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Giants announce hiring of Fewell

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The Bears are back to square one in their search for a defensive coordinator.

Perry Fewell decided to become the defensive coordinator of the New York Giants instead of the Bears, a Giants spokesman confirmed to the Sun-Times.

"I am ecstatic to come to work for the New York Giants," Fewell said in a statement issued by the team. "It's a good football team with good defensive players, and it is a franchise known for defense."

ESPN reported this morning that Fewell was telling people he was going to choose the Giants instead of the Bears. But a source close to the situation told the Sun-Times no decision had been made around lunch time.

The Giants issued a press release announcing the decision around 6 p.m., CST.

"I expect Perry to bring the same qualities that I expect from myself," Giants coach Tom Coughlin said in a statement. "I want him to be firm, fair, honest and demanding. My expectation is that he will solidify and unify our defense and be an outstanding teacher. I want energy, enthusiasm, toughness and to make the necessary corrections and game adjustments.

"Perry is a teacher and a leader and I thought he did an outstanding job of displaying great leadership as the interim head coach of Buffalo this season."

Fewell had worked with Coughlin and Lovie Smith of the Bears. In recent days, ESPN had reported that Fewell, who was believed to be the top choice for both clubs, was headed to the Bears.

The Bears are not believed to have interviewed anyone else for their defensive coordinator position. So far, they have interviewed Cincinnati Bengals quarterbacks coach Ken Zampese and Jacksonville Jaguars assistant head coach Mike Tice for positions on the offensive staff.

Asked to describe his defense, Fewell said, "Disciplined, attacking, aggressive, eleven hats to the football."

Fewell, the Bears defensive backs coach in 2005, had been the Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator since 2006. Midway through the 2009 season, he was elevated to interim head coach after the ouster of Dick Jauron.

Fewell interviewed for the Bills vacancy last week, and he can still accept that position if it is offered to him at a later time.

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Yeah, I just read they were offering and I was gonna post a link,
ur quick Sean :)

Pretty sad state of affairs in Chicago, it just keeps pilin on, but the mccaskeys and company have ONLY themselves to blame for letting this franchise get so low...only one SB win, we are down there with the Browns in respectability. I know for a fact the fans arent to blame. We have been patiently waiting and giving them our money since 1985. You would think they woulda stockpiled enough money by now to make a serious run at it.
Maybe we can hire Ron back :P yay

I want Jack Del Rio! Make it happen Jerry & Lovie if he becomes available.

I'm starting to get excited. Not about 2010, but 2011 when Lovie is gone (I hope and pray).

Fewell to the Giants-Great! The Bears nor Bears fans don't need another of the Lovie Smith-Angelo buddies in Chicago. What the Bears need and their loyal fans need are coaches and management who understand who and what Chicago Bears football is all about.

OMG all is lost! We didn't get the great Perry Fewell. Please, give me a break. You do realize there is no great rush to get the right coordinators in here, right? It's not a race, as there are few other contenders. Why not see what's available after going deeper into the playoffs? Surely there must be someone on the N.O., Minny, S.D. et al staffs who know how to coordinate an offense, don't you think? And I'm sure Rex Ryan and John Harbaugh have some capable guys on D.

This is so predictable for Bears fans: the radio shock jocks say the Bears are a laughing stock and the fans, 90 percent of whom know more than those morons anyway, go along in lock step.

Take a deep breath, relax, and wait for things to play out. There is plenty of time to make good decisions.

Nooooooooo, really? Gosh what a surprise. Wasn't this suppose to be easy? Doesn't everyone want to come to Chicago to work with the Legend that is Lovie Smith. Being a coach in Chicago is like being an idiot on the Apprentice. Eventually old Lovie Trump is going to call you into the office and do what he does best "YOUR FIRED"

Can't wait to see who they hire. Lovie could do Chicago a huge favor and just take the job with TEN. It would workout better for everyone.

Things are really looking thin for the Bears as it stands and Bill Cowher is laughing his @$$ off. We could have had him and his staff, but instead we went another rout. Problem is Lovie won't leave the building even though it is burning down around him. He has to prove he is better than everyone, that he is the king and everyone else is garbage. Well you can't blame the fans, we give them a packed stadium, monster raitings and we by the product. They give us at best two decades of mediocrity. Thanks.

Wait till they get real desperate and give us the coordinator by committee.

Another one bites the dust
Another one bites the dust
And another one gone, and another one gone
Another one bites the dust
Hey, I'm gonna get you too
Another one bites the dust

How does the ownership expect with 2 new people as the OC and DC to be a playoff team? The OC is gonna have a whole new system with new calls, plays...etc. It takes a while (especially for the QB) to get comfortable with it. There is gonna be a learning curve on both sides of the ball. The biggest problem still is Lovie's refusal to adjust his system. Life is change..the NFL is no different. Heck the Bears 46 D was great in '85. Come '86, teams knew what to expect and adjusted. The D was good, but still continued to get beat in the playoffs. You have to continually adjust to whats going on. Lovie still wants a cover-2 type of guy so that he can (from the background) run the D. Who in the hell is going to want to come here as a DC to deal with that? Lovie should accept whats in front of him and go coach the Vols. I still dont know if hes just too dumb, proud or whatever to not see whats happened. Firing Rivera was the subtle noise that started this avalanche. I hope that Lovie makes a deal with the Vols and just fades away from this team. If Lovie stays, he will no doubt hire one of the Colts defensive assistants to run the D. Hence why your D gets beat every week Lovie,, predictable as death and taxes..

As a matter of fact, a lot of coaches do want to come to Chicago and why not? You can go to the playoffs once every three years and make great coin for the next five years. You call the Bears ownership cheap, but a lot of coaches see them as incredibly forgiving and loyal. You get every chance to last. Look at Ron Turner: five years of not much, but five years of a great living.

Believe it: this is one of the plum jobs in all of professional sports. Look at NY: one year of missing the playoffs and the DC is out. Pittsburgh: one year of missing the playoffs and the OC is out. Bears = job security. Right or wrong, like it or not, that's the way it is. And that's why Angelo was right when he said there would be no shortage of candidates.

And Creighton, where have you read anything FROM TN saying that TN is actually interested in Lovie? What an idiotic rumor. You should know better.

They offered him the job last time it was available, it was writen about in this very paper. Their is a piece in the Trib talking about their intrest in him. Haugh wrote and that guy has his nose so far up Lovie's backside their is probobly some truth to it. Your talking about the voulnteers, who hired Kiffin. Trust me they do stupid things. The players they brought in on defense, were coached by who? Thats right Monte Kiffin and what kind of defense did Monte install? Thats right, 1 simplified version of a 1 gap 4-3 T2. The same thing Lovie has been coaching here. Its also been suggested because of Lovies personality and the fact that he enjoys teaching that this would be a perfect fit for him.

As for TN being intrested, they offered him the job once before(actual proof of intrest) in 2008, and their is an article about in the Trib, writen by one of Lovie's guy's. Is that enough for you. Now like I said it is just a rumor, and word is Cutcliffe will get it, but Lovie could have done the world of favor and left.

Bob K,
That's what's wrong with the bears. This is not a family but a BUSINESS and if you work for teams like the Steelers and Giants they are accustomed to winning and they will not accept losing under any instance. They're suppose to be fired-cut your losses and move on. They will not tolerate holding onto anyone who can't execute. The Steelers and Giants are previous super bowl winners-losing is not an option. They have pressure filled jobs and attract the best talent money can buy. Maybe if the bears ran their "family" like a business we'd have 6 titles. You don't let people park and get too comfortable-earn your keep. They were right to fire them and there is a long line waiting to take over because they've been successful.

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