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Some comedy from Ochocinco

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I know the bulk of you only care about the Bears coaching search. But here's something to take the edge off.

A few of us talked to Chad Ochocinco, the Cincinnati Bengals talented and hilarious receiver.

Here are some highlights:

* On what he would want to change about the game: "I would like to have the fun back in the game, a little bit, as long as the players (don't let) it get disrespectful. You have kids watching. As long as you do things within the rules an don't disrespect the opponent, they should let us have fun."

* On practicing field goals and punting at the Pro Bowl:

"I'm loving it. I'm loving it. This is good for me, to fight for a new contract with the Bengals. We can save a lot of money by having me be a receiver and a kicker and a punter. I mean, why not?"

* On what he's learning from Miami Dolphins kicker Dan Carpenter: "Actually, I'm teaching him. His leg swing, he wasn't pointing his toe and he wasn't following through.

"I had to tell him to adjust his hips. Work on his hips. I'm sure that's going to help his percentage."

* On his longest field goal today: "My longest? I think about 58. You guys probably weren't here yet. I got here about 7 o'clock in the morning."

(The longest I saw was about 30 yards)

* On if he will punt Sunday in the Pro Bowl: "I'm doing everything. This also helps me for next year's Pro Bowl, when they get a kicker and punter, there's no need to pick anybody, when I can pay all three positions.

* On Deion Sanders challenging him at practice: "Deion had an opportunity to play me - I forgot what year it was - but I did him very wrong, when he played with the Ravens.

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Ochocinco is one of my favorite players. Too many players forget that football, regardless of the level, is still a game, not a matter of life or death. He seems to me to always have fun but still plays the game all-out to the best of his ability. I would love to see him become punter and field goal kicker as well as receiver. the game is too specialized these days for that to happen, but I still remember the old drop-kick days when running backs often were drop-kickers.

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