rather have someone who at least knows how to run a route than accept the drivel we have at the position. Knox and Hester have basically no idea what they are doing. Knox can run a fly, Hester can run a stop, since he can't seem to locate the ball in the air on fly patterns. Neither of them can work the full route tree. If I had to assess our current receivers based on what I saw living in St. Louis during the Greatest Show on Turf years, I would suggest Bennett is the only one who can run the routes required in that offense, and that doesn't mean he can get open doing it.

This is going to be ugly early on, and may not improve with our current crop. Martz is going to need to lean on Forte and Olsen, which may not be a very good thing.

This is probably the best news for bennet, both devins, knox, and the other no namers caleed bears recievers, Jays probably counting the days till the bears sign a veteran like Holt so he can get the recieving corps into the playbook, so to you dumb fans out there that think theyre bringing Holt to be #1 WR: BOOOOOOOO...

The thing I am seeing when I watch other passing teams WR is the other teams WR, have a step on the DB. Our WR do not have that step. That is why I feel we should bring in Holt, as a WR developer, not as a start WR

I love reading the opinions of people who try to run the Bears like it's a season of Madden, lol. Of course we need Boldin and Marshall! We'll go through our roster, cut the weakest players at the end of the depth chart, and sign every FA that's better than them. We'll have the best team in the history of the NFL! We'll have Boldin, Marshall, Leon Washington, Peppers, Karlos Dansby, Leigh Bodden... ect, ect. In fact, we should've gotten Bill Cowher as our head coach, Shanahan as our OC, Parcells as our GM, and Ditka as President of making sure every scenario is compared and contrasted to 1985. The 2010 Chicago Bears will make every fan happy in every way ever possible. We'd never lose, we'd have the best available players for every position, and most importantly, we'd have Ditka to analyze and report to us how similar the season is going to the 85 Bears. I'm tearing up just thinking about it.....

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