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Hue Jackson snubs Bears for ... Raiders?

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Tuesday officially became the darkest day of the Bears coaching search thus far. Losing Jeremy Bates to Pete Carroll and Seattle is one thing, even if the Seahawks have less talent than the Bears. Having Rod Chudzinski decide to remain in San Diego stung. The Bears are not believed to have gotten back to Ken Zampese and he will remain in Cincinnati.

But losing Jackson to the Raiders before he even interviewed in Chicago is a gut shot for coach Lovie Smith, who desperately needs to find the right man to fill one of the most important jobs in the organization.
Jackson would rather work with JaMarcus Russell in Oakland than Jay Cutler in Chicago? He would rather work for Al Davis than Virginia McCaskey? Smith and general manager Jerry Angelo might be on a short leash, but Cable is on an even shorter one.
This one is a head scratcher, especially since was supposed to interview with the Bears but skipped his flight to Chicago on Monday night. Why wouldn't he have at least interviewed? That's the typical protocol. He could've listened to what Lovie had to say and maybe used competing offers to drive up his price.
"I'd been to the Raiders and spent time with [owner Al] Davis and talking to [coach] Tom Cable," Jackson said Tuesday on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on WMVP-AM 1000. "I had worked with Tom. We had worked together in college, and we have very similar thoughts, and the biggest thought is that we want to win. I was very impressed with the time I spent with Mr. Davis, talking about his vision, talking about his vision for me, for the organization and what he is trying to accomplish. It just kind of worked out."
It worked out for the Raiders, and for Jackson, but it remains to be seen whether this coaching search will work out for the Bears.

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The rumor mill is saying that Bill Cowher may wind up head coach in 2011 no matter how well Smith does in 2010. I don't think there's truth to it but there could be behind-closed-doors hysterics.

In any case, getting snubbed in favor of the RAIDERS suggests something is really rotten in Halas Hall. Just hire Mike Martz already and be done with it, it's clear that no one else has any interest in the Bears at this point.

The ship is sinking, why get on?

Time to go hire Martz, ruin Cutler's confidence for the next two years, fire Lovie after 8 games of offensive turnover filled play and by then Forte should have 20 carries and 30 yards on the season.

As for DC, promote Babich again cause he believes in the system, have the linebackers play like CB's and drop back every down and allow teams to run wild on the Bears.

Next season fire everyone, hire Millen and we can endure another five seasons of this garbage.

How does this knock the air out of the search?

All the Bears will do is look to the next person on the list.

Zampese is still an option. Martz is an option. And they will likely interview Christensen after the Super Bowl.

There is absolutely no need to rush this, or freak out about losing a OC with a marginal record, because there are plenty of other people to interview.

As much as you and other fans wish it, the sky is not falling, and cats and dogs are not living together.

Professionals don't freak out.

And as I stated on another blog. . . . this is how they ended up with Rivera. Not getting the people they wanted originally. So its not the end of the world.

ahhh...teh bears are all BUSTS!!!! bobuddy wants to come here!!! AHAHAH....and guess waht loosers? I am the KING BABY!!!!! OHHH YEAHHHH.....GO CRAP-TON ..GOP CXRAP-TON...GOO. GOOO!!!!

but you guys now me old ctrap-ton just rtyornf to be podastcie...

p.s. the beras SUCK!! just like there looser fans!@! :)

Good job, Ted, Jerry, and Lovie... and whoever else in the organization decided to keep things as is. You've made the Bears a national and league-wide joke and nobody wants to work for this unstable organization.

I'm saddened and disheartened that the Bears have come to this.

Wow! All I have to say is the Bears have hit an all time Low,.. and it might get lower!

Well I an sure the Bears will be talking about Clyde Christensen, and are also after the QB coach with the Vikings. First one is a bottom of the Barrel choice and Clyde Christensen who is a very respected guy is actually already the OC for the Colts. Moore came back becasue of some strange retirment deal, but at 72 and going to the Super Bowl this will be his last year. Christensen had already been named the OC when they had to bring Moore back. It had to do with the pension program. So let me crush the hopes for Christensen who has been calling plays all year for the Colts. No chance is that guy Leaving that team to come here for the same job. No chance.

