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Carrier's career takes turn

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The Bears could use another safety like Mark Carrier. Remember him? He was the sixth overall pick in the 1990 draft out of USC. As a rookie, all he did was lead the NFL with 10 interceptions while posting a career high 122 tackles and 20 passes defensed. He also had five forced fumbles.

How much better would the Bears be if they could pick up a rookie who could duplicate those numbers next season?

Anyway, Carrier went on to play for three different teams in 11 seasons before getting into coaching. The had been the Ravens' secondary coach, which seems logical enough given where he played in the NFL.

Jets coach Rex Ryan recently hired Carrier to coach his ... defensive line?

The Bears have a lot of former players coaching in the league. Mike Singletary, Jeff Fisher, Leslie Frazier, Andy Heck and Doug Plank leap to mind. If Carrier is versatile enough to coach the secondary for a defensive-oriented team one year and defensive line for a dominant defensive team the next, his career bears watching.

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Well their chances of finding another Carrier would be a lot better if they had the sixth overall pick again.

The Bears have really good history, (not recent), in drafting good players at safety in the mid to late rounds. It's time for Angelo to step up and hit on a good one.

Mark Carrier would be nice right now, the guy was a pretty good free safety, I remember his 10 pick season as a rookie. The guy could play the ball. Another thing to keep in mind although is Chicago had a pretty good pass rush back then with Dent, Armstrong and co. A good pass rush helps a defensive backfield like a good o-line helps an offensive backfield.

As far as safeties Angelo could draft in the 3rd, if thats the direction he's gonna go in, there are some nice ones available. I say go guard, but Angelo might feel Omiyale will takes steps forward in his development and be the guy on the left side, but who knows? If Angelo does go safety in round three, Georgia tech junior Morgan Burnett (6-1 210lbs) comes to mind, and projects as a third rounder as of right now. Burnett is a ballhawk, in 2008 he had 8 ints, 4 this season. One reason his picks went down might be the fact Georgia tech didn't have a consistent pass rush like in years past. Burnett's 14 career picks are 2nd best in school history, only 2 shy of Willie Clay's 16. Had Burnett stayed in school another season he probably would have had the record. Burnett is not only a ballhawk, he's around the ball a lot also, his 235 tackles are eighth-most in school history, another year probably would have brought up them numbers also. He's definitely a prospect Angelo should be checking out for his size 6-1, ability to play the ball, and his ability to be around tha ball a lot, he'd be a welcome addition to Chicago's secondary GO BEARS!!

Yeah I am with MS its kinda nice to have a top 10 pick if your looking for tallent like an Eric Berry. Lucky for the Bears its a loaded safety class this year, and you could see a guy like Taylor Mayes, or Morgan Burnett in the second round. Good thing we traded away our second round pick, smart move.

But at least we have a third, oh but wait we don;t have a lot of draft picks and is their really a difference between a third and a fourth to Angelo? Why no of course their isn't, in fact if you ask him he'll tell, their isn't a big difference between a 1st and a 2nd, or a 2nd and a 3rd, or a third and a 4th. In fact he really doesn't see any difference in first or 5th round picks, except that they cost more. So turn that frown upside down and trade down clown. They could trade all our picks for a 7th rounders cause their really is no difference.

Carrier was a solid player for us and had the kind of range and instincts we need at the position. It is a shame that we have had guys like him, Fencik and Brown over the years but have no one currently in place who can carry on that tradition.

The funny thing when he was picked is that everyone thought the Bears picked him way too early. He ended up being the last real good first round pick for the Bears. I don't think I'll ever forget the hit he put on the running back from the Broncos that year (I think his name was Humphries?). The next year started a run for the Bears of 1st round picks that were mediocre. The best were great athletes that had few good moments but couldn't reach their potential (Alonzo Spellman, Curtis Conway, and Walt Harris) while the worst were just horrible busts (Stan Thomas, John Thierry, Cade McNown, Curtis Enis, Rashaan Salam).

