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Tice to interview with Bears Thursday

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Former Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Tice arrived in town and will interview for an assistant coaching position with the Bears Thursday, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

It is unclear if Tice is interviewing for the offensive coordinator job, but he has a strong background working with offensive linemen and tight ends. All three positions are vacant.

I highlighted Tice on Tuesday because he makes a lot of sense for the Bears. They clearly need to improve along the offensive line, but they may not have the resources to upgrade on the unit through free agency or the draft. That puts a premium on a coach who can teach, and Tice is one of the league's best.

Tice, presently the Jacksonville Jaguars assistant head coach and tight ends coach, would give the Bears another former head coach from the NFC North. Bears assistant head coach Rod Marinelli, who oversees the defensive line, was the former head coach of the Detroit Lions.

A former NFL tight end, Tice is credited with the development of perennial Pro Bowl center Matt Birk, a former Viking sixth-round pick who is now with the Baltimore Ravens.

While in Minnesota, Tice helped Jeff Christy, Todd Steussie and Korey Stringer earn Pro Bowl spots. Tice, who also had hall of fame guard Randall McDaniel on his unit, then developed Birk into a Pro Bowl player after Christy departed via free agency.

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Yeah, that plan worked so well with Marinelli on the D-line, let's do it again on offense! The offensive line players are not below average talent wise or over the hill, they just need coachin' up!

"It is unclear if Tice is interviewing for the offensive coordinator job, but he has a strong background working with offensive linemen and tight ends. All three positions are vacant."

Word is Jags are going to let him go. Not because they think he did a bad job, but because of money. He's a good line coach but not much of a head coach or coordinator. Just looking at the openings, Bears economics suggest they hire him for all three and tell the fans its Brain storm and how we will all see. It really wouldn't make sense to interview a line coach if you don't have a coordinator or system you know your working with. Coordinators tend to pick their own staves sense they actually know what they want to do. Letting Lovie pick coaches is like letting a blind man cleanup after your dog. Its just wrong.

The Bears really seem intrested in former head coaches with loosing records. Its funny the Bears thought guys would be lining up for this job. Lets see shanahan took over in Washington and everyone wants to work with him. Buffalo needs a whole new staff, so a bunch of the younger guys want that job. Seattle is putting together a new staff and people would rather be their then here. 3 teams starting over have secure positions for the next is usually about 3 years. The NY DC job is more secure than Chicago. The McCaskey's have a horrible reputation around the league, and Lovie is a major micromanager who thinks everyone but his friends are idiots and all the problems the Bears have are everyone elses fault, he also has a major history of firing his coaches after one year. So who wouldn't want to come here? Not to mention a lousy GM, a President that knows nothing about football and an offensive line with no depth and 3/5 of the line is 30 or over and have 120 or more starts with Olin getting close too 200. Not to mention one of the lowest rated guards in the NFL who was benched 3 times this year and one of the most penalized tackles in football. "Perfect!" But at least we have a bunch of number 3 recievers. Silver lining.

I actually think having this guy for the O-line would be a plus - and Zampese for QB would be a plus - the problem is that both of these guys already have these same jobs with playoff contending teams - so I don't see the appeal for them to come here.

And thats the real rub with this organization - unwilling to offer power (or money) they need to offer position to someone unproven. Thats how we end up with the Terry Shea's of the world.

When the BEARS think-tank decided to keep Jerry and Lovie they immediately made these two positions 2nd tier and only appealing to the least qualified. Zampese and Tice will want the OC job or will choose to stay put.


I'm curious why you say the Bears don't have the resources to improve through free agency?

Obviously they are short draft picks this year, but they should have cards to play in free agency. I thought the Bears were in excellent shape with the cap? (If it even matters with the labor situation.) Hasn't Angelo said more than once that they have sufficient money to pay players, and that is not driving their free agent decisions?