But at least we are down to begging the ViQueens for help. Oh sorry Sean to soon? Should I call them the mighty Vikings and then play that song Prince wrote for them? Oh boy Kevin Rogers your the next contestent on the Bears are wrong.

Its down to semi warm bodies at this point.

I can't decide if the Bears are are just this inept or they are blowing it on purpose. Its almost impossible to be this bad doing anything, without actually doing it on purpose.

If we call Detroit its game over man, game over.

I think he's playing the odds of the head coach getting fired mid season. Davis has already shown he will do it, not so sure about the McCaskeys. So, come week 8 next year we could be seeing Hue Jackson as the head coach of the Raiders.

If this guy is that stupid then I am glad we did not even talk to him. To want to to the worst franchise in the last decade shows what a loser he is. He will regret it and get what he deserves.

IDC, Zamp is off the table he is staying with the Bengals, its already been reported.

Christensen is not an option, he has all but taken over the OC job with the Colts.

Oh and Brando I see you are having a fit. Yes its my fault the coaches won't come here. You probably shouldn't have mouthed off too me that coaches would be beating down theid door. Ooops.

That's what they get for keeping the three stooges. Actually, I don't mean to insult the real Three Stooges, whose dirty underwear Phillips, Angelo, and Smith are not worthy of wearing.

I'm with you Idc,

Some fairly insignificant issues are getting blown way out of proportion on this deal.

The notion that Jackson chose the Raiders because there is more stability there than with the Bears is so bizarre I can't believe anybody would print it. Jackson interviewed for the head coaching job. Then Davis decides to keep Cable and Jackson accepts a job as assistant. Like somebody already said, if he is dumb enough to call that stability we sure don't want him. Not to mention the fact that Al Davis has a reputation for firing coaches and then screwing them out of guaranteed contracts.

Do you people really think Jackson to the Raiders is a "lame duck" issue? Come on get real.

Do you really think Bates deciding to go to Seattle as Pete Carroll's boy toy is a Lovie "lame duck" issue? Seattle just ate something over $10 million in salary from Mora Jr. to give Pete Carroll a rebuild job. What idiot would turn down a chance at that golden goose?

They lost their chance at Zampese? They are "not believed to have gotten back to Ken Zampese." Translation: they interviewed Zampese and didn't want him. Marvin Lewis saves him a little face by saying that the deadline is passed and he is no longer available.

Ok you maybe have to wonder about Chudzinski. But ask yourself this: Forget about football for a second. How would you like to try to convince a guy with a good job in San Diego to pull up stakes and come to Chicago for a similar job. In January? Football coaches are human.

People have to remember that, take away the teams with idiot money like the 'Skins and the 'Hawks, Lovie Smith is one of the highest paid, longest tenured coaches in the NFL. Lame Duck? Maybe, but every coach in the NFL is a lame duck. Look at Mora Jr. Multi-year contracts are for the teams, not for the coaches. In the NFL, coaches all have one year contracts, some just have golden parachutes. In towns like Oakland, that doesn't mean much either.

Time is running out? Get real. "Last" season isn't even over yet. Remember Lovie Smith was originally hired after the Super Bowl and had to assemble his original staff after he was hired.

Will the Bears get good coaches? I don't know. What I do know is that it won't be because of the relatively small side issues that keep getting thrown around like man-hole covers.

MSBear Fan & IDC, keep the faith guys, the blog has been getting ridiculous lately with all the pessimism we see, yet no one knows for sure what is really going on. The fact is the Jackson issue never should have been reported as a BEARS failure, which I pointed out to the editor who did not post it for all to see. Jackson never even interviewed for the job, so how could it be a snub. Bates took a job he did not have to interview for, and Zampese has no game calling experience and would have had to blow the BEARS away to get the job.
We need to get someone who can come in and generate good balance with our offense, we spent last season developing young receivers who have stepped up to the plate and done well, next season this will be a position of strength, we have something to sell and I believe people are still inquiring about the job. I still think we might look at the Saints Aaron Kromer who was a second choice I felt was out there prior to the Chudzinski interview and kevin A, keeps bringing up Greg Knapp who is a soilid fallback candidate.

