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Martz or Rogers? Rogers or Martz?

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Sunday appears to have come and went with no new news on the Bears' continued quest to find a replacement for offensive coordinator Ron Turner.

Sources said Vikings quarterbacks' coach Kevin Rogers impressed many at Halas Hall when he interviewed with Bears coach Lovie Smith and met with other coaches and front-office personnel Thursday. On Friday, Mike Martz interviewed with Smith and on Saturday flew to Jay Cutler's offseason home in Nashville, Tenn., to meet with the Bears quarterback.

"Of all the quarterbacks I've seen Jay hates throwing the ball away more than anybody," NFL Network analyst Joe Theisman said. "He needs to learn that not every throw needs to be a touchdown. During a point in the season he seemed determined not to throw to anybody but Greg Olsen. He has to get over the periods where he doesn't care and throws it in there."

Smith and general manager Jerry Angelo are believed to want to bring what has been a long and drawn-out process to a close sooner rather than later, but multiple sources said they heard nothing from the team's two decision makers on Sunday, although Martz and Rogers remain the front-runners.

It's possible --- again, according to sources --- that there could be some disagreement --- however strong or mild --- between Smith and Angelo as to the best way to proceed.
Sources have said that Martz has been Smith's top choice from the beginning. The two worked together before, with Smith serving as Martz's defensive coordinator in St. Louis from 2001-03.

Angelo said during the press conference announcing that Turner and several of his assistants had been dismissed that Smith would ultimately be responsible for filling the vacancies, but it's also likely that Angelo will have some input in the matter, even if Smith has been given the authority to make the final decision.

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Common Neal theirs no need for suspense. You know the bears will get there man Martz. He's a Lovie buddy and if the past 6 years have taught us anything its that Lovie is to scared to get anyone to coach with him besidesd his good friends. Rivera was a gift that fell in to his hands and he gave that away,.

Hey guys check this clip out. I twas supposed to run in the SUper Bowl but CBS rejected it. I think they should left it sense its awsome funny.

"...although Martz and Rogers remain the front-runners."

LOL!! They're the only two left who want to come here. The one who'll get it is the one sent to meet Cutler.

As good as Rogers may be as a position coach, he has never been an O.C. and I don't think the Bears can afford to take a chance on him, at this time. Martz has proven at 3 other venues he can improve an offense and even more. To me, there is no choice on the table. Hire Martz and lets get this show on the road.

Al Saunders.

I personally hope the team goes with Rogers.

That is not because I think Martz is incapable of doing the job. in fact, i think the team has a lot of nice pieces for Martz system -- contrary to what others may say.

I like Rogers because 1) he has experience with mobile QBs 2) he runs systems that feature TEs (which may be a reason that McNabb and Vick have shown comfort with TEs over their careers 3) he will not bring the same level of drama as Martz. Fair or unfair, the media will scrutinize Martz far more harshly than Rogers, since he has worked with Lovie in the past. Lovie and Angelo will have enough trouble with the meatheads.

I think Rogers will find a way to build on the rapport between Olsen and Cutler, and find ways to get Cutler on the move more with the ball, especially on bootlegs.

Would Martz do these things with his offense? I think he would. I think he would also find a way to get Olsen involved. But Rogers, for this team, is simply a better fit.

But if its Martz, the team will be getting a proven play caller, one who has never worked with a player with the athleticism of Cutler.


With Brandon Marshal mst likely gone from the broncos, what do you think the odds are of the Bears getting him for Cutler?

I say hire the guy who has the best chance to get the three stooges fired. The Bears suck more than the Cubs.


I suggest you read Larry Mayer's Chalk Talk from Jan 28. on the Bears official site.

The idea that no one wants to come to Chicago is beyond absurd. The team has only interviews select candidates, and has offered a job to one person: Fewell.

The media has been pushing the idea that this has been some chaotic, haphazard search.

I must say that Jensen's work the past week has been far more balanced, however, than the work of others in the Chicago press.

I'm going to go with a dark horse suggestion here. Lets face it, no one wants to come here for a 1-2 year stay with a lack of offensive talent. Anyone who does come is a has been or never was. So why not let someone already stuck here rise up in the ranks and give it a shot. Lets try giving it to the best coach on the team- Dave Toub.

