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Another name against the wall: Robinson

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OK, OK, some readers have been critical of me throwing so many names out there as free-agent possibilities for the Bears.

But it's that time of year, people. And because the Bears are without first-or second-round draft picks, and because Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith are on short leashes, you can expect the unexpected this offseason. It has already proved true after watching the coaching searches play out and the front-office maneuverings begin.

So, here's another name I'm throwing out there: Dunta Robinson.

The Houston Chronicle is reporting that the Texans won't use the franchise tag on their best cornerback.

Robinson is the best free-agent cornerback available and the Bears could sure use one. The acquisition of a player such as Robinson could create a nice tandem with Charles Tillman in Chicago or perhaps even allow Tillman to move to free safety, which could solve another problem.

Anyway, it's the free-agent season, which means names are going to be tossed about. If nothing else, it gives us all something to think/talk about as the wind howls and the snow flies.

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Speculation is what makes the modern-day NFL fun. Sure, we are naturally pessimistic, but it's hard not to spending Feb and Mar imagining da Bears landing a top-tier player through FA or the draft. We almost always end up disappointed, but so what? Same can be said about the last 25 seasons, too.

If the bears spend on Dunta Robinson, and could get aaron kampman cheaper than peppers. The defense could be much better. Even if they left Peanut at corner. They wouldn't even need to go hog wild to get these two guys. And DB coach Hoke coached Robinson for years, could be a perfect way to get him to come to the bears.

Why would they franchise a guy that is a UFA? They can just tag him for a 1 and a third, either way they get a great deal.

All this speculation is insane. Stop it. The Bears retained the worst front office and a coach with arrow pointing straight down because it was not good business to pay two coaches not to coach and two GMs not to GM during a lockout year. Wise up, people. An uncapped year means no salary floor, and the McCaskey family is looking at this team as what it is, their only asset. Dump as much salary as possible, play out the contracts of every coach/front office person, raise ticket prices every year, and wait for Virginia to croak. Then you can sell to a buyer/consortium of buyers with as little player salary baggage, all expired or expiring management (a plus for every potential owner), solid revenue streams, the best stadium deal in the NFL, no construction mortgage, a new TV agreement, and a huge captive market of fans dying to fork over their money, all in an economic environment where investors are looking for something, anything, that produces even the steadiest safe return on money (that global pool of fund money is still out there, people). I put a sale price at a Billion and a half dollars, easy. That's the smart play. That said, they'll probably pay Peppers $45 million in dumb money, so forget what I said. Jerry Angelo, genius.

If I am given the option of just Julius Peppers, or Robinson and a healthy Kampman, I take the latter. Peppers is 2 months younger than Kampman, and yes, it might take a little longer for the knee to heal, but there is nothing to preclude him from having a successful return. You could get AK for much less than Haynesworth+ money and it would allow the Bear's to address a couple more areas of concern. No one loves this team any more than me, but let's face it, this team is not going to the Super Bowl next year. Your goal is not the playoffs, it's a Super Bowl. The only drawback to the above plan is the "win now" noose put around Lovie's and probably JA's necks. They may not want to wait for Kampman.
On another note, I see so many that post on here, look at the Bear's so narrow minded and short sighted...or as my old boss used to say.." 'playing checkers' with the situation instead of 'playing chess.' " This whole notion of trading Olsen because he seemingly doesn't fit into Martz's system is silly. As I said 2 weeks ago on WSCR-670, unless the Bear's offense ranks in the top 5 next year and any demise of the Bear's can not be pinned to the offense, then Martz is a 1 year stop gap. Next year at this time, there will be posts as to when the Bear's should draft a pass catching TE. If it were me, I would be on the phone with San Diego seeing if they would do a deal for Matt Forte (and a lower draft choice if needed) for Cromartie, {according to ESPN, Dallas was in the mix with R. Choice} then I would bring in Chester Taylor. And any comparisons to Forte {which I have seen on here} are ignorant at best. Taylor is a 5'11" compact powerful runner who doesn't get knocked down by the first tackler, and explodes through holes. 3 things that you can't say about MF. Until next time..

Thats alright Neil, we all throw out Top FA names every year too, and then we get the Omiyale's/Shaffers/Moose etc... lol
Robinson is a must for any team w/o a Top Corner.
In my mind the Top positions are

Alot of people will say LB but I disagree on that as you have to have a Top Shutdown Corner which the bears dont have (we dont have any of these but thats a dif. story)and alot of people will say Safety but again with a Top CB - that makes the Safety less of an issue. Stop the run/pass with those 3 and the rest just fall in place.
The bears dont have any top draft to pay, they just raised Tiks so I would hope the bears are gonna buy a Top FA or 2.

