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Martz responds to Armey comments

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Former St. Louis Rams head coach Mike Martz said he is "just stunned" by the negatives comments made about him by Wednesday.

Former Rams general manager Charlie Armey ripped Martz in an interview with ESPN Chicago.

"Working with him, he never expressed that. I thought things were really good, but I guess that's why things ended up the way it did," Martz told the Sun-Times this afternoon. "If he felt that way, he never expressed that.

"He was very amiable. He was very complimentary."

Armey, though, was very critical of Martz, who has expressed an interest in becoming the Chicago Bears offensive coordinator and working with quarterback Jay Cutler.

"I don't think Martz would work well with Jay Cutler at all," Armey told "He's a terrible . . . coach, and he would ruin that kid like he ruined Kurt Warner and drove him out of St. Louis.

"He's the worst thing that could happen to any young quarterback."

Martz, who helped develop Warner into a perennial Pro Bowl quarterback, insisted that he and the quarterback still have a good relationship.

"I'm proud of the relationship I have with Kurt. Not just how I helped him, but how he helped me," Martz said. "We were always pressing the envelope."

Other offensive coordinator candidates for the Bears include USC offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates and University of Minnesota offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch.
Both have worked with Cutler.

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Martz was fired from the Rams, 49ERS, and the Lions. The offenses on all three teams complained about him. Their is a reason he is out of work. They need to get Bates as the QB coach, as for an OC what about Kyle Shanahan? Oh thats right I suggested him awhile back but he is going ot the skins.

What cracks me up about all this is that the Bears called this big change, but this is Lovie Smiths 3rd OC, and 4 th DC including himself. Thats status quo as far as I am concerned. Would love to see Jim Fassel as the new OC, but Lovie would be affraid of him. Lovie only wants his friends and yes men.

Oh and Jensen could you stop sending me links to log into your publishing platform. If you want me to handle this blog that is fine, but things will get messy.

I'm so excited.....We all get to see that cardboard cutout of that black man on the sidelines again next year!! Yipee!!

Offenses under Martz
Rams 2002-2005 were 13th, 9th, 6th, and 9th (when he was HC).
Lions: Ranked 7th
49ers: 49ers were 23rd in total offense up from 32nd the previous year

Everyone elses opinions are irrelevant

bates no more lovie buddies ie martz!!

ahhh....mike martz is ABUST!!!!! the only person in the entiree world who can help cutler (soo dreamy) is ME looserss! ahahaha i am such teh king baby! oh ans i only give FACTS!

oh and shawnnyy shawn could you stop sending me links baby? i only acedpt links from certain nuaghty websiutes in teh samew industry as yours truly . if you want me to tak over the blog i will but beware i am a dirty, dirty boy!

but ouy guys now me old crap-ton..just tyring to be posative...

ps i HATE tah adorrable litle BRANDO!!!! ands i wlays will!!!!

Sounds like Charlie Armey is one bitter old basta*d!

What's he done lately?

Would Bates be paid more as an NFL QB coach than he is making now in USC as their OC?

Hire Bates NOW.....make it happen before he is gone.


I don't really care who it is as long as he presides over a rugged, hard-nosed running game utilizing multiple backs, combined with a blistering passing attack utilizing Cutler's strengths as a passer and fast (Hester, Knox) and big (Aromashodu, TEs, another big guy?) receivers, with roughly an equal number of run and pass plays.

If Martz can do that, that's fine. But I have no confidence in Lovie's judgment and instincts concerning personnel.

It will be Bates and Fewell.

I had mentioned a while back for everybody to get ready for Martz as the new O.C. He is friends with Lovie and Lovie loves to hire friends. I just wish some of his friends were good coaches. Nothing against Martz but you need a good running game to be successful in the nfl; especially with the way Smith is running our defense into the ground with his mind-boggling devotion to a cover 2 defense that only works if you can mix in other schemes. Not only is he incapable of utilizing other schemes but he fires anyone who Rivera. With Smith running the show we will never get quality coaches in here. I'm just surprised he hasn't fired Toub yet. Thanks Jerry!

Martz was fired from the Rams, 49ERS, and the Lions. The offenses on all three teams complained about him. Their is a reason he is out of work. They need to get Bates as the QB coach, as for an OC what about Kyle Shanahan? Oh thats right I suggested him awhile back but he is going ot the skins.

What cracks me up about all this is that the Bears called this big change, but this is Lovie Smiths 3rd OC, and 4 th DC including himself. Thats status quo as far as I am concerned. Would love to see Jim Fassel as the new OC, but Lovie would be affraid of him. Lovie only wants his friends and yes men.

Martz did have running games, at least when he was with the Rams, they ranked fifth a couple years in a row.


Personally, I wouldn't go nowhere near Mike Martz, the guy will straight up get a QB killed, Cutler doesn't need this. Martz likes the job in Chicago because of Cutler's arm. With Martz, the Bears would be heaving the ball downfield 50-60 times a game, and going nowhere. Again, Cutler doesn't need this.

I'd like to see the Bears hire Jeremy Bates as their new offensive coordinator. Cutler got along great with Bates in Denver, and had his best season as a pro under Bates, as in a pro bowl season. I know Bates was only the QB coach in Denver, but in reality, he was the co-offensive coordinator along with line coach Rick Dennison. Dennison ran the running game, and Bates ran the passing game. Back then Bates was a young up-and-coming assistant who was probably to young to be a straight up o-coordinator. I think he's ready now. Just an opinion as always GO BEARS!!

