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Bennett meets new boss Martz

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Earl Bennett stopped to see Mike Martz on the new offensive coordinator's first full day at Halas Hall on Monday, according to a story on

"He made a great impression," Bennett told the team's website. "He's a mastermind offensive coach who's going to spread the ball around and wants to take us to that next level. I'm ready to work hard for him."

Bennett should be excited about playing in Martz's system, which emphasizes receivers. After not catching a pass as a rookie, Bennett grabbed 54 passes for 717 yards and two touchdowns last season and it is hoped that he will play a bigger role in coming seasons.

"I think we'll definitely build off those last two games and just look at what we did well and move forward," Bennett said. "Jay's a great quarterback, and this season coming up is going to be wonderful."

One of the reasons often cited for why Bennett didn't play more as a rookie was the difficulty he had learning assignments for multiple receiver positions. Although Martz's system is among the most complex in the league to learn, and one person familiar with it said it takes three years to fully implement, Bennett isn't intimidated.

"I'm not concerned at all," he told "I'm pretty sure that all of us will be able to get it. I'll be dialed into my position. We've just got to come in and understand our playbook, and I'm sure all of us will get it."

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Didn't it take Bennett a full season to learn Turner's playbook? How is he going to digest Martz's playbook which by all accounts is much more difficult to master? I hope his optimism is grounded in reality.

I think a lot of what the receivers learned last year is going to translate to Martz' system, or any system for that matter. The problems with the passing game were fundamental problems, how to read coverages, how to get off the line of scrimmage against press, finishing routes and stuff like that.

In other words players like Hester, Knox and Bennett were learning their trade. They were so inexperienced that any game experience was of benefit. They will have different calls under the new offense, but will be running the same basic routes and reading the same defenses. They may even be better off learning the new system early in their career rather than having to unlearn something they have been doing for several years.

It's still going to take awhile. Hopefully Martz has learned the formula of how much he can install the first year.

Good for Bennett at least he is showing some intrest in getting better and meeting new OC. Lets see Bennett has met with him, Cutler has met with him and Hester the Bears true number 1, or is he a number 2 I forget? Well he hasn't met with him yet, but he does want him to know that he would like to go back to returns full time, cause recievers run to much.

It's all part of the Mc-Cash-key spin machine - create enough interest and maintain the constant sense that "WE" are just a year or two away from being there ..... and where is 'there' you ask .... oh its where the New Or'lns Saints are today, you know, that team we beat some four years ago. Well they got better, and we've just sort of stayed the same or regressed ... yup we've just sort of swirled around like the football equivalent of some "pond scum eddy" you see while washing down stream in Wisconsin.

I'm happy for the Saints, though.

I'll promise you this, the Mc-Cash-key pin machine will be busy this off season as the lack of draft picks and free agents will require them to turn up the volume on the "I think we've got all the pieces in place" rant in order to maintain interest.

So was it Bennett's lack of understanding of the playbook, or our genius coaching staff making another brilliant personnel move? The problem was that Bennett was not given a single position to learn. Johnny Knox was only given one position, and he struggled learning to run routes from that one position.

The guy went to Vanderbilt, so I am pretty sure he can digest a playbook in a few months. And it isn't like Martz is going to run the Greatest Show on Turf right out of the gate. He had a perfect storm in Warner with his quick reads and release, Holt and Bruce both being excellent route runners, and oh yeah, Marshall Faulk, perhaps the greatest all around back of his generation...He has not run anything close to that since Faulk retired and Warner got all punch drunk from the hits he took. The offenses in Detroit and SF were much more manageable versions of the same offense, yet they still had the capability to move the ball and score points.

Martz has not had an arm like Cutler's to work with, but he has worked with far better at the other positions on the offense. So he will lean on Cutler to make the reads and squeeze the ball into tighter windows. Expect 15-20 INTs again, but we will be able to score points.

Does this mean that when they draft a wide receiver, he will sit on the bench for 3 years, the time necessary to grasp the system?

Don't matter. He has only this summer to fully implement. Otherwise, he will get the same axe that Lovie gets at the end of the season.
5 and 11 is the best this team is going to do. 8 games against this years playoff teams and 3 games against 2008 division champs spells 5 and 11.
5 and 11 also = Lovie/'re fired.

What exactly is "the next level" for this horrible team? JC?

Luckman, while that's true they had him learning the whole route tree for all the WR positions.

The Bears are going to be better than 5-11 next year.

Remember one thing, they have a QB with talent which is what they have not had for quite a long time. If Cutler can use his brain this year and reduce his turnovers this team could be a 9-7 or 10-6 team but luck will have to be on their side. The defense and special teams will have to be stellar as well.

I was not going to comment on this blog, but the 5 and 11 pessimism is simply uncalled for. I expect the Bears to improve greatly this season. I think "all the pieces are" in fact "in place." Certainly there are some big "ifs" out there, but there is also solid talent at every position. They will get it all together and make a solid inmpact this year.

This is not a 5-11 team.

Even with all the issues last year, including injuries, the team won seven games, and has not lost in the double digits since Lovie's first season.

If the team can address three spots -- guard, safety, defensive end, the team could easily make the playoffs, if Martz system improves the offense, as it has done every stop he has made.

I feel we will do better than 5-11 but I dont see how anyone can argue with someone that does feel that way.
Sure some see the glass half full/half empty but there were alot of people who said the same thing the last 2 years right? admit it, you know you did and then we flopped big time. Same thing could easily happen again, this franchise seems to always find a way to lose.
Charles Barkley said last night that the older a player gets the less his body `bounces back' from injuries (talking about Kobe) well I was thinking about Harris/Url/Olin when Barkley said that and I really believe that Lovie and Company will try to force feed those 3 again this year, with the same results, and dont forget that Goon is still a option at DE not the top DE we all want, same with OG, the bears stay pat and only use their draft (to save money believe it or not) and we will be in the same boat, a little better than last year but not much.
I really like Pisa but I am not sure Url will ever get his swagger back same with the other old men. I am not a Hunter fan at all, I feel he is too slow in pass coverage.
I am hoping we bring in some players but the last 40 some years have taught me different.
5-11? better than that I think, but we will know if we bring in Free Agents or not or depend on Jerry's draft. Which if we do that, then its another wait till next year deal.
Plus we are not really sure if Forte will bounce back or not. Thats a big if.

Yes I feel Martz will be an upgrade with much! better play calls, but the learning curve for the entire offense (blocking schemes/WR routes/TE/RB blocking) will have some undesired results as well.
We had a pretty decent schedule this year and still flopped, now with a harder schedule/same players/different Coach schemes it will be harder on the same players to do better.
I like the direction of changing the bears methodology (we will get off the bus passing!) but we need players period. I am tired of hearing how those 3 and Goon are in the greatest shape of their careers and are ready to play full time.

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