As for D-coordinator resumes are probably being submitted at the Senior Bowl right now,what would be interesting is if our insiders could provide us a list of coaches trolling around looking for jobs for us to debate on the blog........This is a serious decision for the team and anyone who thinks the decsion makers don't understand that is kidding themselves, I just hope they stay patient and get a good coordinator, don't just fill the job Lovie, hire when you find the guy who you want to have your back, your career hangs in the balance....go BEARS.......

Hey MS,

This is not an insignificant issue. The jerks who run this team assured us that coaching the Bears is one of the desirable jobs in the NFL and that everyone wants to come here. Well, guess what? They were either wrong or lying. What this mess shows is that what SHOULD BE one of the most desirable jobs in the NFL has turned into garbage. THAT'S the issue and it's very significant.

I would have to agree that it is very significant, but I am also wondering if the bears are doing it on purpose or not? Correct in Rivera, so if they are not doing it on purpose then by losing all their first choices they will actually end up with a solid coordinator, simply because they can not choose coordinators the same as they can't draft. So all their bad choices will be weeded out. But yes, we as fans dont know what is really going on, except we do know that they hired all the wrong Coordinators before, AND drafted bad players before so I have to think they will keep doing what they have been doing. If that is not true, then why are we in this mess?

chitown, I do appreciatte the positive comments as it keeps me going as well, after all these years of losing I look at my favorite team alot different than I did back in 1974. I am tired of the losing and I just want a new GM period, and new Owners as how can you believe after losing since 1963 that the McCaskeys will all of a sudden understand how to build a winning NFL franchise? They had basically 2 real winning seasons (Super Bowl teams/franchise) since the Super Bowl began, they have been complete failures all the other years. Complete failure being no Super Bowl wins except one, not even close to a Super Bowl except 2006/1985.

But as I said, I appreciatte you guys positive comments seriously as that is the purpose of this blog, and it gets me thinking about what we can do to be better.
We add a Good OG and we are better on the line immediately, we add a top DE and we really have the makings of a good team, we add good Coordinators and boom, we are right back in it. My problem is I have seen too many failures to get past the `we add' part. I need a `we added' part to get me believing again.
Poop in one hand and `we add' in the other and see which hand is heavier?
The Colts went right back to the Super Bowl and we start everything off wrong asap by firing the one Coordinator that knew what he was doing? Man, its hard to believe with that stuff going on. and I live in Indy so I have to be rediculed EVERY day by stinking Colts fans, why? cause the Colts hired Poilan and decided to `learn' how to correctly build a winning franchise.
The proof will be in the pudding when we take the field next year.oh, yeah we said that the last 2 years as well.

The one thing though is please keep writing your positive comments as you will notice every now and then I post positive comments cause its you guys that bring me back as a fan thinking we have hope.


Dude these side issues are not significant, it's just the off-season has started everywhere but Indy and New Orleans and these nice media folks have to find some way to make a living. One way is to run to the door and holler "is it soup yet?" every day.

Who on the Bears said that "everyone" wanted to come here? Nobody said that. Angelo said on the lame duck issue:

"I know there will be that perception. I'm not naive to think that that won't be. I do not foresee us having problems in getting coaches. In fact, I don't really see us going out to recruit coaches and have to tell them to come to Chicago. I think given the fact that we feel very confident that we're going to win and given the fact that we are here in Chicago, I think we are going to have a bevy of coaches wanting to be here, and I feel that sincerely."

All we know about are the few people who have turned down the Bears. We don't know about the probably dozens of qualified coaches who the Bears may have looked at who would jump at the chance. Fewell, Jackson, Bates and Chudzinski have all been quoted as saying that "lame duck" and money issues are not why they turned down the Bears. They turned down the Bears because their personal circumstances aimed them in a different direction.

Don't make yourself mad at the Bears over trivia. They will be making some real moves soon that we can disect.

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