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Tice hired as offensive line coach

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The Bears have hired former Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Tice as the team's offensive line coach.

While general manager Jerry Angelo insisted the team is taking their time hiring coaches, the Bears quickly added Tice, one of the league's most respected offensive line coaches.

After playing tight end for 12 NFL seasons, Tice worked his way up the coaching ranks with the Vikings, starting as a tight ends coach and ascending to head coach before his ouster after the 2005 season finale.

Tice developed several key offensive linemen, most notably former sixth-round pick Matt Birk, who developed into a perennial Pro Bowl center.

Tice has spent the last four seasons in Jacksonville, working under former Vikings teammate Jack Del Rio.

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Great move as a line coach. The guy understands blocking technique, and has been credited with developing guys like Matt Birk, and Corey Stringer before he passed away.

Now all we need is a system so he knows what to teach these young guys on the roster.

So does this mean Olin is out? Beekman or a draft pick as our 2010 center? Just makes me wonder after the Angelo/Kreutz shouting match last month.

I for one, love it. Maybe we will see how badly the current regime has hit or missed on o-linemen. Will he tell Olin to hit the road?

A solid signing - perhaps he'll be able to motivate this group instead of being like Loviie and becoming their best friend. Now draft a Guard in the 3rd round. Nothing stupid or flashy based upon a You tube video.

I like it. That gives the Bears two proven old dogs guiding the most important parts of the team. The parts I'm talking about are where the men play, the line on both sides. Tice and Marinelli both earned their spurs as a couple of the best position coaches around.

Yes, they both had mixed results when they had opportunities as head coaches. So what? The reason they got those opportunities was that they earned them by their superior performance as position coaches. Tice has been there....done that....and has the T-shirt. He is exactly what the Bears need to build the dominant offensive line they need to succeed in the NFC north.

After the Cutler trade the Bears don't have the luxury of just throwing a high pick at a line position. They are going to have to find talented, but raw prospects and develop them. You need no-nonsense teachers for that, and teachers are exactly what they have.

I am a little curious about hiring the O-line guy ahead of the OC, but don't really worry about it. Tice has surely seen it all when it comes to systems.

I really don't see him as one of the best line coaches in the league. Do you think he could coach Olin up? Tice is going to hate Olsen. I will say this about Tice he is entertaining, do you think he will take all the Bears on a boat ride. Just one thought, shouldn't you hire the coordinator first? This is so very Bears. But again for those who don't think Lovie likes to micromanage. This is a perfect example of it, he has already undermined any coordinator that comes in here. What if the top coordinators for this job don't want to play man. What if they want to switch to a zone scheme? You see Lovie is not going to let anyone run the offense the way they want. He wants them to run it the way he wants even though he admits he knows little about offensive coaching. He has already micromanaged a coordinator he hasn't hired yet.

Although I like Tice as the O line coach, Creighton makes a very valid point about the Offensive Coordinator role not having the ability to bring in his own guy for the O line. As for Olsen, yes he is not a blocker but who knows maybe Tice can coach him up and make him tougher and a blocker as well.

At least he will push him, we all know that about Tice. Better to push them than mambi pambi them as they have for years now.

Almost forgot, 42 sacks in 08 and 44 sacks in 09 on a Jags team that can run the ball says he is not that great of a line coach. In 99 with the Vikings 43 sacks, 00 35 sacks, 01 47 sacks. Those are the years he was a offensive line coach. McDanial was a great player before he met Tice, Jeff Christy was a top Center before Tice coached him and just for the record Tice wanted Matt Birk to play Tackle his first two years in the league. Steussie was well reguarded arouond the league as a solid player before he met Tice as well. Fact is the first line Tice ever coached had one of the best guards in the history of the NFL, and 3 first round draft picks 2 of which where just entering their prime. It was a good line before he got their. But after his first two years with the Vikings and the lose of McDaniel, the Vikings line went down hill and sack numbers climbed. 97 and 98 were good years for him, but his following years as a line coach are not very impressive. Although he may have a good eye for line talent, I don't know if that makes him a good line coach. But the Vikings have a long History of drafting quality offensive linemen.

Just a final thought. While I am not sure if Tice is a great line coach, he does go for a certain type of player. He loves big powerful run blockers. What do Chris Willims, Frank Omiyale and Olin not have in common with this type of player? While he is an upgrade over Heistand for sure. Does he have the players to work with, for his style of line play?

