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Holt available after veteran cut by Jags

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Torry Holt is available if Bears general manager Jerry Angelo is interested in reuniting the veteran receiver with new offensive coordinator Mike Martz in Chicago.

The Jaguars released Holt, tackle Tra Thomas and defensive lineman Rob Meier on Thursday.

Angelo might be looking for an extra receiver to accommodate Martz's multiple-receiver formations and the coach and receiver enjoyed much success together in St. Louis.

Holt, 33, may not be the player he was at the height of "The Greatest Show on Turf," but he caught 51 passes for 722 yards for the Jaguars last season, and he knows Martz's system.

"After completing our postseason roster evaluation, we've made the decision in the best interest of the organization to release three veteran players with tremendous playing history in the league," Jaguars General Manager Gene Smith said. "All three players have played 10 or more years in the NFL and have made a positive impact on the Jaguars organization. These decisions certainly weren't easy ones, as Torry, Tra and Rob have over 350 starts between them and they still have the ability contribute for other teams in the league."

"I think we've laid a good foundation and we just need to continue to build," Smith said. "We feel a lot better about our roster heading into the 2010 season."

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think it would be a great move, holt can mentor the youNger guys on martzs system and still catch a few to make him a threat.. also a much cheaper option then boldin who always seems to be hurt.. they should do it ASAP but pencil neck angelo seems to be a bad evaluator of talent and will probably pass..

Go get Mike Hass instead. Total beast!

Why arent we considering Stallworth? Holt is such a has that all the Bears want is cheap old players?

Hahahahaha, its funny cause its true.

Bill Holland is talking to Tice on the phone as we type Kevin. You may want to get on that.

I am not so sold on the idea of Torry Holt being a mentor for younger players. He is not as flamboyant as some of the other big names out there (T.O., Ocho Cinco, etc.), but a guy who gave himself the nickname "Big Game Torry Holt" is not exactly the giving type.

Why waste the roster spot for a "mentor" player? If you want a mentor, sign Isaac Bruce as an assistant coach. That is a guy who not only trained Torry Holt, but has helped young receivers at every step of his career. We have too many young players that need to be developed to retard them with another Orlando Pace move. Stopgaps are not the mark of a great franchise. Free agent acquisitions should not be "well, maybe he can get us through a year or two while we wait on other guys." We need to put the other guys on the field and let them develop. Bennett, Knox, Aromashodu, Iglesias, and Hester all have upside in their roles. Torry Holt doesn't have upside any more. He has ability, and he has experience, but we aren't going to learn any more about Torry Holt in another year with Martz. We are just going to learn less about the guys we have. Hester and Knox in the slot is a solid 1-2 punch, and you can rotate Aromashodu, Bennett, Knox, Hester, and Iglesias on the outside depending on formation and matchup.

I don't see Holt as a wasted spot.

While I like the potential of the players, the team still doesn' have anyone who looks like they can become the "it" guy.

We also don't know how players will respond to this system.

For that reason alone, it makes sense to bring in a veteran OR TWO who can be productive on day one, and serve as a model -- not mentor -- for the young recievers.

At each stop, Martz has brought in a player or two familiar with his system. He should do it again this time.

Holt can do it, and is still solid enough to be productive. Furrey is also available, and possibly Roy Williams in a month.

I also don't believe he would really cut into anyone's development. Holt could simply serve as a third down guy, someone to act as a go-to reciever in must-have situations. This is what Proehl did.

They don't have that player right now. And frankly, they need one.

@ Joe Felicelli, we're already wasting the roster spot on Rashied Davis, who had a whopping 5 receptions last season. It's a no-brainer.

A "has been"? Do you realize the Bears #1 receiver had only 6 more receptions and only 35 more yards than Holt last year? And that was a system Holt learned last summer. Coming to play for Martz he wouldn't have to learn as much and could still be very productive.

Ok, fair enough, he's older, lost a step, and not likely to be around a lot longer. Still, his production is better than almost all of our receiving core as it stands. He'd come for a lot less than Boldin, Marshall, or anyone else. He'd also be a good mentor for Martz's system which takes a while to a mentor would be helpful to the young guys to get moving quicker in the system.

Considering the Bears have very little in the way of draft picks to work with for trades, their options are limited. This is a decent option given the need and the price.

Yeah, If we have kept Davis around to do what he does then the roster could go to Holt. But a little of me believes that since he overlooked us because of the Jags offered in weather then guess what: it's still cold in Chicago. And he has another year where he got older. If he passed up an opportunity to work with Cutler then he isn't motivated by having a QB who can get him passes like WRs always want. But another part of me feel like we are re-visiting the Archeluta, Pace and the Booker faiscos.

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