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Fewell to Giants... Now what?

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Perry Fewell spurned the Bears and selected the New York Giants.

Who will the Bears turn to next?

We know the Bears want to keep running their Tampa-Two based defense because coach Lovie Smith said as much in his wrap-up press conference.

Here is a look at a few possibilities, including assistants from two of the playoff teams that use the scheme:

Joe Barry -- The Tampa Buccaneers linebackers coach, Barry has an ace in the hole: he's assistant head coach Rod Marinelli's son-in-law. Smith appears to put stock in knowing the people with whom he will work, and he gushes about how much he values Marinelli's opinion. Unfortunately, Barry's only two seasons as a defensive coordinator were under Marinelli in Detroit, and they were an utter disaster. The Lions ranked last in 2007 and 2008.

Mark Carrier -- The Baltimore Ravens secondary coach starred for the Bears at safety from 1990 to 1996, earning three Pro Bowl selections. Carrier doesn't have a ton of coaching experience, but the Ravens pass defense has ranked 6th, 20th, 2nd and tied for 8th in his four seasons there. Might be ideal if Smith and assistant head coach Rod Marinelli intend to be very involved.

Karl Dunbar -- The Minnesota Vikings defensive line coach, Dunbar is considered ready to become a coordinator. He's an excellent motivator and capable of pushing all players, including elite ones. Jared Allen, Pat Williams and Kevin Williams are all Pro Bowl players for him. Dunbar also worked under Smith in 2004, and coached Tommie Harris his rookie season.

Herm Edwards -- He knows the defense, and he's got the credentials. He was the assistant head coach and defensive backs coach for five seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before serving as the head coach of the New York Jets and the Kansas City Chiefs. Edwards is presently an NFL analyst for ESPN.

Fred Pagac -- The Vikings linebackers coach, Pagac is an old-school coach full of colorful sayings and stories. He has picked up the defense since joining the Vikings in 2006, and he coached with Smith at Ohio State in 1995.

Alan Williams -- The Indianapolis Colts defensive backs coach was a long-time assistant under Tony Dungy. Just 40, Williams has developed quite a resume in the last eight seasons. Last season, the Colts pass defense allowed six touchdown passes, the lowest in league history during a 16-game season, and he helped develop sixth-round pick Antoine Bethea into a Pro Bowl safety.

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Might as well wait and see who comes up free after the majority of the remaining playoff teams go belly-up. Funny though, as one man's trash is another man's treasure, in the way these coaches move from NFL team to team.

Does it matter at this point? The biggest pot hole in the road is Lovie!! He wants it done his way. Hence his search for someone with similar ideas in the cover-2 garbage he runs. This is pure comedy. Phillips shoulda said,, the D sucks Lovie. Find someone with fresh ideas to come in and run it. He was hired because of his defensive background. They have taken that away. Dont think hes not pissed. So what is his job anyway? To not have them prepared? He has failed horribly in everything a HC is supposed to do. How is a new DC gonna do any better when he has the final say on everything? He is the biggest culprit in moving guys around and not letting them develop. Poor Manning probably has no idea what hes doing come training camp. Its all smoke and mirrors. The McFailure Clan is buying time so that come next year the pay out to fire Lovie and JA wont cut into Michael's vacation money.. Lame Duck Lovie... laughing all the way to the bank with his 11 million..... What a JOKE!!!!

Don't look now but I just read that there is another Defensive Coordinator looking for work as of today. The New England Patriots released there's yesterday which give the Bear a legitemate shot at getting one that might do well with this team. After all, he did quite well with them during there Super Bowl run.

Why would anyone with an ounce of self-respect, or hope for future employment, saddle themself with this no-win situation? First of all, you're obligated to run cover-2, which has run it's course. It's a puzzle everyone's figured out.

Second,you have no real autonomy in your position. Does anyone believe that Lovie's going to be hands-off? What about Babich? Where does he figure in? Regardless of title, you know he's got Lovie's ear. Marinelli's sil had the worst offense in his two seasons as DC. If they even talk to him, you know they have no intention of letting a new guy take over the defense. He'll just be Lovie's beard.

"Oh yes, coaches will want to come here, we're the Chicago Bears. A team storied in tradition"

From when. the 1950's, early 60's. 50 years ago. Through out an aberration in 1985 and a fluke in 2005-6 and they've suck for 50 years. Thats a lifetime for most.

The story of this franchise is that they suck. FULL STOP. Always have. Always will. Because the McIdiots are like the wizard behind the curtain preventing or forcing all the wrong moves. They are the 'George Costanzas' of football ownership. Always doing the wrong thing.

Wonder what Abe Gibron or Neil Armstrong or Dick Jauron or Dave Wannsteadt are doing next year. Wonder if any of them would come back if they were given a chance?

Joe Barry? Are you freaking serious? I would rather hire Dave Barry, so at least the press releases about how bad this defense would be could be funny....

Dunbar was not very good when he was here, and it's not like he is making a huge difference with Allen, the Williams wall, and Ray Edwards. When Pat Williams is out, they are average at best, and Allen can be neutralized when you can devote attention to him. He needs superstars to look good as a coach, and we have none....

I think you have to bring in Alan Williams or Herm Edwards. If nothing else, Edwards is a strong enough personality to stick up for himself when he makes decisions. I don't know if you can pry him away from ESPN for this situation. Williams has gotten a lot out of players who are not especially gifted from a physical standpoint. Small corners, light safeties, and his best player almost always on the sidelines in Sanders. Bethea has become a Pro Bowler under his watch, and he certainly was not that kind of player when he came into the league. That tells me this guy knows how to coach.