Great! Now we just need to hire Dick Jauron as our defensive coordinator and Mike Sherman as our offensive coordinator and we'll have the whole set!

I think it's a good hire. They could do much worse. Any time you can get a guy that was a former head coach as your position coach or coordinator I think it works well. These types of guys are leaders and were good at what they do, which is why someone took a chance on them as a head coach. And having the experience of being a head coach can only help the entire team. I could care less about how many sacks the Vikings had. I would take that line any day. And, I could care less that they didn't hire the coordinator first. It might be nice for the coordinator to have input, but it's not necessary. Besides, Lovie isn't going to hire an OC that isn't going to run the system Lovie wants anyway, so it doesn't matter.

I don't know...this might work, Tice while being heralded as the second coming of Marianelli by Larry over at the Bears site, is old school. I could see him making these fellas work that sled and first steps. Those old fundamentals that are often left out of the NFL. He might not be the best thing true, and any OC would probably want some input as to the staff...makes me wonder if Martz is already got the job but a show is necessary so Lovie doesn't get called on it...but he is an improvement. The line we did see the last two games was competent. A lot of folks say Olin is done, but many of the folks in his draft class are having banner years still. He is not done, but maybe his under achievements are indicative of overall line quality? I kind of like our tackles, but would like to see Pace retire and Omiyale moved back to compete with Schaffer or be the swing. What can Lance Luis do, Garza can hold down the fort one more year. I hope we draft a guard in the 3rd. If Olsen doesn't learn to block let Davis roll with it.
I do think that the Bears offense, might be something to look at. I like RB's and our WR's are getting better. TE's were good. Wish we would have kept Polite and let Mckie go.
2010 will be an interesting year, and thankfully "were close", but to what?


Jesus, man, you have got to be kidding me. Tice is a GREAT pickup and he is one of the best position coaches in the NFL.

You have great insight on this board, but damn, you are so negative.

I have family in Minnesota - many Vikes fans - many Vikes games. Tice is one of the best at developing young linemen. He has multiple pro bowlers on his resume.



Damn dude.

Ease up.


Mike Tice was not the OL coach at Jacksonville. It is Andy Heck. Tice was the assistant head coach and tight ends coach.

I, too, was a bit surpised that the line coach was hired before the coordinater. That really could cause problems considering Tice's personality. I can visualize confrontations between whoever is on the sidelines with Tice, especially if Martz is the offensive coordinater. I can see ego clashes like those between Ditka and Buddy Ryan. That one worked out okay anyway, but this Bear team is more fragile than that one was.Personally, I'm not fond of Mike Tice. As some of you mentioned, he's an in-your-face kind of guy, at times very abrasive.That did not work for him as a head coach, and I doubt that it will work for him as an offensive line coach.One hopes he has learned from past mistakes and will be better this time around, but leopards have trouble trying to change their spots. He's like Mike Singletary without the charisma and quality of a pro-bowl NFLer.

ahhh,.....tice is ABUST! he cantent couch up a lineman if ihis LIFE dpendent on It!!!!!!! teh bears should hire ME loosers!! in madden on my xbox my line are all 99s and they are big boys!!!!! (hubba hubba)...ans i mean BIG boys just like me..... :))

but youw guys now me old grap-ton just trying to pne bps naold[d...

ps somtimes itell people i served inteh marines....but teh truht is i live with mommy! ;)

I think Tice is a great pickup. There could be some issues when the new OC comes aboard, but no doubt they can work it out. There could be some problems if the new OC wants to be more run and gun. We know Tice is an old school (hammer between the tackles) kinda guy. I like that.. The current OL group needs a fresh influx of energy.

By GSH on January 16, 2010 12:39 AM
I think it's a good hire. They could do much worse. Any time you can get a guy that was a former head coach as your position coach or coordinator I think it works well.

Oh yeah Marinelli was such a fantastic pick up we steamrolled all the way to the playoffs behind that dominant sack machine of a defense. Oh wait.

it doesn't matter who you have coaching if you don't have the players.

williams might turn out to be a solid pass blocker but he's not tough enough in run blocking.

kreutz was pretty good 10 years ago but not anymore. he got blown up last season.

and basically everybody else is just a collection of practice squad guys.

sorry but it's really about the 2011 season. the macaskeys don't care about this team, if they did they would have done something. so a mike tice means nothing. tice is just happy to have a job and that's all we're going to get here.