My bad he is 6 in, I thought he was five in. He is a FA, but is he as good as he was before the injury in 07?

Here is a little reprot on Robinson.

"It wasn't so much that Dunta Robinson was bad this year, it's that he really could've easily been worse. I went over my concerns more in-depth in TexanDC's fanpost, but to summarize, Dunta was dead to rights by any number of wide outs beating him deep in 2009 and was extraordinarily lucky that he wasn't burnt more often than he was. Add to that a real shying away from contact, the huge pass he gave up in the second Indy game when he started crowing and preening himself while Peyton Manning quick-snapped the Texans, and the fact that he's not really all that great in the short passing game either. Mix with a side-dish of management critique on your own shoe, enough yellow nylon to weave himself another dreadlock, and missing training camp, and you've got yourself one easy-to-hate player."

"Much like Anthony Weaver before him, Dunta Robinson has entered the phase of his career where he doesn't do what he's supposed to anymore. He hasn't been the same player since his injury, he looks unsure at times, and his productivity is way down. Unlike Weaver, the Texans aren't anchored to a contract where cutting him would do more harm than good to the team. Whether Rick Smith and Company can look past it all and see that Dunta isn't worth half of his salary this year is one of the crucial questions facing the Texans this offseason. If Robinson is back as number one cornerback, it's a good sign that the Texans are either satisfied with 8-8 or are basing their decision purely on reputation. I'm hoping they just let him go."

Franchise tagged and Transition tagged players garner protection for the original rights team ie... draft pick compensation, right of first refusal ect.. but it does come at a cost for the original rights team.

If Houston decides to Franchise or Transition tag Robinson they must offer him a contract in the top-5 price range at his position or 120% of his final years salary, which ever is greater.

The way the article reads it sounds like Houston is not willing to pay Robinson for one year in the top-5 price range of his peers. That is why the are unlikely to Tag him and he will be free to sign with any team that he negotiates with.

Go Bears !!


I think that the 1 and 3rd tag you are refering to is only available for use on RFA's. For Robinson the only options for Houston would be the Franchise Tag, the Transition Tag, or letting him walk. The first pays too much, the second only allowed the right of first refusal, so they chose the third. They aren't going to get any compensation for Robinson unless the league awards them a compensatory draft pick , although I'm not sure if that practice will be continued in an uncapped year.

Keep throwing the names at us Neil, in todays NFL you just never know. Who would have thought last year at this time the Bears would be going after Jay Cutler? Nobody this side of the pink panties lingerie bin at your local wal-mart.

Theres no denying Dunta Robinson would look good in a blue and orange uniform, but I'd rather see the Bears spend money on their front i.e. Julius Peppers. Peppers would give the Bears the defensive end they've been lacking for some time. And Peppers along with Tommie Harris would give the Bears a combo up front that could bring Lovie's scheme back up to par. I say sign Peppers, him along with Harris would open a lot of things up for the entire secondary and Urlacher, Briggs and co. The lack of an edge rusher has been killing Chicago's scheme over the last couple seasons. This is also a big reason the secondary has struggled.

I also don't like the idea of moving Charles Tillman to safety, I don't think he has the durability for the position. And again, I like Chicago's young corners Bowman and D.J. Moore, them along with Tillman can man the corner position just fine, theres no need for Dunta Robinson. Theses guys will get the job done with better play up front, spend the money on Peppers and get help where its needed in the trenches GO BEARS!!

yeah Plaxico (great choice of a quality name there), please explain the extension for Cutler and the other contract extensions. It has never been about spending, this team has spent money ,(if you actually dont think thats true, you should drop your fan membership, you are clueless), its about bad draft choices. Stop whining. Free agency is never the way to win in the NFL, its all about drafint wisely and keeping your best players. Best stadium deal, what planet are you living on. Its run by the park district. have you seen the condition of the field in November. Some idea would be nice before your next post.

Arer you crazy Neil??? The bears dont need a nother corner they already have Nathan "The Interceptor" Vasher. Remember how awesome he was in '06? Total stud.