Creighton: Rams players LOVED Martz. Faulk met Linehan, realized he couldn't play for him, and never played again. Faulk worked with Gore in SF before 2008. Bruce went to SF. Holt always talked about how much he missed the Martz offense. Bulger loves him. Warner has maintained a good relationship with him.

To say the players in St. Louis didn't like Martz is completely wrong. He'd be great for the Bears. If they like scoring points.

stlramz, Warner publicly fought with Martz. Shaw, Martz and their pet lap dog Miklasz chased Warner out of town so they could start Bulger. He attacked his wife on a regular basis. He chased Warner out of town, fought with ownership, and I never here anyone is St. Louis lement the loss of Martz.

Then you had detroit where Martz once again brought his pass happy offense, and Detroits passing game improved although Kitna was the most sacked QB in the NFL under Martz. Players were complaining about his unbalanced offense. He then was fired from Detroit.

Onto the 49ers, where he was fired after one year. Oh yeah he is real popular thats why he keeps getting fired. Thats why you here all these players talk about how great he is, cause he is so popular. Thats why all those players in St. Louis were upset when Martz was not allowed to coach the final game of the 2005 season.

This is the same guy that bashed Cutler, then talked about how great Cutler is. Oh yeah players love guys like that. He's not crazy at all.

A couple of Martz quotes; "People are determined to keep me out of the league. It's been going on for three years and at this point, I can't fight it. I just can't fight it. Three years of people putting it out there that I'm a high-maintenance lunatic. "I keep asking, 'Who says these things?' No one will tell you. But I just put two and two together. But when you have a tag and the same damaging things get said two or three times it becomes very hard to shake that tag."

Martz on Martz, crying about being fired for the third time.

Singletary on Martz, "Mike can be a very nice guy. But if you ask 10 people, you may get 10 different answers."

Oh well thats sounds good.

Here is a Rams website,
Oh yeah he was loved in St. Louis.

The proof is right their, the guy was fired from three jobs for being great and getting along with his players??? No, I don't think so. He was fired for being a nut job. Jensen just wrote about him and Marinelli not getting along. He makes poor personel choices, he does not believe in compromise, he is addicted to the passing game, chased a HOF QB out of STL, and people generally consider him to be crazy. The guy already tried to pick a fight with Cutler. This is also the same guy that said Lovie was a great Coach. Lovie who just got his butt saved by having a bloated contract and a CBA and lockout looming. Oh thanks Martz, thanks for Lovie.

Personally I like Bates, but Martz wouldn't be that bad. He got fired in SF because Mike Nolan got fired, and new head coaches likes to bring in their buddies, or someone with a similar mind. Lovie talks about running the ball......but with a lead, which is the best way to make the cover 2 work. I cannot believe people talking about running the ball all the time. Balance is dictated by the course of a game. If it's close all the way you'll see balance on both teams. Haven't you noticed that the Bears offensive personnel is best suited to the Air Coryell/Martz style? Smaller wide receivers (Bennett, Knox, Hester, Iglesias are all 6' or smaller) with quick athletic zone blocking linemen. On the friend that said that Turner should have used more short routes to make Devin Hester get YAC's...... if I saw Turner draw one more naked wr screen that dropped Bennet, Knox, or Hester 3 yards back I would have shot my tv; the same with the 5 yard hitches that converted into incompletions when contact was near. And Creighton, your endless babbling and complaining doesn't mean u know anything about football.... it just shows what a dumb fan you are. Of all the complainers around here (and I am one of them) you are the worst. Just shut up and get your own football team so we can cackle about what a bad pres/gm/coach/ and coordinator you are.


Martz and Nolan are probably better coordinators than head coaches.

Martz may be a bust, but he may turn the Bears offense into the best in the league. Comparing the Risk vs. Reward element, there is no better opportunity. If it fails, bye, bye!

Nolan also may be a bust, but he may turn the Bears defense into the best in the league. He's got passion that seems missing with the current regime. Comparing the Risk vs. Reward element, I would take my chances with Nolan.

As for the O line, watch the playoff teams, all have studs on the O line. It's good for time of possession, keeping drives alive, keeping the D off the field, and is needed in Lovies' "We Get Off the Buzz Running" mantra. Before Peyton Manning got to Indy, they drafted two O tackles in the top 10 picks and that has been nearly as important to his hall of fame career as his arm.

Let's spend all available free agent dollars to rebuild the offensive line, even if we have to replace 3-4 current players.

Personally, I would like to have an Actual NFL Offensive Coordinator. Ron Turner was just plain offensive. Martz will win, kids. If Marinelli is the obstacle - launch him. I saw nothing from M-Rod that impressed me - ever. Martz will win. Did you like the Rams high-powered offense? Think about Cutler with a healthy and fast-maturing Hester, Aromashadu, Knox and Olsen. Jeez - that could be Large Fun, people. Plus, Forte would get back to passes in the flat, instead of Predictable Ron's brainstorm - hey, let's run our smallish back in between the guards on first down, when everyone in the stadium knows you're going to run, Ron!

Turner's departure brings to mind what Nicholson's Joker said after frying an underperforming subordinate, "I never liked you when you were alive - and I'm glad you're dead!! Hahahahaha!"

Bring on the Martz show - the other O.C.'s are all Maybe and Could guys - Martz has actually done it.

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