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Gailey, Christensen on Bears' radar

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Add Chan Gailey to the list of candidates to become the Bears' next offensive coordinator, which means the Bears could add a third former NFL head coach to their coaching staff.

Gailey, the former Cowboys and Georgia Tech head coach, was the offensive coordinator for the Chiefs under Herm Edwards, who is close to Bears coach Lovie Smith, in 2008. He remained in that position when Todd Haley was hired to coach the Chiefs before last season but was relieved of his duties less than two weeks before the 2009 season opener.
Evidently, play-calling during the Chiefs first three losses of the preseason contributed to the split between Haley and Gailey.
"It's like my mother says -- too many roosters in the henhouse, so to speak," former Chiefs running back Larry Johnson said at the time. "Two coordinators and both passionate about what they do and passionate about how they want to call plays."
ESPN reported that Colts receivers coach Clyde Christensen is also on the Bears' radar. Smith is also expected to interview Chargers' assistant Rob Chudzinski. Chudzinski was the Browns' offensive coordinator for two seasons before returning to the Chargers as assistant head coach/tight ends before the 2009 campaign.
Meanwhile, ex-Bears quarterbacks coach Pep Hamilton is expected to interview to become Virginia's quarterbacks' coach.
The Bears already employ defensive line coach and former Lions head coach Rod Marinelli and recently hired Mike Tice to coach the offensive line. Tice was head coach of the Vikings from 2002-05.

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All the former head coaches put together can't put humpty dumpty back together again (oh..did i say again. There never was how can i say again).

I'm indifferent about Gailey. Runs a similar system to Ron Turner. Of course, I don't think Turner's playbook was necessarily to problem as much as the play calling.

Chudzinski is actually a decent option, as he had success with also ran QBs and WRs in Cleveland, and operated a vertical attack with a lot of play action. He may suit the team very well, and will probably find a way to get the most out of Olsen. He would also likely not clash with Tice, and would be able to keep the best of the Turner system.

The Tom Moore system would also be nice.

The sure fire way to kill any fan support for any candidate is to add "close to Bears coach Lovie Smith". He wants to control every aspect of the team but knows very little !

Knows very little?

Last I checked, he is the third winningest coach in Bears franchise history. One who assembled one of the best defenses in the history of THE GAME in 2004, using his oh-so-terrible system.

Injuries and poor personnel moves have killed this franchise more than Lovie Smith, someone who manages to get the most out of the scant talent he has every year.

Hopefully, with an addition or two and some experience for the young players, we will see why Lovie Smith deserves another shot.

Getting this hire right is key. And if the person knows Lovie, so be it.

Frankly, given the success of the Dungy tree producing coaches, there probably aren't a lot of people out there he hasn't worked with, BTW.

IDC you know the Bears have only had like 10 coaches in 90 years right? Halas ran the team for 35 years. Who cares what his record is among Bears Coaches? Outside of Ditka and Halas everyone else was pretty bad. You said Lovie assembled the Best defense in the history of the game in 2004. Well first it takes more than one year to be considered one of the greatest defense in the history of the game. Second if your talking about single season records, the 2005 Bears9Who I assume is the team you are talking about because the 2004 team was bad) are not even in the top 10. The 73 Rams, the 76 steelers, 77 Falcons, 85 Bears, 00 Ravens, 91 eagles, 69 Chiefs, 72 Dolphins, 71 Vikings. Those are defenses. They had a good Defense in 05, but Smith did not totally assemble that defense. They didn't give up a lot of Points But the running game kept them off the field most of the season and they played a very weak schedule. As for the whole assemble thing. Well that 76 steeler team is where the scheme comes from, Kiffin and Dungy modernized it and Lovie took playbook, but has done no inovation to it. Now as for starters, that you claim he put together. Brian Urlacher, Mike Brown, Alex Brown and Ian Scott all predate Lovie. The two best defensive players on the team that year, were drafted by Hatley, and just look at the record to see how well Lovie has done without a healthy Urlacher. It was a really good defense that year, but again like it or not. Rivera leaves and the defense has never been the same and has been getting worse. Suffer its worst season with Lovie actually calling the plays.

By the way the Tony Dungy coaching tree contains the worst coach in NFL history. Caldwell and Tomlin were both given title contenders day one. The Colts and the Steelers. So I would hold off on them, although I like Caldwell alot. Caldwell is not actually a Dungy guy, he is an offensive mind not a defensive mind. He is a Tom Moore guy who was a JiM Mora guy. Thats like saying Dungy is a Schottenheimer guy. He is from his tree but he learned everything he knows from Chuck Noll. If you were to do the full tree, Dungy and all his guys would be from the Sid Gillman tree, but has never been an offensive guy.

Tomlin doesn't even run Dungy's defense, they play a 3-4 in PIT, they made him drop what he learned under Dungy. I don't know if Tomlin is that good of a coach. Caldwell I think is pretty darn good. But Tomlin is in that PIT system so its harder to tell.

Hopefully the addition of Mike Tice will somewhat persuade Bears GM Jerry Angelo to draft a left guard this april. This is hands down need #1 heading into the off-season. The lack of a legit left guard has been straight up killing the Bears ground attack and overall offense. Back when the Bears did have a legit left guard, Ruben Brown, this was a whole different line/ offense. Not saying a left guard is a fix-all, it isn't, but show me a weaker position on the offense? Also, hopefully the addition of Tice signals that the Bears want to work on their ground attack. The lack of a ground game is what killed the Bears offense this year, and red zone offense also. The Bears could not run down inside the 20, all they could do is pass, after awhile defenses began to figure that out, to me, thats why Chicago had such a hard time down inside the 20 this season. And probably why Cutler threw so many picks.

I've been saying it all year, and Im gonna keep saying it. In the 3rd round this year there are some pretty good guards coming out, Chicago needs to grab one. My favorite is Alabama's Mike Johnson, the 6-6 305 pounder was a 1st team all american, has never missed a start at Alabama as a 4 year starter, and is a great all around blocker. He's projected to go in the 3rd round, Angelo needs to take him. I also like Illinois big man Jon Asamoah 6-5 315lbs, he's probably the best interior run blocker in the Big Ten, thats saying something. Asamoah is projected to go in the 2nd, but guards have a tendency to slip on draft day, he could be there in the 3rd for Angelo to grab GO BEARS!!

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