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Bears not inclined to sign veteran receiver

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Bears general manager Jerry Angelo reiterated what coach Lovie Smith said earlier: they like their receiver corps.

Angelo acknowledged the rumors linking Torry Holt -- who starred under new offensive coordinator Mike Martz in St. Louis -- to the Bears. But Angelo essentially dismissed that possibility, along with any other veteran receiver.

"Our experience has been, and we learned this a couple years ago when we brought in Brandon Lloyd and Marty Booker, is they are going to take reps. Whose reps are they going take? They are going to take younger guys' reps," Angelo said. "Obviously, the veteran is the incumbent. You're always going to have security with him and sometimes in that case it's at the expense of some of our younger receivers.

While a team may want a veteran to lead young receivers, he said those players ultimately take snaps away from them, too.

"You can't have the best of both worlds," he said.

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I like Chicago's receiving core, and Angelo is right, why take valuable reps away from guys that are gonna be here for the long haul. And it isn't like Jay Cutler or Forte exactly know Mike Martz's scheme anymore than the receiving core does. Everyone is gonna take their bumps and bruises, its to be expected with the change in offensive coordinator/scheme.

Devin Hester is gonna tear it up in the slot this season with his abilities to make people miss. If Martz can get Hester lined up vs linebackers and safeties, it will create mismatches from hell, if not, it will open things up outside for guys like Devin Aromashodu. Either way lining Hester up in the slot will benefit everyone.

Aromashodu is gonna be one to watch next season. In the final four games Aromashodu caught 22 passes for 282 yards with 4 tds. Aromashodu's 4 td catches over the final 4 weeks of the season was 2nd best in the league to only the Colt's Dallas Clark. Jay Cutler was right all season for yelling for #19 to get into the lineup, this kid can play receiver. You also gotta like Earl Bennett for his hands, the guy catches almost everything thrown his way, and Johnny Knox for his abilities to break the big one, this receiving core will be fine GO BEARS!!

This goes back to an interview where Angelo said Bennett was ready to go half way through his first season but because of Lloyd and Booker the Bears couldn't start him or find playing time for him. Last I checked Lloyd and Booker only started 10 or a 11 games in 08. So Bennett could have played or started 5-6 games in 08, but they chose not to play him. Fact is even if he was ready to play they were so stupid they didn't even try to get him on the field. All of that would be on the coaching staff. Their trying to blame vets for young players not starting, well its up to the coaching staff to determine who is the best player and who should start, its not up to the vets. This Bears organization would point the finger at their own mothers if they thought it would deflect any blame.

Good for Angelo. Bears dont need another aging slow downed wide out that will give maybe 400-500 yrds. What does it matter anyway the only WR Cutler can pass to is ones that are 6ft2in and over. Bears dont have many of those guys but eah what the heck maybe Cutler can set an NFL record for INTs in a season. Never know? We will see. Would anyone be opposed to maybe Matt Jones. He is tall and fast. Cutler would do alright with him. Heck cant hurt.

Da Da Da Bulls

Thats rediculous, we need 4 good recievers and we don't have 4 good recievers! This is Martz's system we are tailking about! Holt would be very valuable to us this year! He is good enough to be our #3 right now and he can really help our youth develop! And he is cheap! JA is either bluffing or an idiot, and I think I know which!

and I am not inclined to post anything other than this.

right, doh, how stupid were we? Yeop, that mediocre WR you signed was taking reps away from the young WR that weren't staring anyway, lol Maybe try this Jerry: Sign a BETTTER FA WR.
Think he would say that if he actually signed a ProBowl WR??

I like our young WR, but Jerry keeps saying some real dumba$$ stuff.

Achilles heel? That would be the 2 QB you drafted to start for your team? right Jerry?

Loyd and Booker? So those 2 ProBowl All Pro, Mr. Greatness took time away from your young WR? dang what were youse guys thinking? To sign 2 WR that were so good they were better than your young drafted WR? Why let such great talent get away?

yeah right, better not do that again huh Jerry? roflmao :?}

Those cheap a$$ Free Agent WR - welp Lovie keeps startin em over all those great draft picks - wonder whats up with that?

That had to be the most ignorant response I have ever heard from the Bears organization! The team could always use Mr.Torry Holt considering the inexperience and lack of superstar talent our receivers have. Angelo has got to stop believing in something that is not there! No playoff birth in the last 3 years is proof that this team has not been aggressive enough to acquire true talent to help a young quarterback that has obvious flaws. Cutler will not take this team to the Super Bowl with the receivers we have. No way in hell will that be possible! Its becoming more of a joke each day and the Bears are nothing to believe in when the team continues to show complacency with what they have when in reality they have nothing! They need an offensive line extremely bad, a better running back to get those tough yards or touchdowns near the goal line, a secondary that doesn't get burned so often like it was going out of style, a safety that brings fear to any offensive onslaught, and yes a receiver that knows what the hell he is doing and is able to adjust to miscalculated thrown passes! I just hope that the defensive pass rush improves as well because that has really been a nightmare! Overall I love my Bears whether they suck or not but I have come to the conclusion that Jerry Angelo is losing his grip on reality. Change needs to come quickly if more talk like this continues because I know that the fans are fed up with their pathetic nonsense.

Those that like this, seriously? No wonder the Bears can raise ticket prices with fans liking the status quo. How many games has Martz called plays for the Chicago Bears... wait.. 0! History vs hope in this case wins out. Our receiving core has been as exciting as watching ice melt. Every year it's this player will do this or that. How many WR we send to the pro bowl? I know the Bears can't say much but to say this? Give us some hope that next year will be different. Right now history is not on our side.

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