It seems to me like this is the year they will have to be more active in free agency? We fans have got to get our kicks somewhere this offseason. Since we are going to take a back seat during the draft, I was looking forward to a more active free agency season. It will be a real bummer if that is down too.

Jim r u kidding?
Shaffer was a Browns reject, friend of mine is a Browns fan and he was very happy Shafer was gone.
Omiyale was another Tampa reject that we overpaid for.
Olin is over the hill
Pace is over the hill
That leaves Williams who played decent, and Beekman who couldnt start bc we overpaid Omiyale who didnt do squat, sure T convert but there was a reason the bears got him, cause he wasnt very good.

Now IF we get a top G and move over the hills to the bench maybe we will have a decent line but dont hold your breath on any ProBowlers for sure. At the least with that they will be better than years past and we can win a few more with that but I would never say `not below avg' talent as that is what they are.
But I do agree with a decent Oline Coach, WR Coach....etc...etc... we will do alright. But dang it tkaes Pro Bowlers to get back to the SB.
The bears will not pay for top talent at Coach/Players either one, but at the least we will be better

O-line is one of the easist areas to shore up on a football team, but you have to have a good sound philosophy, a coach who can teach it, and bodies with a desire for a job to compete in camp. this team really needs to find one starter and two solid back-ups ready to play in a year to develop to have an immediate upgrade. Beekman has proven he can play and should be our center, we had a solid showing from Williams at LT, and Omiyale should be able to improve with coaching, he looked better as a pulling guard in the last two games, he needs work on the mental aspects of the position, I see Garza for one or two years more and Shaffer and Marten to battle right now at RT.We only need one FA and a solid draft pick to shore up these areas, and this is something I see as possible for Angelo to accomplish on offense.
Tice if he wants the o-line job could be a great fit, he's a bull in a china shop, and could also help Olsen become a better blocker at TE. The big question to ask these guys (Oline coaches) is how do they plan to protect Cutler, run the football, and cut down on mental mistakes up front this season.

There is plenty of time to find O-coordinator, I believe our guy that we wind up with is still working on a playoff team at this point either (Kromer-NO or Chudzinski-SD)....Go BEARS

Creighton, you have no clue what you are talking about. I never respond to blog postings but your word is comment is so far off the mark......Tice has a contract for next year that was recently signed so stop trying to pass yourself off as some expert that has "inside information" Chicago would be lucky to have Tice join the organization at any level.

Chitownbear, you have to be kidding right? If it was that easy to shore up the O-line, every team would have a solid one! Even if Tice was hired and he was the "O-line Guru of the Century", Omiyale and Shaffer have only enough talent to be backups, period.

Pace is over the hill and should retire, and Williams did not impress me at all, I think he's a total bust. Olin is getting older and can't take care of all the holes at the same time, so he needs help. To me, Olin, Beekman and Garza played decently enough. The Bears need to get better O-line talent at LT, LG and RT too.

Since the McCaskeys are so cheap (Angelo hinted last year he could do only as much as he was allowed), they won't get the talent in free agency. They'll wait until the draft and fail again as they did when they selected Williams. From the business side, the franchise still does pretty good financially, so they don't see a need to spend a lot of money on it and affect their bottom line (i.e. If it ain't broke why fix it?).

Pitirre: If you think Olin played decent that says a lot to me about your evaluation of the line,SO NO I'M NOT kidding! I say two solid pieces will shore up the line, I'm not talking about All-Pro's, I just want an adequate line, Denver has used this approach successfully for years, look at what the slackers did in just this season shoring up their line for Rodgers, bringing back re-treads to help keep him upright.....Yeah, you come on the blog and jump on the beatdown Bears wagon, if you want but I'm a glass half-full fan, and I see 2-3 starters already in place with Williams-LT, Beekman-C, and Garza-RG, even if replaced Schaffer and Omiyale would be experienced back-ups and if they play as they ended the year the worse we got up front of the five.......Go BEARS

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