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The dollars and sense of Pace

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Chicago Bears offensive tackle Orlando Pace said he hasn't made any decisions about his future.

"It was a rough season for everybody," Pace said. "You just never know. Guys just got to get back to work and see how it goes.

Asked directly if he's planning to come back, Pace said, "I have to reevaluate everything and take everything into account and see what works for me."

Pace said he hasn't made a decision. But the Bears may make one for him.

The Bears signed him to a three-year, $15 million deal last April, but the seven-time Pro Bowl tackle was benched after starting the team's first 11 games.

Pace is scheduled to make $3.75 million next season. But, the Bears structured his deal to protect themselves. If they release him, the Bears would only take a salary cap hit of about $666,000, a modest amount for a player of his pay scale.

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Just an FYI Sun-Times, a guy saying he hasn't decided something ISN'T "Breaking News"

I hoped Pace would get back to his all-pro form when he was protecting Warner, but he obviously has lost a lot. He simply seems too slow of foot and head to provide decent protection. I think he is smart enough to be an asset for helping players like Williams, but not worth the money his contract would require.

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