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Jackson cancels interview with Bears

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The Bears suffered another setback in their search for an offensive coordinator.

The Baltimore Ravens granted the Bears permission to speak to quarterbacks coach Hue Jackson. He was scheduled to talk to the Bears today at Halas Hall but did not catch his flight to Chicago Monday night.

Instead, Jackson is believed to be on the verge of accepting the same position with the Oakland Raiders. He had a lengthy interview with the Raiders last week, reportedly for the head coach position. But, Tom Cable still remains the head coach, and Jackson is expected to become the Raiders offensive coordinator.

One appeal for Jackson may be California. He is from Los Angeles, and he played football and basketball at Pacific.

USC offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates also cancelled an interview with the Bears, opting instead to follow Pete Carroll to the Seattle Seahawks.

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Wow, what does this say about our organization???? Hue Jackson turns down the opportunity to interview with us to go to.....THE RAIDERS???? Really?

1) JaMarcus Russell is their QB
2) Al Davis is their owner
3) Tom Cable beats up his other coaches
4) Tom Cable might or might not be the coach next week
5) Their O-Line might be worst in league
6) Their receivers are worse than ours

Yet he chooses to not even interview with the Bears? Wow.

This just goes to show you that the Bears should have eaten the $12 Million like the Seahawks and fire all coaches. No one wants to go where there is no job security. No one wants to coach with Lovie and it is really PATHETIC that they lost out on a coach to the Raiders.

Do the owners and GM even read the headlines to see just how sad this coaching search is. A once storied franchise losing out on coaching candidates to the F-ing Raiders.

Glad they said that people would line up for the job. There is only 1 bum who wants the job in Martz and we do not have the talent to run his offense as well as he would confine Cutler to the pocket and not roll him out, just like Douche Turner.

There are no other options out there. Please tell me Tice and Marinelli are NOT going to be the coordinators.


Ouch... Ok I was on board with people who were saying that maybe just maybe they were cutting the wide swath and trying to interview as many potential candidates as possible, but I simply cannot remember for the life of me any time a team has had so many outright rejections. Normally it is the other way around isn't it? The management is supposed to be the one refusing prospective employees. Are the Bears that bad? Is the reputation of Lovie, Jerry, Cutler and co. really that bad? Or is this just dumb luck? When someone prefers the Raiders-- who as Rob D said earlier are in no better situation by most appearances-- over the Bears I would say yes, it really is THAT bad. Ouch.

"Please tell me Tice and Marinelli are NOT going to be the coordinators."

Sorry, mate, but it looks like that might be route they will have to go. I am fully with you, lads that nobody wants to come here be it for the sake of the lack of job security, working for a deadville coach with his head down the toilet with his ego, or for a plummeting pub joke of an organization. We the fans deserve better and unfortunately we shall suffer at least one more year. If there is any sunshine beyond these hills is that the Saint beat the Vikings and put Favre in his place. (Sigh). Mates, all we can do is hope and dream, and arguably fantasize.

The guy went for the opportunity to get promoted to Head Coach, in a week, a month, or 8 games into next year. It doesn't reflect on the Bears at all.

No one else wanting to interview, now that reflects poorly...

Rob D. This does not say anything about the organization he is from the Bay area went to College right up the road from Oakland and was interviewed there first, plus he could potentially end up as the head coach there.It's a no brainer for jackson to me, good for him. I'm a frustrated as most because I wanted Chudzinski, but he either did not want job or did not prepare for the interview, it depends on who's account you want to believe on this one.

Zampese's out there still he has interviewed, I'm not sure if they are interested in Aaron Kromer from the Saints they could get him in this week if they are interested in him. It is getting to a frustrating point, we have to get this right in order to get back in the hunt next season, and it starts with the guys calling the shots. We are in for an interesting next few days of doom and gloom rumors on the blog......Lovie and Angelo must feel like heavy bags with all the punches they are taking on the blog.......

This isn't really a surprise, Jackson is from California, and chances are, grew up a Raiders fan. Yes, the Raiders are a joke, but maybe Jackson feels he can make a difference there, who really knows? Also, Al Davis may be sitting Jackson up to be the eventual head coach, and the team probably likes him for his QB work, and wanna see if he can do something with JaMarcus Russell, again, who knows? All we really know is he's out of the loop for the Bears job.

The pickins are getting pretty slim right now, I would go after Greg Knapp the offensive coordinator for the Seahawks last season. Knapp has 17 years in the NFL, so he has experience calling plays. Knapp runs a west coast system, so the Bears personnel should catch on fast to his scheme, there wouldn't be no long developmental phase like there would be for a guy bringing in some totally new scheme. And Knapp gets the most from his personnel, he helped Jeff Garcia go to three straight pro-bowls, and got Michael Vick to a pro bowl during his time in Atlanta. I say go for Knapp, just an opinion as always GO BEARS!!

Actually UH-OH he had the the exact same situation with the Bears as he did with the Raiders. Lovie has just as much chance at being fired as Cable does.

This kind of says it all doesn't it. Taking a job with the Raiders over the Bears.

You know what makes it worse, is that everytime they go to meet with someone they are going ot be like you were are 8th favorite choice for the job. Oh how coaches love that.