Robinson would be a good signing.Bowman did a above avg. job in 09 but I just dont see Bowman topping what he did last year.On top of that I seen 3 picks that were of no skill to get the ball when the ball was right there in his hands.
Robinson and Tillman would make a very good corner duo. Both arent shut down players but the do play smart.

Creighton to just to refresh yourself. You made a point on the saftey possition saying that it wasnt a pressing need because teams dont pass deep on the Bears. Yet now you are saying or bashing on Robinson because he was beat deep a few times?
Hmmmmm "Mr. My Opinion is always right write rite" how ever you spell it, Well if it isnt a need at saftey because teams only through slants and quick passes then Robinson should do just well. Why you say Creighton? Well because Robinson is a very good at defending the slant and hitch passes.

So what I think is.... It would be a good off season to see the Bears bring in a couple of secondary players a D-End and possible a Right Tackel that knows how to wall off defenders and run blocker.

My name is Timmer Dont call me Zimmer!

Hey Timmer/Zimmer/Brando try reading my whole post next time moron. Here is the other part AGAIN sense you didnt read it.

and the fact that he's not really all that great in the short passing game either. Mix with a side-dish of management critique on your own shoe, enough yellow nylon to weave himself another dreadlock, and missing training camp, and you've got yourself one easy-to-hate player."

"Much like Anthony Weaver before him, Dunta Robinson has entered the phase of his career where he doesn't do what he's supposed to anymore. He hasn't been the same player since his injury, he looks unsure at times, and his productivity is way down.

Wow look at that. Not only does the mye post say he gets beat deep but he cant do much of anything write and is getting over the hill on top of it. But nice try Zimmer so many have tried to bring the great Creightron down and so many have failed. Give up. Im to awsome. Ask Brando and he will tell you.

"It's good to be the king."

The whole concept of lame ducks is a recipe for disaster in the medium to long run and we all no, the 'win now or else' mantra is flawed; lame duck coach, lame duck GM, lame duck OC, lame duck personel people. The only thing worth hoping for is a lame duck ownership.

Soon, they'll get featured as a comedy show.

regardless, he would be an upgrade. However, no money for him if they
really are targeting Peppers. Congrats Creighton, you made a post without useless statistics!!!! WOO-hooo!!! Now if we could just have you post without using words............................

Robinson + Rolle/Bigby + Kaampman/Peppers + any offensive guard = succesful free agency/ happy Bears fans. Let the offense we have develop under Martz. Provide depth to the lines and secondary in the draft. Beat the Packers.

Yes, the Bears have the best stadium deal in the NFL. They paid for very little of its construction (know who did? We did! The taxpayers of Cook County and Illinois!); they pay for none of its upkeep (CPD, Anonymous; you might not have read closely enough to get my name right, but you were right on the money there...); they set the ticket prices with only "consultation" from the CPD; and they get to keep all the revenue from the skyboxes. That, my friends, is what they call a sweet deal. It's like the taxpayers buying a house for you, your neighbors paying to paint it, mow the lawn, shovel the driveway, and change the lightbulbs, and you don't even have to live there: you can rent it out and keep all the profits. As far as Cutler is concerned, anyone notice that the man who engineered his acquisition was fired? Were it up to Jerry Angelo and the McGangster family, #18 would still be the Bears QB. Yes, it is true that the Bears spend money (hey, just look at the recent signing of Eric Peterman; that's a quality addition), but it is also true that NFL CBA rules require a team to spend a "floor" each year, and every single year (look it up if you don't believe me) the Bears come in several million dollars under the "ceiling" of the cap. That's found money, people, and it goes right in the coffers. Think I'm whining? Does speaking in hard factual fiscal terms pass for whining these days? Wait until the NFLPA is busted, and the NBA and MLB unions are next. The owners of pro sports teams have seen what the NHL did two years ago, and how the sport has not suffered; it has, in fact, multiplied in popularity in many markets, and will continue as it shrinks out of underperforming markets (hockey in Florida?) and consolidates. The NFL of 2015 will look a world different than it does today, and teams like the Bears are being smart in shedding salary and staying fiscally nimble so they can survive and thrive. Whoops, I have to go now: I dropped my fan membership on my dog, and I think he has a Doug Buffone-quality concussion. Bye, and enjoy that field in November: it's the best your money could buy!

Creighton I think Timmer was having fun with you. What he did is what you do to eveybody on this blog even the blog owner.
So.... if it gets you up in a tizzy... there is a saying for that. Dont do to others what you dont like done to you.

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