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Should the Bears pursue Boldin?

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Arizona Cardinals receiver Anquan Boldin was inactive for today's game with an injury. And although he's a three-time Pro Bowl receiver, it's fair to say he wouldn't have been able to change the outcome of the Cardinals 45-14 loss to the New Orleans Saints. He doesn't, after all, play on defense.

After the game, Boldin seemed resigned to the fact that he'll be a Cardinal next season, since he's under contract through the 2010 season.

"I can't do anything one way or the other," Boldin told the Miami Herald. "I go to them and request a trade, it don't matter. I'm under contract for another year. So no matter what I say or do, that won't change anything. I'm under contract for another year. So whatever happens, it depends on what the Cardinals want to do."

But the reality is, the Cardinals may be ready to move Boldin. They have their $40 million man, Larry Fitzgerald, and they have watched the emergence of Steve Breaston and, more recently, Early Doucet.

The Bears obviously could use a No. 1 receiver, and Boldin certainly would fit the bill. In fact, he'd be a nice complement to Devin Hester and Devin Aromashodu. Boldin, who turns 30 next October, definitely has a few quality seasons left in him, and he's the sort of active and reliable receiver who could become a safety blanket for quarterback Jay Cutler.

But the question is what the Bears could give the Cardinals in return.

Even if they had a first-round pick, the Bears certainly wouldn't give one up for Boldin, especially since he'll also require a new contract.

But would the Cardinals bite on the third-round pick?

Or, would the Cardinals be interested in a player?

The problem is, the Bears aren't exactly rich at any position.

Given the significance of the 2010 season, though, I fully expect the Bears to pursue a veteran receiver. Another option, albeit a risky one, is Antonio Bryant. He's very, very talented, but he's had to defend his actions throughout his career.

Bryant, though, made nearly $10 million last season, which means he'll have to take a significant pay cut no matter where he goes.

Other possibilities:

* Would the Bears be willing to wrest Brandon Marshall, who clearly has issues with head coach Josh McDaniels, from the Denver Broncos? Certainly, that would please Cutler.

* Would the Bears take a risk on Terrell Owens, who had inconsistent quarterback play in Buffalo?

* Maybe Derrick Mason of the Baltimore Ravens could give them a quality season or two?

This may not be overwhelming, folks, but that's the reality of the market.

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why boldin? his history is that of a very talented receiver who shows it whenever. also a history of injuries. as fo the others named, the bears have enough headaches in uniform and elsewhere- why acquie some more?


The Bears definately don't need to give up any draft choices for receivers. They especially don't need to spend picks and big bucks on receivers over 30. Last year, maybe, but not this year. There are places that need help a lot worse than the receiver position.

Boldin is a good player, but he is always hurt and will never be as productive without Kurt Warner throwing the ball to him.

There is no such thing as a receiver who is talented-with fottball skills anyway. There are only receivers who are made to LOOK like they are talented by Qb's and O'lines blocking. All Receivers have to do these days is run the proper route everytime and never give up on it, other wise you become a 'talented ' kick of returner. Do you
see where the Bears did this backwards? I believe the next step for Devin Hester in his backwards career path, is to go to college after
his 5th year with the Bears. If he progresses, he will be successfull
in high school, and maybe a high draft pick for one of the Pop warner teams-where he will meet most of you people and you can tell him what is wrong with the Bears and why you should be a coach in the NFL because you do a pretty good job with your son's team. Then maybe, just maybe, you will stop posting all your half/quarter educated garbage here.

that 2nd rounder that we wasted on gaines adams would've got us boldin. without that i don't see it happening

Boldin may have talent but he is not a number 1. He is actually the Trick play reciever for the Cards. The system he is in and the way they use him are perfect for Boldin, you won;t see him be as productive anyplace else. Besides we have nothing ot offer and more pressing needs than a trick play reciever.

I don't see anyway the Bears can get Marshall, he is a restricted free agent which means you need a 1 and a 3 to get him. Not to mention he is a top 5 reciever who just entered his prime. Its going to be a bidding war for him.

Mason just just turned 37 today so happy birthday and enjoy retirement.

Vincent Jackson's contract is up, but I think because of the CBA he is also restricted.

The two guys the Bears need to look at are Kevin Walters and they are idiots if they don't and Malcom Floyd. Both are big number 2 recievers, Walters knows the WCO, and both of them do all the little things, like blocking. Plus they create mismatch problems in the secondary and would compliment the Bears smaller group. Walters is having an off year but had a nagging injury that cost him to miss most of camp.

The Bears need to fix their lines before they do anything though. RT, LG, and C, all needs, the Bears need a dominant lineman in the worst way, weather its a gurad or a tackle. Thei are none on the market because of the CBA.

The Bears could take a look at Kampman and see how his knee is doing. He could give them a couple of good years, they could also look at Jolly to play DT. Of course given the fact the Bears gave a number 2 for Adams, they are probably going to try him out and feel the End position is set.

I'd like to see a Hester for Brandon Marshall trade.

nice job on the gaines adams comment bob

In fairness to Bob, I doubt he knew Adams had died when he made the comment at 4:30 in the morning.

But if he did, there's a place waiting in hell for him, with the rest of the sick Bear fans making his loss about the organization.

Any receiver that can be added without trading draft picks.

Malcolm Floyd
Derrick Mason

Do the Words...FOR SHIYIZZLE mean anything to anyone?

I would even take Earlie Douchett!

That dude is bad!!

Once again, I will keep Stressing this thru out the Free Agency, the Bears need to try to get at least two or three receivers.
Their names are
Steve Breaston, Arizona Cardinals
Malcom Floyd, San Chargers
Kevin Walter, Houston Texans

Picture them with Both Devins and Johnny Knox, the bears will have the best WR's in the NFC.

All I'm hearing here is WR this team is in desperate need in the trenches they are getting mauled at the P.O.A. This year the college ranks are full of interior linemen and another RB wouldn't hurt. Toledo has a safety the name escapes me right now could be a sleeper I know he's a strong safety but you can't teach size and speed he has both.

Deputydawg we were talking about FA not the draft man. Given their will be no CBA, then take a look at interior linemen in FA, it is slim pickings. FA as a whole will be bad this year because everyone just became a 6 year player and they are all UFA's now which mean you have to give picks or make trades for them.

Joker Breaston will be a UFA this year not a FA.

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