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Frazier steers clear of Bills questions

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Former Bears cornerback Leslie Frazier certainly didn't hurt his cause to become an NFL head coach.

His Minnesota Vikings defense dominated in a 34-3 victory over the Dallas Cowboys.

Frazier, the Vikings defensive coordinator, interviewed for the Buffalo Bills head-coaching vacancy, the only job available right now.

After Sunday's game, though, Frazier did all he could to avoid talking about anything other than the Vikings.

Asked if he's heard from the Bills, Frazier said, "You know.

"The only thing I'm really focused on right now is the NFC Championship game. In the meantime, enjoy this for a little bit then on Monday we got to get ready for that NFC Championship game."

At that point, my former Pioneer Press colleague Bob Sansevere noted that the game certainly didn't hurt his resume, Frazier again switched gears and added, "Yeah, the most important thing now is to get our guys ready for that next one."

I wondered earlier today if Frazier might even consider the Bears defensive coordinator job. But, I'm told that Frazier is under contract with the Vikings through the 2010 season, so he'll return to Minnesota if he doesn't get the Bills job.

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Not taking anything away from Leslie Frazier, after all, he is a former Bear, but having Jared Allen, Kevin & Pat Williams, Chad Greenway, E.J Henderson, Ben Leber, and Antoine Winfield would make even Bob Babich look like a head coaching candidate. Oh yeah, having Brett Favre, Adrian Peterson, and Sidney Rice keeping your defense off the field doesn't exactly hurt your cause either. Bottom line, the Vikes are stacked, but hey, the Bears did beat them a couple weeks back, as they say, any given sunday. I think the Saints are gonna beat them anyways, so Frazier will have all the time in the world to talk about the Bills job after next sunday. On that note GO SAINTS!! and as always GO BEARS!!

I think Pat Williams makes that entire group go. We saw the difference when we beat them a few weeks ago. When he is out of the lineup, Jared Allen is a lot less disruptive to the opposing offense.

That said, they have done well without EJ Henderson, Winfield for a good portion of the year, and basically interchangeable parts in the secondary. I think Frazier has gotten more out of the entire defense than he should have with the talent in the back 4 (or lack thereof) that they put on the field.

From all accounts, he was a very smart player, and has developed a solid system and rapport with his position coaches and players. It sounds like he has free reign to run his game plan as he sees it, much like Rivera gets to in San Diego.

Speaking of which, how p!ssed do you think Chico was when they on-side kicked the ball instead of kicking deep? Norv basically gave his defense no chance to get the ball back. If they pinned them deep, which they had been doing all game long, they had a very good chance of forcing a conservative game plan out of the Jets (3 runs and a punt), and they could have gotten the ball back around the 30-35 yard line after the punt. That is much more manageable than having to stop an opponent that is on your 40 yard line to start the drive...Bad coaching by Norv in that case, where he had been great the last 11 weeks.

Yes, its hard to evaluate anyone in that respect, I liked some of the schemes I saw with the Vikes though.
And when Pat was out it was a huge difference, which maybe tell u something about our D.
So LF aint going to be a bear again soon, but what Kevin said rings true of anyone we hire.

Well at least the Bears are looking at Chan Gailey, one of the most conservative coordinators ever. He is highly mediocre, but suits the role of coordinator who only gets one or two year contracts before he is fired. By that criteria he meets every qulification that Lovie is looking for. Mediocre, Conservative, Doesn't last long with a team, easy to fire, easy to hire, attacks a defense by not attacking a defense. But most think Gailey will end up with the Bills.

I don't think their is much to talk about with Frazier, he is still under contract and the Vikes are not about to let him make a lateral move to the Bears. I don't really think Lovie is worried about hiring a DC, any warm body will do, he can take over play calling anytime he wants in a game and he already said they are using his system and thats all. I think the same can be said for the offense, he wants it simplle and is not even giving a coordinator a chance to pick his own coaches or at least have a say in it. Thats not good head coaching.

He wants to run the ball and play bend don't break, and thats it. He will never get that you have to adjust your system over time because teams adapt, its his big downfall. In the current NFL , the Best team play attacking offense and Defense.

Mike Nolan was just let go by the Broncos. The Bears have to bring this guy in. He coaches both 4-3 and 3-4, he is a defensive genius. Bring him in and put him on the Dick Lebeau plan, the defense is yours do what you want with it. He has a great eye for talnet too.

If they don't even try to get him, then they aren't trying at all. He is a top 5 DC, he knows multiple schemes and he knows how to attack a QB.

Too late Creighton, Parcells is already on him, and he has transformed into a major 3-4 guy anyway at this point. Also Word out is that Chan Galley get the Bills gig, which if true takes him out of the o-ccordinator mix. did not see Chargers game but I am high on chudzinski who I think would bring us a solid balance attack program to develop our young receiving core, finding the 2nd back is not that hard, it's getting the other o-lineman that can come in and start to go with what we had at the end of the year. If PACE RETIRES WE get some salary cap relief to work with on that side of the ball. The Giants d-line is getting old in the tooth as well that is why they took a step back this year. If Lions go after Sui, maybe that makes Dwayne White Avaialble he could be serviceable as a rush end if we can't trade Vasher and a pick for Kiwanuka from the Giants.

Chi why you gotta go and ruin my night. Yeah I mentioned Gailey might go to the Bills. I should have known Parcell's would be all over Nolan. I know he is more 3-4 now days but so are the Ravens, they play both and Nolan like the Ravens throws the 46 in their, which is just plain nice to see. I know we don't have the personel for a 3-4 or the picks or even FA this year. Not to mention Nolan would want his own guys in their and Lovie is not letting Babich go.

To bad he could have been our Lebeau for years and years. As for the Bears OC job I get the feeling that they already hired the OC and are calling him a line coach. Everything they are doing suggests they don't want an actuall coordinator. They have picked all the coaches on that side of the ball, and are basically saying what kind of offense they are going to run. I thnk that split coordinator job may be right. One guy in charge of running one in charge of passing, Lovie decides which guy gets to call the play on each down, basically calling out run or pass on the mic.

Creighton: I hope that your'e not right yet on the O-coordinator, I see that they are saying that Chudzinski may not be available due to the extension signed by Turner in S.D., but I've got to believe that this may make it more likely he'd want an interview, and why not the BEARS job. I know you are down on Lovie, but this is one of the best jobs you can get to run our offense, because you get little or no interference from the head coach, you have some young talent to work with, and the expectations are not too high, we only want an offense in the top half of the league not ranked in the top 8, success in this job for anyone worth their salt is a given. I see you are taking some shot my man, but stay out here, we don't agree all the time, but I respect your game, jealously in the blog is a sign of respect my man, keep bringing the heat......

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