Think about it- the biggest problem we have right now is a bunch of "talent" with low to no skills that need to get the maximum results wrung out of them. That's what Toub specializes in- every year they hand him a new bunch of losers, and every year he gives us a top 10 special teams unit. He generally gets a new returner up to near pro bowl levels, and he's great at finding hidden talent- he took a construction worker and turned him into one of the best kickers of all time. I think he's worth a shot, he can't do any worse than most of the names being thrown around, and he's already on the team, so no job security worries.

I for one am very impressed with the amount of due diligence they've shown through out this process. With any luck, it will get done before the draft. I sleep well, knowning that Jerry and Lovie are doing there best to drive this franchise into the ground and force its sale by the Mc Cash Keys

Bears GM Jerry Angelo needs to step in and name Viking's quarterback coach Kevin Rogers as the new offensive coordinator in Chicago. Mike Martz's is a proven play caller true, but his scheme will take way to long for the Bears personnel to grasp, especially Chicago's young receivers. Kevin Rogers will run a west coast offense similar to what Ron Turner ran, with Rogers, there would be a quicker transition period for the offense vs Martz. Also, Martz leaves his QB's on an island, thats not good for Jay Cutler.

Lets talk team chemistry, Bears defensive line coach Rod Marinelli fired Mike Martz in Detroit, agree or not, there will be resentment, its simple human nature. Also, Martz bashed Cutler on the NFL network earlier in the season, now he wants to coach him, again, I just don't like it.

But the bottom line is Kevin Rogers ability to coach QB's, everywhere he's been QB's have played well.. I realize he won't be the QB coach in Chicago, but I'm sure he'll be a great asset for Cutler and his development. And who knows, Chicago could name Rogers the offensive coordinator/ QB coach? Rogers got the most he could out of Tarvaris Jackson a couple seasons back, and under Rogers, Brett Favre only threw 7 ints this past season, when usually Favre is in the double digit's when it comes to picks. Brett Favre is very similar to Jay Cutler in their gun slinger mentality, and like Cutler, Favre would force balls with the best of them. under Rogers, Favre seemed like a different QB, I bet Rogers would have the same effect on Cutler. In the end, Kevin Rogers would do a lot more for Jay Cutler's development than Martz would. I say hire Kevin Rogers, just an opinion GO BEARS!!

Mr. "popular opinion" himself. The last time Joe Theisman had an original thought he was having a nocturnal emission in his dorm room at Notre Dame. One of the worst analysts in football.

They need to do something in the next week or so. Teams are starting to sign position coaches and they will want the coordinators to have a say in that.

I have a couple questions to ponder:

The Bears said early on that they needed to be sensitive to the NCAA signing dates when interviewing college coaches. What are those dates?

The DC job has really slid to the back burner. We can probably rule out the Saints, but do you suppose it's somebody on the Colts? Or maybe a college guy. Are there any college coordinators out there that would have a history with Lovie?

No wonder your so confused Idc, you read Larry Mayer. The Bears official in house writer and you take it as gospel. Your actually telling other people to read him. Here's a clue, he's on the Bears official website, he is probably not exactly honest.

He writes what he is told to write by the organization.

Its Martz he flew out to meet Cutler to talk about the Bears offensive future and what he plans on doing. I hope it is Rogers, but its Martz, it was always Martz.

I agree that Rogers of the two is the best choice. Kevin hit most of the reasons. Remember Martz, sometimes is not a team guy and can cause some real trouble within the team as he did at the end of his tenure in St. Louis and is one of the main reasons he was not kept in San Francisco.

As for the Toub idea, I actually like that idea of promoting a special (no pun intended) special teams coach into a new role. I would however view Toub as more of the Defensive Coordinator type and I believe he would flourish in that role. Toub is brilliant and if it can work for Harbaugh in Baltimore why can't it work in Chicago.

It is time to promote Toub........ Do it Lovie and Do it Angelo, make Toub the Defensive Coordinator!!!!!

no one can blame Lovie for no ProBowlers as even the wrong schemes etc.. would not hide a great proBowl player at a position. i.e. If we had a ProBowl Guard then the scheme/play calls would not hide his talents, which means that Angelo is to blame for the lack of talent.
Had to throw that in Kevin, as if you look at it that way, then how in this world is Jerry a good player producer?

And if Rogers is not the QB Coach in Chicago then Someone has to question then is who?

I am not sure it really matters who we hire - if we dont get the right players - probolers.
What is the last team to go to the SB with NO Probowlers?
Actually I would be fine with either of these 2, IF we get some players.