For all the Martz fan boys, if your wondering why he hasn't been called yet, you may want to look deeper than just the Bears sense nobody is calling him. Teams don't like all those sacks and interceptions. But you may get your wish, cause their is almost nobody left to pick from.

Shot down for the Raiders, I mean thats just, WOW. it is starting to get embarassing. Assisstants and unprovens with no desire to work in the 2nd largest market,and one of the most historical franchises in the NFL, like saying no to major SEC team in need or repair. I really thought that there would be an ambitious OC that would come in looking to the future, like when they fire everyone but him and he hires an entire new staff that mirrors the new Offenisve Era of the Bears.

I think the window is closing on Mart as an option, he is pretty proud so unless this is smoke and mirrors...Tice (ur sh444n me right?) and Marianelli...I think that Hoke gets the bump before Rod.

Either way, '10 could be long disappointing one...but who knows there is a lot of time until next season, lack of confidnece in an organization does not mean that miracles dont happen.

Hahaha!! I'm telling ya, Martz/Tice and Marinelli.

Why is no one in the Bears organization talking about Ron Turner.

He's currently unemployed and the Bears would probably have to pay him more than the contract they just ripped up, but think how great it would be when Jerry or Ted got up to the podium and told the Bear's faithful that this is the guy they wanted all along!!!

Everything could come full circle. We could go out and get Cedric Benson to be our RB, Marc Colombo to play RT, Orton as our QB...AWESOME!!!

Don I agree on Martz/Tice and I think it has always been Martz. As for Marinelli the rumor is he was offered the job and turned it down. Although they may be trying to push Marinelli into the job, notice the lack of searching fir DC. Either that or Lovie returns as the DC.

Latest rumor about the Bears coaching search is that the Bears are only offering a 2 year contract to these guys. Not many Coaches will take that, and even fewer will take it in a lame duck situation. The Bears may be doing all this for apperance sake, and that it has always been Martz. Martz who the press suddenly stopped talking to, and himself became as quiet about the Bears as he has all year. Their is only the reciever coach on the Colts left for them to look at.

Guys refusing to even interview tells you something strange is going on. Then asking the Packers for permission to talk to one of their guys when you know the answer will be no seems really strange as well. Almost like they are not trying. Possible 1 or 2 year contract offer, going after guys they know they can't get. Bates had already been rumored to be going to USC, they went after him even though they new they couldn't give him a better offer or situation than the Seahawks. Clement is a Packer and teams almost never do intra division moves, not to mention handing the Bears a guy who knows everything about their QB and offense. That was never going ot happen. Chud, Zamp, and Jackson are all requests and they left all these guys on the hook and possibly offered them sub-standard contracts. Are they really trying. Look they wanted Tice, and look how quick they got him, granted Tice was in a bad situation because the Jags are in a bad situation. But still they didn't leave him on the hook, they took him and they new they wanted him. Oustide of that, they haven't even looked at any DC's but one.

Hey Jensen why don't you get on the horn and call some of these guys or their agents and find out what size contract they are offering and give Martz a call. At least try to make some contact.

Get on it man.

Hey guys anyone remember Wild Bill?

Wild Bill was one of the original posters here on the Blog, he was also one of the original Score guys. He was a major Chicago sports fan and always gave great insight. He was very old school and always had great insight. Though he didn't post often, when he did post it was always pretty stuff. He hasn't posted here or been heard much on the score in the last year do to health issues. Word has just been passed on Via the score that he has passed on.

I myself used to talk to Bill in the early days of the blog as did many of the original and early posters of this blog.

So here's to one of our own. To Wild Bill, Chicago guy, and True Bears fan. R.I.P Wild man.

I hope the presence of Tice and a possible passing coordinator title isn't scaring these guys away. I hope they have an ace up their sleeve!

I posted this in another thread and after looking at the guys credentials/resume - damn.

Why not reach out to Norm Chow? At least to kick the tires?

Listen to the people who have worked with/for Norm: Jim McMahon, Steve Young, Ty Detmer (all-time NCAA records), Carson Palmer, Matt Leinert, Reggie Bush, Chad Lewis, John Tait, Mike Holmgren and Andy Reid. He ran the WC offense at BYU to a national title the same year Walsh won the Superbowl with Montana. And let's not forget HE WAS THE GUY BEHIND THE USC OFFENSIVE JUGGERNAUTS--not Carroll, that won 2-national titles. And he isn't Steve Spurrier. He runs a pro-offense.

Why are we going after Zampese? Chow and Steve Sarkisian (one of Chows QB's at BYU - now HC at Washington) are the ones that developed Carson Palmer.

One of the guys on the Dan Patrick radio show commented, with no argument, that Chow was one of the greatest and most influential college coordinators in the past 20-years.

He is sitting over at UCLA with Rick Neuheisal. He may have less NFL experience than some of the names mentioned, and he had a rough time with Vince Young. But damn - you can't argue the fact he can run a pro-style offense and players and coaches who've worked under him have become extremely successful in the NFL.

well thats the question Kevin why not Knapp? Why is it always someone that wont/cant sign?
Knapp sounds alright Not sure I like the Seahawks offense the last few years, nothing great, but still, not a bad resume.

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