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Will the Bears talk to any Viking assistants?

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Two more teams were eliminated from the playoffs, which means there's a deeper pool of candidates for the Bears to look at to round out their coaching staff.

But, I don't see any obvious candidates from the New York Jets.

The Minnesota Vikings, meanwhile, have a couple coaches I think the Bears should put on their radar.

First, former Bears cornerback Leslie Frazier isn't an option since he's under contract through the 2010 season. But the Vikings defensive coordinator had his unit playing pretty well on Sunday, holding the high-powered Saints offense to 257 net yards and limiting them to three-for-12 on third downs.

I mentioned defensive line coach Karl Dunbar, who has overseen an outstanding unit that features three Pro Bowl players. But Dunbar was with the Bears in 2004, coaching the same position, and it's unclear if Lovie Smith would want to bring him back.

But there are two other candidates I think the Bears may at least think about, if only for a moment.

The first is Fred Pagac, the Vikings linebackers coach. As I mentioned before, Pagac is very well respected in Minnesota. He was key, several sources have told me, in the transition from Mike Tomllin to Frazier. In addition, Pagac coached with Smith at Ohio State in 1995. Pagac hasn't been a coordinator in the NFL, but he was at Ohio State from 1996 to 1999. In 1998, his unit led the nation in rushing defense, was second in pass defense and fourth overall.

Pagac also entered the NFL as a tight end with the Bears in 1974 and was the winner of the Brian Piccolo award.

The other assistant is Joe Woods, the Vikings defensive backs coach. He's 39 years old, and he hasn't been a coordinator either. But Tomlin tried hard to bring Woods to the Steelers.

Woods has grown up in the Tampa Two defense, having coached with the Buccaneers in 2004 and 2005.

Given his age, Woods could be of interest to Smith. He has the insight and understanding of the scheme, and he has a solid reputation for teaching young defensive backs. But, Smith might be able to shape Woods a little bit more than a coach with tons of coordinator experience.

Finally, let's not forget about Indianapolis Colts defensive backs coach Alan Williams, who I mentioned right at the beginning. Since the Bears have waited this long, they might as well wait another week and try to talk to him, too.

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I am hoping that is why the bears have been slow at hiring, they are waiting for the playoffs to end

Lovie will probably go after Williams and Dungy will probably try to pressure him to leave for Chicago. But right now the search for coordinators is an epic fail.

The only hope for this D is to find someone that isnt afraid to create their own style of defense. Lovie's constant search for "former buddies" is a bothersome trend. Why is he so afraid to allow someone else to come in and do there own thing? This Tampa-2 whatever D is fine if you have the horses up front to run it. We dont.. So make changes and play to your strenghts. Lovie is incapable of doing that. Wonder why Fewell went to NY, he knows that Lovie would have put strings on him in regards to calling the D. Without a 1st and 2nd rounder, it will make for a tough year talent wise. JA has shown zero talent for landing good FA's and his drafting, not that good. Here is the killer.. this years draft is loaded with linemen. We wont get a sniff till the 3rd round? I say package up some players and try to land a 2nd round pick. This team is going nowhere.. and needs some talent..

heres one people may think is devin hester while he still has some value, hes never gonna be that number 1 guy and hes never gonna return to form on returns. Instead get something for him and replace him with johnny knox, same type of receiver but a more natural receiver also if you want to talk $$ knox is much cheaper, not sure if trading hester would result in a cap hit or not tho


What in the heck makes your think the Vikings will allow their linebackers coach to interview with the Bears if the Packers denied their quarterbacks coach from interviewing with a division rival??

Come on.

Doubt we would get a first for Hester maybe?? a second for sure a 3rd.

Trading Hester won't get much if anything at this point. I think ever since he first got hurt his numbers on returns went way down. Every one else around the league sees that as well. That said, I don't think he's that bad a receiver. He came up with some clutch catches this year for sure. Ok he could learn to run routes better so maybe this year there will show improvement with a new OC.
I still believe the only viable trade option on the team is Briggs but then other teams around the league didn't think much of him a few years back so he came back to the Bears at a much reduced rate. If they could get a first for him--which I don't think they could-- they should jump at the chance.

I wouldn't be surprised to see the Bears try and talk to Bill Callahan with the Jets.

He is a guy who has been a successful offensive coordinator who is, like Martz, likely trying to redeem his rep after failures.

He's also from Chicago.

Any chance he is on the radar?

therein lies the problem we don't have much to trade and so we don't have much period.

Yes, I agree Hester is not that bad, just not good trade bait, the bears need to better utilize his talents, cross field routes he seems to excel at.

It would seem there are alot of Coach candidates, hope the bears get it right this time.

Idc I know you have been on the Bill Callahan trail for awhile now, but I don't think he fits what the Bears do. He uses zone blocking with his line, and Tice uses man. Plus the Jets have never had much of a passing game with him and while the running game has been really good. That is easy to explain, Mangold, Faneca, Ferguson, and Woody. They have 4 first round picks on their offensive line and 3 Pro Bowlers. Thats the Jets offense right their. The Bears kinda went the opposite direction when they built their line.

Didn't know he used zone . . . . but I wouldn't judge his play calling with what the Jets have. He helped produce a pretty solid offense in Oakland, one that got to the Super Bowl. Granted, they had Rice and Brown, but they were old Rice and Brown, and a committee of running backs. He will pass the ball. Maybe Tice could be flexible, or maybe Callahan could be flexible. But he's one of many options out there.

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