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Bears deny Ruskell report

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A Bears spokesperson has denied an ESPN report that the Bears have hired former Seahawks general manager Tim Ruskell.

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that Ruskell has agreed to join the Bears front office. However, Bears spokesperson Scott Hagel said, "There's no truth to it. We haven't hired anybody."

If the Bears did hire Ruskell it would come as no surprise. Ruskell and Bears' general manager Jerry Angelo worked together in Tampa Bay and Ruskell has been the obvious candidate to replace Bobby De Paul, who was fired as head of the team's pro player personnel department earlier this month.

There have also been speculation that college scouting director Greg Gabriel could be shown the door after the draft, which may explain why Schefter is reporting that Ruskell's title would be "director of player personnel." That job description could give him the latitude to oversee both positions.

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Hey Greg do a real good job for us in the draft, right before we can you. Nice.

The Ruskell report is strange, its really just a matter of time with him. They probably offered him a contract but nothing has been signed. The strange thing is what they are reporting his job as. They say he will be in charge of all Pro Personel and College and that after they hire him they will still hire a pro player director. Well if he is in charge of both departments and is going to have a couple of guys running it for him what exactly will Angelo be doing. I mean basically isn't that his job? Did Lovie get Angelo fixed? Reports are probably wrong but that is just strange.

Well if Ruskell is hired or when he is hired you can add the list of former seahawks to the Rams and Bucs list of players desired.

I bet Ruskell makes a push for Rob Sims, Nate Burleson, maybe even Cory Redding.

I agree with Creighton, looks like the BEARS are planning to replace their entire player-assesment-acquistion branch w/ Ruskell at the head. And this suggests some redundancy of postion with Angelo's job responsibilities.

Now, any move that improves their performance in FA market or the DRAFT or SCOUTING is encouraging as this has been the major failing for this organization throughout Angelo's tenure.

But it does smell of a temporary hiring; with Ruskell slated to assume J. Angelo's responsibilities upon his retirement, alleluia. Thus explaining the apparent duplication of effort.

And if, Ruskell is better than Angelo (how could he be worse?) then the Bears might actually have a chance to be good in another 3-5 years.

So they are hiring one man to do 2 jobs?? typival bears org cheap

So we hire Ruskell who worked in Tampa for years, we all know how many Super Bowls they won there before he went to Seattle and built That Championship Dynasty.

Is there some rule or ban on the Bears hiring people from say, a Successful franchise? Just an idea.

No Randy they are hiring 1 guy to help do most of Angelo's job, and they are also going to hire a Pro Player director still and its been reported that one of their scouts will be taking over the scouting department after Gabreil is fired. Basically Angelo will oversee Ruskell who is basically the GM now.

Be careful what you wish for tcloud. New England is successful, but how do you feel about Charlie Weis and good ol' Romeo right now?

Not to mention McDucknuts running New England's AAA affiliate in Denver? I could name others. It's hard for the average fan to have enough info to evaluate these NFL front office guys.

We CAN evaluate the bottom line. That's pure Ws and Ls. Those numbers don't lie. The Bears definately need something to change for the better in their personnel department. It's hard for us to know who or what.

I still don't believe the spin that they are waiting to can Gabriel until after the draft. They may have something like a mutual agreement on when he will walk away. This isn't a janitorial position. Dude has been there, and around the NFL, a long time.

If this speculation is true, the Bears are gonna dump Greg Gabriel after the draft, and have just one personnel guy oversee free agents and draft prospects, it might not be a bad idea.

If Chicago were to bring in Tim Ruskell, and name him "director of player personnel," it could work out better for the simple fact maybe having one guy decide personnel moves will work out better because when you have a college guy and a pro guy, their both gonna think their option is the better fix or right move for the team, and clash. The college guy will think the answer is in the draft, the pro guy will think the fix is in free agency. Wheres one guy, a director of personnel type who oversees both, will be able to break down both options (the draft & free agency) and do a better job of going with the right option.

Take this off-season, a big need for Chicago is the left guard position. What does Chicago do? I like the idea of drafting a guy, Mike Johnson the guard out of Alabama would be my pick in the 3rd round. The guy is a 4 year starter at Alabama, one of the nations premier programs, so he could be NFL ready from day one. Maybe the answer is in free agency, the Texans Chester Pitts might be a great option. He's a seasoned NFL left guard and could step in from day one and fix the problem. Or is the answer in house, maybe 2nd year guard Lance Louis? Louis must have shown the Bears something from day one because he beat out a seasoned vet Dan Buenning for a roster spot as a 7th round draft pick. Louis is athletic as hell with pretty good size. Maybe in year two he's ready for the job?

In the end, having one guy break down all these options could work out better. One personnel guy vs two would take the time to evaluate all the options and come up with the best. Wheres two would only argue and say their option is the right one. Just an opinion now GO BEARS!!

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