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Colts assistant said Adams was "going to be a great player"

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Larry Coyer is the Indianapolis Colts defensive coordinator. But in 2007, Coyer was the assistant head coach/ defensive line coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

So Coyer worked with Gaines Adams, whom the Bucs selected in the first round of that year's draft.

Here's what Coyer had to say about Adams, who died of a cardiac arrest last month.

"It's very sad for me to see what people think and what really happens are two different things. This guy was a worker," Coyer said. "He was the victim of being a, 'Top draft choice' and what Gaines Adams needed was just reps and time.

"It's a tragedy. His smile would light up a room. Gaines was an old country southern boy, and that guy was going to be a great player."

Coyer said what Rod Marinelli told the Sun-Times a few weeks ago: that Adams needed to get stronger and refine his game.

"Some guys develop at different times in their career, and it angers me some to hear people say that he didn't do anything," Coyer said. "This guy was an okay guy, and he was a hard working guy. I'll just say this. I wish I had more years with Gaines Adams. He was a joy to be around..."

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