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Agent: Vanden Bosch not retiring

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Kyle Vanden Bosch's agent dismissed rumors that is client is contemplating retirement.

After spending the past five years with the Titans, Vanden Bosch is a free agent who could draw interest from the Bears, who need help at defensive end.

"I laugh when I hear that,'' agent Tony Agnone told the Nashville Tennessean. "Kyle hasn't thought one iota about retiring. And if you look at all the great sack guys in the NFL . . . if you were great before you were 30 then you can be great after 30. It is kind of a joke that once you reach 30 people say you are washed up as a defensive end.''

Agnone believes Vanden Bosch, 31, will not play for the Titans next season. Coach Jeff Fisher has said he wants everybody back but the team has not opened contract negotiations.

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Another big 2 gap system DE. Lovie has no intrest in these types. Titans will probably be one of the teams going after Peppers as well. Bosch has not been very effective in two years. Might as well bring back Goon who knows the system and had better numbers.

Creighton- I agree, Wale is the better option between the two of them. If for some reason Wale and Kamp went elsewhere, then, only then could i see them pursue Vanden Bosch.

I have got to disagree on Goon, he has done very little the entire time he has been here, the opposing Offenses do not respect him at all, look at his numbers.Are they comparable with a Top DE which is what we need for this system to work?? Geez, he isnt anywheres close to being a ProBowler, he is cheap labor, No, def. No. Can we bring in a DE that is respected by the opposing Offense and one that can actually get to the QB often enough to disrupt the opponents passing game? We have went with Goon for too long and our D as a whole has suffered. Please ONE top DE, just !@3$ ONE. As the other side hasnt doen didley as well. But at least if we upgrade Goon's wasted spot it might pressure the other DE to motivate himself to produce.

Is it possible to trade for an up and coming DE who is young. Hasn't bloomed but with Marinelli can become a 10+ sack per year guy? For example Howie Long's Son? or can we draft a third rounder who can contribute now? In my opinion, dump, Vasher, Tommie Harris, Mark Anderson. Use that money to sign real players like Vanden Bosch and Peppers. Move Tillman to FS and play him there with Daniel Manning. Start DJ Moore and Bowman. With a great pass rush solves all of our problems as far as DT sign the best DT available. With three LB eating up everything that passes the line that isn't a bad defense. What about trading Briggs to the Colts for a WR, RT, or DT? We are in trouble because we have so much money tied up in players who don't play well. How much money would we have if we didn't have Vasher, Harris and Mark Anderson. Let's get players who can really play not overpaid panseys! Pepper and Bosch isn't a bad 2 year plan. Oh and why did JA and Lovie trade for a player who does weed? Rashan Salaam all over again.

The lack of a pass rush from the right defensive end position has been killing Chicago's front for awhile, and a big reason why Chicago's scheme hasn't been very effective. The right end goes after the quarterbacks blind side, this is the best positon to disrupt your opponents passing game. And Chicago's lack of a pass rush from this position is probably why opponents have all day to tear up Chicago's secondary and a main reason Chicago's scheme has not been very effective. Don't get me wrong, I like Alex Brown, but the guy isn't a world burner as a pass rusher. I think Chicago knows this also, thats probably why Mark Anderson was handed the starting gig after his rookie season when he put up 12 sacks. And one of the first things GM Jerry Angelo said when he signed the late Gaines Adams was "he's prototypical of what we look for in a DE, particularly on the right side." I think Chicago seen Adams as a player that could have given their front that pass rush that it's been lacking for some time, particularly from the right defensive end position. Chicago's front is close believe it or not, I say their one effective right end away, maybe Julius Peppers? Chicago's front generated 24 sacks this season, ninth most in the NFL. Thats not bad to be in the top 10 in the league in sacks from your front four. An end like Julius Peppers could put them over the top.

I say do what you gotta do to bring in Julius Peppers, he could give Chicago that pass rush at right end they've been lacking. Peppers along with Tommie Harris could be a great combo for Chicago up front, and together could make Chicago's scheme effective again on defense. The only way this scheme will every work is with some talent up front.

As far as Harris goes, he'll be fine. The guy had 10 tackles for loss this season. As the season went on Harris got better, weeks 10-17 Harris had 7 tackles for loss to go along with 2 1/2 sacks. I think he's coming back around GO BEARS!!

Baulder...we already traded our second round pick for a "up and coming DE who is young". That guy was Gaines Adams..he was 26 years old and a former #4 overall draft pick....

yes we did but he died. We need another one, say Howie Long's son in St. Louis? Someone who Marinelli can coach. any suggestins?

is howies son even available? peppers would eb a great addition but i wouldnt break the bank for him.. we still need spots to fill another running back safety and guard

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