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Pep Hamilton not bitter

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Bears quarterbacks coach Pep Hamilton was let go after a disappointing 2009 season. But Hamilton, who is at the Senior Bowl, didn't take issue with the Bears decision.

Asked what happened, Hamilton said, "They made a change."

Asked if he was disappointed, Hamilton said, "It's disappointing because we're not playing in the Super Bowl.

"This (changes) is a part of it."

Hamilton, who had been the Bears quarterbacks coach since 2007, didn't say anything negative about Jay Cutler, either.

"Real good player," Hamilton said. "Real talented player, who has a very promising future."

Something tells me he's trying to take the high road on both topics.

Hamilton said he's currently looking for a new job.

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No disrespect, but out of all the firings that took place I was the most happy when Pep was fired. He ruined all of our QB's due to his lack of coaching skills and ability to be a mentor. He should have been gone a long time ago! I'm sure he's a nice guy but he did not fit with the Bears!

I need a new guy to cut my grass, the jobs his if he wants it.

For all the Bears fans who are blaming Pep...he didn't draft any players and he single handedly didn't bring them down. I don't place the blame solely on his shoulders because just like you can't call plays that involve a Witten or Clark if you don't have them he was a victim just like everyone else who was fired. Generally if a franchise is CHEAP and lacks direction you'll have problems. He should be glad he's gone now YOU can blame someone else for the mess. THE BEARS OWNERSHIP/MANAGEMENT RUINED PLAYERS NOT THIS ONE PERSON. No one of merit wants to work for a franchise that's ran by people who don't know what they're doing. I wouldn't be bitter either-he won't miss his welfare payment that's for sure because other squads pay better anyway.

So Pep takes the high road by not slamming Cutler. Funny!

Pep should be happy to escape his job without fear of prosecution for theft.

He has worked with Grossman, Orton, Griese, Cutler, and Hanie. None of these players improved their fundamentals under Hamilton. Say what you will about poor playcalling, but Grossman's footwork was absolutely atrocious. Orton's field vision and deep ball were god-awful. Griese continued to make the wrong reads and throw the ball into a large crowd when the game was on the line, and Cutler did not learn to throw the ball away when there was nothing there.

That falls on the QB coach, not the offensive coordinator. When the Raiders can win with Bruce Gradkowski, and far lesser talents than what the Bears have had to work with have not only won games, but looked pretty good doing it, you have to point to player development. The OC puts in the system, and the position coaches work with the players to execute the system. Pep did nothing with the weaknesses of these players, and that was part of the reason Turner was so predictable in his playcalling. The same could be said for Hiestand, Drake, and Spencer. The weaknesses of our players continue to be weaknesses, and the strengths of our players do not get stronger. It is time for an organizational overhaul, and it needs to start from the top down, like Olin said...

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