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Faulk talks about Martz and how he'll fit in Chicago

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Former St. Louis Rams running back Marshall Faulk offered some perspective on the Bears hiring of Mike Martz.

Here are some highlights:

On the marriage: "think this is a great move for Mike, going to Chicago. He understands this may be the last chance for him to prove to people that he can get it done, which doesn't make sense, because everywhere he's been, the offense has done well.

"Every place that he's been, they've been successful. They went up. Offenses never went down."

On Martz and Jay Cutler: "It'll be very interesting. This will be the first time that Jay Cutler will not have control of the decisions that he wants to make. I'm very familiar with the offense, and it will be a challenge to Jay. And I don't want to take anything away from Ron Turner, but Mike will test his football knowledge, and test his willingness to want to get better in the NFL, because he'll ask him to do some things that Jay may not be comfortable with."

On what Kurt Warner's concern about Cutler's ability to anticipate throws: "Jay is a see it, throw it guy. And when you have the talent that a guy like that has, you sometimes don't rely on your instinct to guide you.

"Mike will really ask him to be more of an anticipator, and Jay will struggle with it. He'll struggle with it at the beginning. But hopefully, he'll look at Mike's resume....

On Matt Forte's role: "He will love it. If he can just understand and come to grips with the fact... not expect to get 30 caries a game, you can survive and play well in Mike's offense."

On Greg Olsen: "The key guy will be Olsen. Getting a tight end involved. It'll be tremendous. It'll be hard to stop, the dynamic of that offense.

"This will be the best tight that (Martz has) ever had."

On relating to Martz: "If you mess up, if you don't do your job, if you don't work hard, he's extremely difficult to deal with. If you decide to take off, you will hate Mike Martz. If you show up and you're not prepared, you will hate him. It's that simple."

On Cutler picking up the offense: "The learning curve is based on Cutler, and what his abilities are. I mean, he's a Vanderbilt guy. He should be able to digest it in a week."

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Has Faulk lost it, Martz had Vernon Davis at TE and never used him.

Going to a place where the offense is ranked 32nd and getting it to move to 26th is not huge accomplishment.

People talk about Kitna playing well for Martz because he had back to back 4000 yard seasons. Cutler has had a 4500 yards season and never seen the playoff's. Its not about throwing for 4000 yards.

Kitna threw for 4000 yards 18 tds and 20 ints in his first year with Martz. 18 Td's with 4000 yards does not blow me away. In his second season he threw for 4000 yards 20 Td's and 22 int's. Again not blown away.

Move back to 2003 and see Kitna on the Bangels throw for 3600 yards and 26 tds and only 15 ints. Thats a strong year. That was pre Martz, he had better recievers a more balanced offense and a better line.

In 99 Kitna threw for 3400 yards 23 td's and and 16 Int's. Thanks I will take these two seasons with more points fewer picks and fewer yards over the Martz years.

To be fair, Creighton, Davis wasn't the same player in 2008. Remember he had all kinds of attitude issues, until Singletary called him out. In fact, Davis talked about that a lot in the off-season and during the season.

Everyone keeps saying Martz had Vernon Davis and never used him but didn't Singletary sit him out a game because he was taking stupid penalties and not working hard. I believe the quote was "can't win with him". How does that compare to Olsen who has been a consumate professional with lesser coaching.

I don't know Creighton. I kinda trust a soon-to-be Hall of Fame RB and full-time analyst who knows Mike Martz's system over yours.

Besides, I like how you cherry pick stats.

First off, Faulk is right. Martz's has improved every offense he has been with, by an average of over ten slots. The 49ers, whom you left out went from dead last to 22 -- a jump of ten slots. The Rams went from 24th to 1st. In each case, Martz had to deal with journeymen and or untested players within the scheme. And in each case, there was marked improvement in the offenses ability to score the ball.

If Martz gets a similar level of improvement to the team in the middle -- the 49ers, a team which BTW was using a journeyman QB -- the Bears would rank in the top ten in offense.

There is no precedent to suggest that that will not happen with the Bears.

In terms of Davis, its been said repeatedly. Davis was lazy. And Martz has said he will find ways to get Olsen involved in the offense.

Gibbs, who uses a similar system, never used his TEs. But when he came back, he found ways to get Chris Cooley involved in the offense. In the year before Saunders came, Cooley had 70 catches. No other Gibbs TE has more than 35 during his first run with the team.

Coaches adapt to the players they have. Martz said he will find a way to get Olsen involved.

And sure, Kitna had ONE decent year with Seattle and ONE decent year with Cincinnati. But the rest of his career he was a model of inconsistency.

The first year you mentioned, Kinta's completion percentage was under 55. Is that impressive? And for the next two seasons, he threw more interceptions than touchdowns, including a 12/22 split in 2001.

Kitna was hardly a distinguished QB by the time he got the the Lions.

Yet what did he say about Martz? Best coach he ever had. Best years of his career. And statistically, in terms of completion percentage an yardage, they were. And that was with inferior talent as opposed to his years in Cincinnati (Chad Johnson, Corey Dillion, healthy Rudi Johnson, healthy Peter Warrick).

Fact is, Martz gets results. And he has gotten results from QBs with far lesser profiles than Cutler.

That's what the man who played with Martz, the man who is an NFL analyst, was saying.

The odds are certainly in the Bears favor that they will have a significantly more productive offense next year.

The system is fine. The question is: are the wideouts going to run the right routes this year?

Oh please Marshall. You are just rambling. You have no idea of the situation in Chicago and you have no idea of the intelligence of Cutler. Cutler will be fine. He is smart, tough and wants to win. Since when is that bad? Some of you media and "athletes" seem to have some major hate...or is it jealousy....going on with Cutler and without reason. You guys are such a joke. Thanks for the laughs though.


I like your point. Because if the receivers don't run the right routes, expect to see a TON OF INTERCEPTIONS this year. As Warner and Faulk noted, "anticipation" means Jay will be throwing it where he "thinks" the guy will be. Turner did some of that - in what some ignoramuses on this board called the West Coast Offense (chuckle).

We all know Devin Hester and Johnny Knox struggled to actually get where they were supposed to be. They caused a bunch of picks. We all know it.

We'll see how it goes.

And a quick note to you genius champions: quick slants and wide receiver screens do not equal West Coast Offense. Not even close. You need to look at some Raiders tapes from the Jon Gruden era, some BYU tapes from the Lavell Edward era, or better yet, some 49 tapes from the Bill Walsh era.


I liked the way Warner would throw the ball low away from the defgnder expecting the WR to know to go low (slide catch) away from the defender, I am gonna hope our WR learn to separate and run routes, they havent to this date, Aroma, at least knows how to jump catch. Hopefully someone teaches WR in Chicago for a change, same with TE cause we havent had any WR/TE develope to their potential yet. It will be exciting watching what Martz does though (one way or the other) as everyone can at least be excited cause Run into the D Turner is gone!!! whoohoo give us that at least. And hopefully teach the RB/TE how to pick up the blitz, I would expsect Martz to know that much.

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