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Gannon Thinks Bears Should Hire Hackett

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Rich Gannon is convinced Paul Hackett would be an ideal candidate to become the Bears' next offensive coordinator and/or quarterbacks' coach.

The longtime NFL assistant and former USC head coach is currently the quarterbacks' coach in Oakland, which means he would likely be interested in escaping owner Al Davis' bizarre world. Some might wonder why the Bears would consider hiring someone who has failed so miserably to develop quarterback JaMarcus Russell. Gannon doesn't see it that way.
"You could bring in Vince Lombardi and I don't think he would make JaMarcus any better," Gannon said. "You have to have a guy who wants to be great and work. A lot of what has happened there has been out of Paul's control. When they played the quarterback they wanted --- Bruce Gradkowski --- he was prepared and made good decisions and the football team was much more competitive. They got the same results with Charlie Frye."
Gannon worked with Hackett in Kansas City and Oakland and gives him much of the credit for developing him into a four-time Pro Bowl selection. No one can say Hackett isn't experienced. This past season was his 40th as an NFL or college coach. According to his Raiders bio, he has a 90-54 record as an NFL offensive coordinator and has directed offenses that advanced to the playoffs in nine of his 13 seasons in that role.
He's also a proponent of the West Coast system, which is what Cutler has played during his NFL career.
"He taught me how to play the position," Gannon said. "I learned all about footwork and timing and protections. That's really where my game took off. There's nobody better to prepare a guy to play each week than this guy. He's up there with [Jon] Gruden and Sean Payton. He worked with Joe Montana and Chad Pennington. With him, we always had a good running game and he was real good at coaching the quarterback."
Gannon is one of the best quarterback analysts out there. I quoted him liberally in my back-page story in the Sun-Times today but not all his observations made the paper.

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I don't see anyone having a better suggestion, especially not anyone our esteemed BEARS leadership committee.

Probably need to be aware of the fact that Gannon is hawking a friend here.

Somebody like Hackett would be better than somebody like Martz if for no other reason than the time it would take to install his system. A guy like Martz runs a very complicated passing system that really takes a couple years to get people up to speed. Remember Terry Shea? He tried to install the same system as Martz uses. Even if they found somebody better than Shea to teach it(not hard), the Bears don't have that kind of time.

Hackett might have different terminology for his west coast system, but the on-field reads by the QB and his receivers would probably be similar. Oakland has had a decent power running game in the last couple years too. (of course they had a blimp playing quarterback, but still)

I don't know if Hackett is the guy, but hiring a west coast guy is a direction worth considering. Actually I would prefer some up and coming 24/7 fire breather like a young Gruden for both coordinator positions. Mix somebody like that with the laid back style of Lovie Smith and the experience of Tice and Marinelli and it might work.

Leaving the Raiders to come to the Bears is not a step up. Sure we don't have Al Davis, but, we have people just as crazy...look at our owners ! How do they justify keeping Angelo and Lovie. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Can't Lovie come up with a Tampa 2 offense since he's so convinced that the def. is so perfect. I mean he is a creative guy, so I am sure he can create a Tampa 2 off. Go Lovie, Go!!!

That would be the martz-cover 2 Offense Hanz lol
Hacket? yeah I can see that. Worth a shot.
Not even sure why but I would rather Hacket than Martz, we just dont have the personnel for martz-cover 2 Offense style of play :)

How about Buddy Hackett?

Hacket seems like a good fit. That's why I don't think the Bears will be lucky enough, or smart enough, to get him, but I like it.

Good one Creighton, but I think he's gome already.....Buddy that is !

I agree that Hackett is a much better fit than Matrz (who I'm not crazy about). It's be worth a shot to have Lovie at least talk with him. If the Bears are waiting for someone from a playoff team I feel they are wasting their time. Seriously who in their right mind would leave a playoff team for the Bears and a lame duck staff. If we keep waiting there won't be anyone left to get. I feel sorry for all the players right now and of course the fans too.

how about just hiring gannon? or bring hackett in and make gannon the qb coach.

JaMarcus Russell to Jay Cutler? Who wouldn't sign up for that (besides Al Davis I mean)? Considering Charlie Frye and Bruce Gradkowski were able to win games with the Raiders skill position guys, who might be as bad as ours on the outside, that tells me the QB coach knows his stuff.

It is obvious the team had turned on Russell because of his lack of work ethic and preparation. Cable came out and said it late in the season after a couple of big upsets of the Eagles and Broncos. It will take a Benson-like shock for this kid to get it in my opinion. He will need to be cut, and then get a chance at a much lower pay rate to see if he really wants to play football. So far, I think he likes the paychecks, but not so much the work that is required to be a professional QB.

Not going to happen. Lovie is HELL-BENT on getting another Air Coryell discipline in the room. He appears to have no affinity for the west coast offense and, even worse, no affinity for ANY kind of offense. He's just stubborn.

What is wrong with an Air Coryell type offense coming to Chicago.....I'm just to damn tired of watching Qb's throw passes for no yards or the most 3 or 5....Or even worse how many times is it 3rd n 6 and the pass is complete for 4 yards............

Hackett may be all that,but unless he is one of Lovie's boys it ain't gonna happen.

LOLOL Jerrylee
what ur saying is `any kind of offense beats our present offense'
Hopefully we can get an OG or OC and some BETTER OC - although I am very pessimistic about this franchise we do have some hope, the only thing is we HAVE to add talent. Have to or else its another sad state of affairs

As a former Rams fan, I can tell you getting an Air Coryell guy would bring some excitement to the bears...and I think a nice WR addition would help and make Cutler a top 10 Qb, especially for those of us who are stuck with him in fantasy football

Actually Chris one of the guys in our office FF won the SB with Cutler as Cutler put up great numbers last couple games. But I agree Cutler needs that tall jumping WR, and who doesnt? Fitz/Rice/Marshall are all in that category and that is exactly what Cutler needs. Hester is not tall and cant jump, Hester is great at crossing patterns. I am still not convinced the bears will bring in any great talent though after the crap they brought in last few years to save the mccaskeys money. If all of a sudden they decide to actually bring in some talent then watch out as we do have some players to complement.

Tall WR (maybe on the roster Aroma...

If only Jerry would get us some frkn players for once and quit bellyachin about achilles heel and just get the job done as a GM we could do something with Cutler.

I remember Terry Shea and I remember Rex Grossman tearing his knee, Quinn, Craig Krenzel, and Chad Hutchinson (who was on a surf board for the first part of that year), numerous injuries to offensive linemen, and trading away a wide receiver to the dolphins when the bears did not have any average receivers. Show me a F'ing coordinator who would be able to produce with a 4th string qb and no offensive line.

F all of you Bears fans. You do not know sh*t about football. Get a life.

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