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Colts assistant talks about Bears coordinator job

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I've been saying since the beginning that I thought Indianapolis Colts secondary coach Alan Williams would be a good fit for the Bears coordinator job.

I feel even stronger about that after talking to him this morning at Super Bowl Media Day.

He isn't anxious to leave, but he's confident that he's ready to become a coordinator.

"It'll come. It'll come. All coordinator jobs are intriguing," he said when I asked him about the Bears job. "if they call and if that happens, when that time comes, it'll be neat to explore the opportunity. But if not, I have a great group to work with."

Williams said he learned about patience from former Colts head coach Tony Dungy, who hired him in Tampa.

"My time will come. I'm not going to get impatient about it," Williams said. "The best thing I can do is keep putting a good product on the field and we keep winning football games, and the right job will come around when it comes around."

As I've mentioned before, Williams should be someone the Bears explore because of his track record of developing young players into starters. The best example is safety Antoine Bethea, a former sixth-round pick who became a Pro Bowl player.

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If he can find us a free safety in the sixth round he will be worth a D-coordinator's check right there!!!

It makes a lot of sense to look for a D-coordinator who is strong on secondary play. You don't need to worry about the line with Marinelli and Bullet Bob is a good linebacker coach, although a disaster at coordinator. The secondary is definately a weakness from last year.

This story makes a lot of sense, but Lovie said he wanted his staff in place by the Super Bowl. How can that work? Unless they had an interview on the sly during bye week?

This is the guy, he really should be the guy

GO GET HIM !!! He changes average players into pro bowlers, he would be a great asset to any team...even ours, just don't listen to Lovie and you'll be fine !

Sounds like the right guy for the job. He worked wonders without Bob Sanders. I'll be surprised if he is not interviewed.

Jensen... position coaches develop players, coordinators call plays.

What play-calling experience does this guy have?

And -- to paraphrase your shameless self-promotion -- "I've been saying since the beginning" that the Colts secondary is a beneficiary of a great pass rush, something the Bears do not have.

Come on.

Bears Backer,

I get your point, but these guys have to start somewhere. With a wealth of experience around him, I believe Alan Williams would do a fine job. Just my opinion.

Thank you, BearsBacker. Well said.

Sheesh, where you been dude? No siree....nobody indulges in shameless self-promotion on this blog.

Hopefully he brings Antoine Bethea with him, that guy is awesome. I'd even settle for Bob Sanders, a.k.a Mike Brown II. Look what this guy did with Lacey and Powers after Hayden and Jackson went down, the Colts secondary didn't miss a beat. I think this guy would be a great fit.

Sounds like the perfect guy to figure out what to do with Daniel Manning

Whatever happens,,,just keep Lovie the hell away from Danieal Manning. Poor Manning might go insane if Lovie keeps jerking him all over the field...

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