No estevenj you lightin up. Tice is not that good unless you think a line that gives up an average of 40 sacks a season is good. He was just lucky to be surrounded by probowel players all his career and needs lots of talent to look good. Exactly do we have on our line that is super talented? Williams had the most penalties of any lineman in the league. Olin is undersized and way over the hill. PAce is gone. Shaffer is a career backup and the freaking browns let him walk. Gareza has never been better then average. Oh and dont forget Angelo's personal favorite Omiyale. Hahaha Tice doesn't know what he's just done to himself. Then again its not like his reputation is going tot ake a hit.

Guys I just got these pics from last halloween and theyre awsome. Take a look

Is he bringing Maurice Jones - Drew?!?!

Oh..., then who cares!

estevenj, The Bears are not just bad at run blocking they are bad at pass blocking as well.

This is what is known about Tice and offensive linemen. These are not opinions.

Offensive linemen are creatures of habit. You work a lot of pass blocking with them and they become better at pass blocking, the same is said for run blocking.

The Bears offensive line was built around smaller athletic players who fit a zone blocking scheme better than a man scheme. But the Bears still try to use them like a Power man line.

While Tice was the Line coach with the Vikings he did two things. He constantly looked for big powerful run blockers. The other thing he did was focus soley on run blocking. In fact he focused so much on run blocking that the pass blocking became one of the worst in the league. He actually had to be told to run pass blocking drills. Another problem with Tice is penalties. This is a fact Tice always ignores pass protection, thats why the run blocking improves, because thats all he focuses on. This has been a knock on him for years.

Tice does not have the type of players he likes on the Bears line and you can only do so much with what you have.

estevenj, how many people on this board told me about Marinelli last year. Told me what a great hire he was and how great the line would be. When I questioned the move and said Marinelli had never really developed players and had been given a lot of high draft picks and talented players guys on this board were all over me. They said I was wrong and that he was awesome and how I would see how great he is and the Bears are going to the Super Bowl. Everything being said about Tice was said about him. I try to ignore the hype and look at what they have done, good or bad. Tice improves run blocking thats true, but their is cost. Marinelli understands the line play of the Tampa 2 as well as anyone, but he is actually bad at developing players. Which is what they wanted him to do.

You can love Tice's run blocking all you want, but every place he has been the pass blocking has suffered.

What they need is a much better line. Even if you just wanted to go with a running line, they don't have the right players for that. Their are no Korey Stringer, Matt Birk, Randel McDaniel, Bryant McKinnie guys on the Bears. All of them are or were considered great run blockers, both with the Vikings, and in college. The Interior of the Jags had an average weight of 330 pounds. Britton and Monroe were considered really good run blockers in college.

He has a patchwork, undersized line that is better suited to zone blocking and screens. The right side of his line from the Center over are all over 30 and all past their prime. What will he do to make them better overall, not just at run blocking? Chris Williams is a guy who has no hand punch and has never been good at run blocking, he is a pure catch blocker and gets no drive off the ball, he is considered weak for his size. Omiyale has just never been good and is going to be 28.

I'll tell you right now, they will show a small improvment in run blocking and the pass blocking will be even worse. Its a WCO, how well do think thats going to work out? Just look at the sack numbers, its consistant with him. His lines give up a lot of sacks and considering how much they run the ball, thats really bad. By the way who on the Bears is as good as Robert Smith, Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones Drew?

The one thing I really like about Tice is I think he has a really good eye for offensive line talent. He did draft Britton after all. You can think I am being negative, but what if I am right again. I am being negative or am I just being right?

Look coaches can only do so much, if you don't have the talent, then you don't have the talent. The Bears don't have the talent and they don't have the picks.

The only thing getting Tice tells me is that Lovie wants to do one thing. Run the ball, which is great, to bad we don't have the players to do it with. To many people think coaches make the players. Talent makes the players, a coach can sometimes help bring that out. But you can always see when a player has a t lot of talent, cause your always like "wow" when you watch them. The Bears are going to run the ball at the expense of passing the ball and the QB will still get hit more. Tice does not use a moving pocket by the way. Lovie is going to try and make Cutler a pocket passing game manager, and will try to force the run game with a line that is not suited to it. Its the same thing he did this year. How did that workout? If this is what they plan again then, what was the point of getting Cutler?

