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Bears quietly beating bushes for talent

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Just because the Bears don't have a first-or second-round draft pick doesn't mean they aren't looking to add young talent.

In fact, one source at the NFL Combine said the team had already schedule extensive visits from potential rookie free agents and are doing everything they can to keep the players they are most interested in a secret so other teams don't target them.

This source said the Bears may sign as many as 15 rookie free agents after the draft with the hope of uncovering a gem or two during an offseason where it will be difficult for them to acquire talent because of the restricted free-agent pool and their lack of high draft picks.

Two local players who could be late-round picks or could sign as rookie free agents are Northwestern cornerback Sherrick McManis and Notre Dame safety Kyle McCarthy.

McManis, who grew up in Peoria, was a first-team All-Big Ten selection and was named Northwestern's Most Valuable Player. He said he wouldn't mind continuing his career in Chicago.

"That would be good," he said. "That would be great."

McCarthy, who led the Irish with 110 tackles, took time to plug his teammate, receiver Golden Tate, who is expected to be a first-round pick. Tate ran a 4.44 40-yard dash Saturday, by the way.

"He's got great athleticism and great speed," McCarthy said of Tate. "What people don't understand about him is how strong he is. He's going to have a great career.

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I just LOVE sad sacks, gimps, and retreads! Jerry will probably get all of 'em. Wooo hooo! Get your Bustead on!

The Bears "are doing everything they can to keep the players they are most interested in a secret so other teams don't target them."

Yes, because the Bears have been hitting such home runs in the draft the past few years. Typical arrogant Bears.

Considering Angelo's track record with picks in the first two rounds and the number of role players he's found in 4-6, this could be the best Bears draft of his tenure.

Dear Jerry,

Can you trade you for Chris Harris? Please don't hesitate to take your own life anytime during the summer.

i wouldn't draft anyone from Notre Dame. their defense was horrid. not a single playmaker. If i was an owner and my GM picked a Northwestern or Notre Dame player i would fire him immediately. there is no talent in south bend. they all have been busts. we should not do "courtesy" picks to help out a bad college coach who couldn't develope great signing classes.
we should draft players that will make an impact that come from teams that win. Alabama, texas, florida

So much for keeping the names a secret -- two get mentioned right here in this story.

PS -- you left the "d" off "schedule" -- first sentence, second graph.

JA has a secret plan.

Since he does not know talent in the first two rounds, JA has secretly decided to trade next years first and second round picks for two third round picks. (Please no one on this blog let this top secret information leak out to the NFL)

That way the pressure is off for the first day of the draft he can stay up all night with Lovie drink some hot chocolate and have 3 third round picks on day two of the draft.

I feel it now, the third round is going to produce three new Chicago Bear all pro's.

Lovie and JA, the true dynamic duo better than Batman and Robin. Chicago's new whiz kids.

Lots of negative comments.

OK, I get the sarcasm. Now that everybody has vented, somebody explain to me how it's a bad thing that the Bears are making a special effort this year to find good players as undrafted free agents.

Every year several really good players slip through the draft "experts" and play valuable roles on NFL teams as undrafted free agents. The Bears have a short list of draft choices. This is exactly what they should be doing.

"If i was an owner and my GM picked a Northwestern or Notre Dame player i would fire him immediately."-Nick

That might be the most unintelligent comment I have ever read. Praise the Lord this Nick guy is not an owner.

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