Either one of these two would be an improvement simply because the play-calling last year was so bad.I personally prefer Martz because he really is a proven winner. Of course that does not automatically mean he will remain a winner, but let's hope the good parts of his history show up and the bad parts are left behind if he is the Bears' choice.

Lovie is taking his time, making sure he gets the right choice. I dont understand he is looking at everyone. He wants to stay in chicago...

Lovie is a winner, 9-7 last season missed the playoffs because of the defense lost 4 games for them... We got a " Pro-Bowl" QB and he losses 4 games for us... 7-9. The person who you all should be talking about is Jerry Angelo... He traded that whole SB team, yeah Ron was let go but that wasn't the only thing that has been our problem. We didnt have a great young line when we went to the SuperBowl so why we didnt draft O-line from 06-09.. He traded our best running back for nothing, missed out on draft picks.

I think it could work out like this... Just a thought....

Rogers is the O.C. and we get Martz as the QB Coach.. Rogers is the new blood and Martz has the credentials that shows he makes QB better... [ Kurt Warner - hall of fame, Jon Kitna had some good years in Detroit ]

Martz could help Rogers on the offense if he needs it...
Alot of you Bears Fan are like Kaplan and just take things too far out of proportion.. You all say everything Bad that u can, but as soon the victories are piling up u all will be cheering and say Lovie is the Best if we get back to our winning ways..

Check the man record it's not that bad... You tell who has a better record, that didnt go thru some bad times. I think Lovie and Co needed this so they can look outside the box.. Hey Bear Fans quit complaing if Lovie fails you get to look Cowher that everyone wants..
Hopefully we will get a D.C. that has some new adjustments for this schemme it can work we just need some better players and some adjustments. OL, DL, S,

Go BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!

who cares who it is? Your opinion does not matter, there for don't post it. Shut up and cheer. That's what fans are for.

Gabe, people who make into the nfl are not losers. Toub has nothing to do with kickers.
Creighton, I'd rather read 'lies' than the misinformed, uneducated
garbage that spews from you keyboard.
Cantbearmore, you have ouver used 'threestooges'. people do know that Jay Cutler had a nfl career before Chicago? Stop talking about his 'development' like he is a fresh from the draft rookie, as he is a fully developed pro bowl QB. He just
has bad habbits. Everyone regresses into bad habbits when there
is a negative environment/lack of leadership/no accountability.
No development,just corrections.

I found the answer to one of my own questions. National Letter of Intent day is this Wednesday.

I'm betting some college names are going to start popping up on Thursday as assistant coach prospects?

hey stuckinwisconsin. Before you pick people apart for there thoughts you should learn how to spell. I think you've regressed into poor spelling habits.

you know what nobody wanted to come to chicago. lovie and angelo are basically one and done. the only reason they were retained is because of the current labor dispute.

next year will be a give away year. we just have to wait for cowher.
everybody knows it. i think anything short of a superbowl will cost lovie and angelo their jobs.

stuck in wisconsin
it's called speculation, that's what fans do
and people speculate on a number of things they have no control over. according to your logic i guess all any of us would talk about is our bowl movements.

since when does spelling really matter on a post? i didn't know we were in school. are we being graded on it?

the point is to speculate, toss ideas around and talk about the bears. criticism is natural when people have different ideas. get used to it

Wow stuckinwisconsin, what exactly did I lie about? I said it was Martz, and look who just got hired. As usual moron, you have no clue and I just crushed you again. I said mid damn season it would be Martz. Chump hahahahahahahaha. Its so good to be me. You know why it took a month because Angelo had to give the ok after he said no in the begining, but nobody wanted to come here and he got stuck with Martz.

Anonymous,typical coward. Who says it is one and done? No one in the Bears organization. Just the media 'speculating.' Fans do not speculate,the media does. Fans like you and creighton just 'escape' from your world of failure after failure, into a world where you are the all-in-one owner/gm/coach and you think that you know what is going on.
Actual speculation is: Lovie just paraded in Clowns that had no
chance to be an upgrade to Ron Turner, just to Appease the 'selection
This alleged dinner with Cutler actually happened two weeks ago.
Creighton, I did not say that you lied. I said I would rather read the lies that you claim are posted on the Bears site, than read your misinformed half educated garbage that spews form you keyboard(In case you are unable to read someone Else's post, as I suspect, only Morons would call someone else a Moron,so I guess you claimed your title.).
Montannaslim, 'regresses' is spelled properly, apparently your
spell checker only goes up to five letters. I bet you do not know
what 'regresses' even means. But you Digress

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