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Gaines Adams dies in South Carolina

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Bears' defensive end Gaines Adams died this morning after he was taken to the emergency room at Self Regional Hospital in Greenwood, S.C., according to Greenwood County Coroner James T. Coursey. He was 26.

It remains unclear how or why Adams, who was the fourth overall pick in the 2007 draft out of Clemson, died. An autopsy is expected.

The Bears' traded a second-round draft pick in the 2010 draft to the Buccaneers for Adams in October. He was expected to play a big role for the Bears next season.

Coursey said Adams appeared to be in perfect health. The Greenwood Sheriff's Office and the Greenwood County Coroner's Office.

The cause of death is believed to be a heart attack.

We will update this sad story throughout the day ...

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What the fetch? This just doesn't seem real, he was one of the healthiest players that Tampa Bay / Chicago had...

Wow what a big loss for Chicago and the Clemson community. I remember watching Adams while he was at Clemson. He was a standout player and individual off of the field. God Bless Gaines Adams and his family.

What sad news to hear in a Playoff Sunday. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Adams family, and the entire Chicago Bears organization.

Sad day in Bears Nation...thoughts and prayers go out to Adams family and friends.

Sad story.


Wow, that's a shocker. The long road back for the Bears just got longer. Much strength to the Adams family.

will be missed

RIP Gaines Adams

I know we all are fans and want to win. And when players dont perform, we rip them. Then reality hits like this and we then remember that they are after all, just people like you and I. I was hoping that he would have a break out year after getting a new start with the trade. Football is a tough sport that destroys the body over time. These guys dedicate their life body to a pro sport where most of them maybe play 4-5 years. Whatever the reason, lets hope he went peacefully.

My heart goes out to his family. I watched him play in Tampa and thought he was an outstanding man.

I certainly hope no one is crass enough to complain about the waste of a second round draft choice. That is so insignificant compared to a young man being cut down so early in life. May God bless Gaines, his family, friends and all those who care about him.

I think it is sad that a young man is dead. I really hope that the speculations and eventual ignorance can be delayed. It doesn't matter what he cost in draft picks or whether or not he would pan out. A human life is worth more than any of those things. Keep it simple people. Act like he was a human being. Act like he was your kid and what you would want to hear from people right now. Condolences to his family and whoever he touched in his brief life.

This is a sad story. I enjoyed watching this young talented player. He was a great role model to many and will continue to be remembered in peoples hearts. I send my deepest condolences to Adams's friends and family. GOD BLESS!!

Prayers are for the Adams family.
Chris Henry's family as well.

That is pretty sad.
A young man dies in his sleep at 26 years old.

Football is just entertainment.

Adams was a great friend as well as a great player. Im prayin for his family on this hard day. God go hold the family up. The greenwood area is prayin for the family and his son

Wow, what kind of physicals do they give these guys? Their are differnt forms of enlargment of the heart, hypertrophy, (LVH), or (Cardiomyopathy. But in most casses its easy to detect with a stethoscope, or at least notice that something is worng.

Its funny your all talking about Adams but not one person has mentioned Haiti, and the only time people really talked about Soldiers in Iraq is when Tillman died. Very few of you guys even mention Veterans on veterans day. The Bears play at SOLDIERS FIELD, don't ever forget that.

I am sorry for he died but he had pretty decent life to this point. Being a first round pick and playing the NFL is pretty special. Its shocking and the fact that this wasn't caught earlier is wrong.

What a waste of a second round draft pick.

Creighton this is a sports blog. Not politics or what is going on in the world. Adams passing is somewhat sports related because he was a Chicago Bear. It is a shame that they didn't catch it and time. It doesn't matter if he was a millionaire for 6 years and never went to public school and had a silver spoon his whole life. Why is it necessary to bring up a decent life up to this point. He is gone at 26 from a death not related to night-clubbing, running somebody over drunk, spousal abuse or having guns in his house. Can you save the I-know-it-alls for at least one day. Maybe you should have skipped this one altogether. Comment on something else. Say you're sorry he's gone and leave it at that. I have a daughter who just celebrated her 27th birthday on the 14th. I had one year longer than his family had with him and I know I'm blessed regardless if I had 60 dollars in the bank. I honestly feel if a lot of people hadn't mentioned that he was human YOU probably would have brought up him being some kind of wasted draft pick. You seem irritated that someone took that out of your hand so you brought something else up instead.

Creighton wrote:
"Very few of you guys even mention Veterans on veterans day. The Bears play at SOLDIERS FIELD, don't ever forget that."

The Bear have NEVER played in "Soldiers Field". So it is not surprising that anyone mentions. However, I do not where "Solider Field" is. It is on the Chicago lakefront.

More importantly, what does that have to do with a tribute to a fine young man who died suddenly???? Let's stay focused on the important matters. Hijacking the thread should not be one of them.

My prayers are with his family now. Just a sad story.

Good grief Creighton, are you capable of not griping and lecturing or do you always have your period?We're talking about Adams because he played for the Bears and this is a Bears message board. Don't assume you know what anyone else on this board is thinking or doing in terms of Haiti, Iraq, Veterans or anything else.

Hey MD Kevin he did spell Soldier's field right. I've seen where scalpers mispelled it on ticket.

this young man had some serious potential. It is tragic, yet we should be celebrating this young man's life. Undoubtedly, he did more
for the community in his 26 years than most people do their entire
life. He did not die in vain, he did prosper and lead a full life.
I am grateful as a Bears fan to have been graced by another oustanding
human being that was brought to this organization. Birds of a feather,
birds of a feather. It was a day to look back on with pride and
celebration. It is easy for us to say we have been cheated, but in
the grand vision of things, we realize how fortunate we are to
be fans of an organization that actually cares about the quality
of individuals it employs.

Twenty-six years old is simply too young to die for any reason!

R.I.P. Gaines Adams

My prayers to the family.

wow thts crazy he waz the best on buccaneers defense

he waz the best on buccaneers defense

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