Although this is like putting the cart before the horse in hiring an offensive line coach before hiring an offensive coordinator...Never the less this is an excellent Hire by the Bears...I lived in Minnesota for 12 years before moving back to the Chicagoland area and got a chance to see Tice coach on a regular basis...He may not be a great head coach but he can definitely coach an offensive line...I can forsee a vast improvement in the offensive line play in the 2010 season...For all of those who can't read in between the lines...The Bears hired an offensive line coach before they hired an O.C. because they intend to hire Mike Martz as O.C.

Martz is not noted for having an offense that gives stellar o-line play...In fact if you take a look at his coaching history...most of his quarterbacks are often injured because of his offensive scheme which consist of 5 and 7 step drops with no fullback or tightend chipping...Hence this is the reason that Tice was hired first...When Tice was O-line coach in Minnesota, the vikings used a lot of 5 & 7 step drops...I don't ever remember seeing one of his quarterbacks carted off on a gurnee...Last but not least...Lovie likes to get off the bus running (stumbling)...With Tice's power man blocking scheme this should be an easier feat than it was last season.

Jared, I was talking more about guys like Dom Capers and Cam Cameron. Guys who were good at being coordinators, so they got head coaching gigs that didn't work out, usually end up being good coordinators again.

Andrew (aka Creighton) (aka Droma), I thought you said those pics were from last Halloween. Then why are they in your Halloween 07 album? Dude, throw in a piece of celery every once in a while. I'm worried about you. And who is your source when you say Tice had to be told to run pass blocking drills? How would you possibly know that?

Creighton, you say the exact same thing about everybody, so you are bound to be right once in a while. We'll let you know when that happens. For now, we'll just keep telling you how wrong you are. Okay?
Whether you like a particular coach or not has no bearing on his career
with the Bears. Despite what some meatheads think , or will tell you. The Bears know what is best for the Bears. Nuff said. Now...........Shut up and cheer.
gggggoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Bearssssssszzzz.

don't EVEN listen to people who can only see roses. So many bears fans only remember the 2005 season, they seem to think every single year the bears will win the SB, But me? I remember the last 40 years of looosing!!! I am a realist and I have finally seen that we as fans MUST question every single move that our favorite team makes as they have made so many ppoor decisions, the only single year they got it right was 1985 (actually leading to that)these young RoseBo0wl fans feel every thing the bears do is `great'.

I really appreciatted the facts that Creighton put out there of Tice sack totals. Did any of you blog complainers put any facts like that out for the rest of us?? No? Then how about youse guys showing some facts instead of critisizing the ONLY blogger that did.

Tice? I feel our RB need to be taught protection schemes as well as the TE. He has to be an improvement over what we had, but as a couple guys said, Olin is done, as is Pace., Oline may be alright with some good Oline help but we (Jerry) did the worst job on that for several years so I am not holding my breath on that. Its our only hope, that we get Oline help. and we have to depend on the same idiot that didnt get us any Oline help before it was too late.
We will see, I hope as the other blogger said that Omiyale is moved back to his correct position competes with Shaffer and we somehow get a C or C. preferrably not a Tackle converted to Center this time Jerry. Think thats possible Jerry the Oline mangler?
I feel Tice is TUFF - that will help but we need schemes and development.

Creighton, you're a tool.

You and Randy just snuggle up together and cry about the Bears. I have stated on this blog I think Lovie should be fired - possibly Angelo. But Mike Tice is a good choice. The Vikings won while he was there and they took a lot of sacks because of mobile QBs as much as they did OL play.

Keep working on pulling internet stats out of your as$ - and Randy, shut the f*ck up. You're an idiot. You're almost as stupid as Creighton.

Where is Crap-ton when we need him.

all u did was show who the real clown is...I was being pretty damn nice about it, and no I dont alwasy agree with Creighton and no I was not trying to pick on u or make u out to be an idiot,
I feel we need all points of view yes even yours.
so calm down and discuss things in a gentlemanly manner please.

telling someone to shut up and cheer....thats just plain stupid on a blog, thats the point of a blog. Different opinions.
That is what I was saying,
and why would we just lay down and let the bears mgmt. screw us again?

what we are all robots? we all just get on here and say

yeah bears
go bears
bears are best
yeah great blog that would be lol

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