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Bears sign Angulo, Peterman

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This is from a Bears press release:

LAKE FOREST, IL - The Chicago Bears signed TE Richard Angulo and WR Eric Peterman to one-year contracts today. Terms of the deals were not disclosed.

Angulo has appeared in 27 NFL contests (six starts) with the Rams, Vikings and Jaguars hauling in 17 receptions for 155 yards and a touchdown. He was also a part of the Bears practice squad during the 2006 season.

Peterman spent the entire preseason with the Bears and the final week of the 2009 regular season on Chicago's practice squad after joining the team as an undrafted free agent out of Northwestern.

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Watch out NFL Eri Peterman is back. Total beast! Now if Jerry could just get Hass signed well have our number 1.

Mikey Martz just dipped his hand in the candy jar only to pull out a stale Halls cough drop and a black goody goody gum drop.

These player Im sure are gonna be as useless as the cany at the bottom of that jar. Im even betting that not one but both wont make the 53 man roster.

I think Jerry Angelo has this CBA mess up all wrong. Jerry its not a unlimited man roster its a unlimited CAP year meaning you can spend as much money you want on only 53 PLAYERS.

Mr.Mikey Martz this team as we all see it on offence it is what it is. No diamonds in the rough. No one player that is an all NFL stud... well not right at this moment and the Bears farm team (call it what you will) isnt stacked with up commer ready to light it up.

who are these guys dont they have enough players playing those positions ?? typical bears move that makes no sense!!


Kevin, I'm way ahead of you. I just got off speed dial with Jerry Angelo and Ted P. They're on it. They might even get David Ball too. We're gonna be un-STOPPABLE next year. Expect to see the Packers and Vikes forfeit rather than play us.

A TE and a WR ? C'MON MAN , I could understand if Angelo was bringing in every DE or DB that hits the market, but whats the point in bringing in another WR ? Iglesias could'nt even get on the field last year and was'nt the reason Aromashodu could'nt get PT because of the numbers at WR ? PLEASE JERRY, we are all aware of how inept the organization is ! There is no reason for further proof.Study hard and watch LOTS of film, we can hardly wait to hear "With the 74th pick, the Chicago Bears choose....."

You guys are aware that every single team brings in free agents that have little change of making the final roster?

They are called roster invites, and given one year, non-guaranteed deals.

No team goes into camp with 53 players. They go in with 80. Signing such players to create competition is common, especially when they are already familiar with part of your system, as these two happen to be.

But if you need something to complain about for no reason . . . .

Yeah, Idc is actually right on with this one. What's wrong with the team bringing in some low cost players, especially ones they are familiar with, to try out? Every team does this ever year. More players = a larger pool of talent to pick from. If these guys turn out to be good, great! If not, you cut them and move on. Duh.

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