It would be great to have another impact safety but I agree with MSBearsfan that it would be a lot easier to find one with a higher draft pick. It would also help if the Bears actually viewed the safety position as an important position rather than a position where you can just plug any athlete in.

T Dawg, your list of horrible bust shouldn't include Curtis Enis. He was a stud and would have been for a number of years if it wasn't for him blowing out his knee. Now if you include him in a list of players that just didn't pan out, that would be more accurate. However, you're right about the long list of 1st round picks that were lousy.

Kevin, I too hope for a guard/tackle in the third round. I'm getting so tired of these so called analysts talking about the Bears needing WRs. To everyone out there (ESPN/morons at the Tribune and Sun Times) that thinks WR is the biggest need; I say learn something about football. You can have Jerry Rice out there and he wouldn't do the Bears any do. The offense starts at the line of scrimmage, without that, those "weapons" become worthless.

Mr. Angelo needs to address the O-line FIRST, because Chris Williams is really the only young O-lineman the Bears have with lots of talent. BTW, I was very happy, and still am, that the Bears went with Williams with their 14th overall pick in 2008. How much do we need him now!?! Anyway, I know the Bears are happy with Kreutz and Garza, but they both are long in the tooth. As far as Beekman, Shaffer and Omiyale are concerned, they are NOT the answer. It's time to completely rebuild the O-line and Coach Tice was a really good start.

I would love for the Bears to trade Tommie Harris for a younger O-lineman with talent. That would be better for both sides. Tommie needs a change and the Bears need an Offensive line. Of course, that would mean replacing Tommie, but the Bears love drafting D-lineman early anyways.

As far as Mark Carrier, why the hell is he a D-line coach anyways? I would be on the phone with him getting him back to Chicago were he can teach our secondary to be physical again. That's what we were missing without Mike Brown back there. Brown was so physical and a leader/teacher, the secondary will suffer until the Bears draft another Carrier/Brown.

I'm still screaming that the Bears better hire Mike Brown to coach the secondary once he's done playing. I don't want to see another ex-Bear coaching on another team, especially someone like Coach Brown. Coach Smith, you need to hire Brown as soon as you can!!!

Creighton, why are you crying about the Bears not having a top 10 pick? If it wasn't for Bears GM Jerry Angelo trading that pick, the Bears wouldn't have a franchise quarterback in Jay Cutler right now. The sad thing is, you'd probably be crying about the Bears not having a franchise QB if that trade wasn't made. Its a no win with you guy. That was a great trade no matter how much you cry about it. Bears GM Jerry Angelo did the right thing trading for Cutler.

As far as trading the second rounder, that was also a good move on Angelo's part at the time, had Adams lived, he'd have probably turned out to be a pretty good end for the Bears. The DE position was an area of need heading into this off-season. Angelo could have either took a chance on a rookie end in the 2nd round, or Adams who was already NFL ready. Who are you to say Adams wouldn't have panned out? A lot of NFL ends usually don't come on until their 3rd or sometimes 4th season. What happened to Adams was nobodies fault. Now that Adams has passed on, its easy for you to sit there and say it was a waste of a trade, but it wasn't. What happended to Adams was nobodies fault, it was just bad luck. Angelo did the right thing.

Now Creighton, stay up until 12:00 in the morning and write me a good Kevin Bumstead blog you sly dog you, oh yeah, the Steelers suck now GO BEARS!!


I'm glad to see someone standing by what was said many times back in April and May. It's easy to run and hide after a bad season, but true (smart) fans understand that we needed a franchise QB and the Jay Cutler trade makes the Bears MUCH better! So I don't care about not picking until the 3rd round.

As far as the Adams trade, I was all for it. Again, a bunch of morons that use hindsight to win an arument that has no right answer. None of us will ever know if that trade would have worked out, but I did support it. To bad about not getting a comp. pick for that though.

The Bears are a mess and need a bunch of young talanted players. So from that aspect I wish we did have our 1st and 2nd picks.

We drafted Kreutz in the 3rd, so maybe we will get lucky again and draft another Pro Bowl center this year.

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