None of these guys will get to bring in their own coaches to fill out the staff, which may have been the reason Fewell passed on this job. Williams may not have the rep to bring guys with him, so that could be a benefit to him taking the promotion. But we will have to wait until the Colts are eliminated to talk to him.

I think it is too early for Carrier, unless you bring him in to coach the DBs along with a coordinator. We have already seen that Lovie is not capable of calling the plays and being the head coach, and Marinelli is not anywhere near capable of calling plays, so we need someone who can call a game, and know when to dial up different blitzes. Lovie seemed too often to favor the mug-up front, and blitzes through the A gap. Pretty easy to scheme against, especially when our DL can't win 1 on 1 matchups, and our blitzers get stymied by 200 lb. running backs. The only time we got consistent pressure is when we brought the nickel back from the slot, and Manning was a big part of that because of his speed.

This is going to get ugly. No coordinators in the middle of January? wow...


I thought I was clear, but I was mentioning guys who have run this system or might make some sense.

I certainly don't think Barry has the resume to merit this job, but I mentioned him because he is, after all, Rod's son-in-law, and he's going to want the best -- and see the best -- in his daughter's husband.

I personally think Alan Williams is someone they definitely should look at because of his resume, and he seems ready for the opportunity. As I mentioned last week, Williams has done wonders with a secondary that lost key players, including former Pro Bowl safety Bob Sanders. He's gotten young, unknown cornerbacks to do a solid job, and he is a Tony Dungy protege.

Not bad.

Carrier is interesting in that he's obviously a solid young coach. And while he doesn't have extensive experience, Lovie may find him appealing because of his background working with defensive backs and because Lovie may be able to be more hands on with a young guy in that position.

I like Alan Williams for the work he's done with db's over the years. Chicago has some nice young prospects in Zack Bowman, D.J. Moore, and Corey Graham. I can't wait to see D.J. Moore now that he has a year in the league. It will also be interesting to see if Zack Bowman can take another step in his development? Bowman had 6 picks in his first year as a starter, thats not bad. I'd like to see Corey Graham as the nickleback also, he seems to be a nice fit there. So maybe Williams, or maybe Herm Edwards who also has experience coaching db's.

But in the end, it isn't really gonna matter who is calling plays on defense if the front four doesn't do their job. This all falls back on Angelo. Angelo invested a 2nd rounder in Gaines Adams, he needs to step up in 2010. Same with Jarron Gilbert, Angelo has a third rounder in him, he needs to step up in his second season also. If the front four doesn't get pressure, the scheme doesn't work. And again, this all falls back on some of these younger guys stepping up. This will be the key to the Bears defense in 2010. Having Urlacher back won't hurt the Bears and their cover-2 either, it should be interesting, as always GO BEARS!!

Show them the money! I would like to see Mike Martz as offensive cordinator and Herm Edwards as defenseive cordinator. Let Martz run his offense, but he would have to incorporate the TE into his game plan. I think Forte would actually improve under Martz' wide open attack. Hire Mike Tice as offensive line coach to build a quality offensive line and cordinate the TEs. Bring in Edwards as a motivator for an aging/young/underperforming defense. And let Rod Marinelli continue to develop the defensive line. After this season let the chips fall where they may and promote or keep whoever achieves the most.

To all who think the Bears are the only team with Cover 2: STFU!Cover 2 is a basic defensive coverage, like cover 1, 3, 0, nickel, quarters, dime, etc. The Bears do not sit in Cover 2 non stop,it is their base defense. BASE DEFENSE, which means they adjust out of it on most plays. I do believe not having Urlacher on the field hurt us big time. Not that he is playing like the Brian of old, but he is still more than capable and smart, real smart. In the Tampa 2 the Mike is key, he is our QB. Not having a Mike backer that can cover the deep middle really stood out this season.
If you want to argue the philosophy of the Tampa 2 is out of date fine, if you want to argue that the play calling sucks - there is plenty of fodder for it. But please for the love of whatever divine entity you invoke learn that cover 2 is nothing more than a secondary coverage that every team in the league has.

DougR the Bears had the #1 D from 84-86, which is tied for the league record "Most Consecutive Seasons Leading League, Fewest Yards Allowed" and they also are alone as "Most Seasons Leading League, Fewest Yards Allowed". Get your facts straight!

Brian Urlacher hurt the Bears in that he has talent at middle linebacker and smarts to play the position. The bears D played avg when Hillenmyer was in the middle because he has the smarts but not quite enough talent. They were terrible when Roach was in the middle because he has the talent but not the experience/smarts yet to direct a D. Also the Saftey position solidified with Stelz and Bullocks/Payne and Manning as Nickel. Keep the config and develop Bowmen and you have a fairly good D. It didn't help the D that Cutler was giving the ball up in scoring position pretty often, but I think alot of that had to do with the Offensive system run by turn, the inexperience of the WRs and the pressure applied to Cutler on top of Cutler making bad decisions.

It's obvious that if the Bears wanted decent coordinators they should've either fired Lovie or - if they were convinced he was truly the man for the job - given him an extension. Neither was done and now no coordinator worth his salt will want to play under a coach that probably has a year left (if that). Who can fault guys for wanting an iota of security? You have to laugh at it all. The McGinnis hiring went smoother than this.

Sean relax, their not complaining about you or angry at you, their just angry. Its very common on this board, on most Bear boards actually. When they are actually mad at you, they will use you your name in very colorful ways. You are now working on the angry bitter Chicago Bear Blog. You'll get used to it. Most of these guys have been here for years, you will pick up on the trends. Joe is one of the nice guys actually he is just real angry and bitter at the moment.

CRBear, if you want to talk cover 2 then maybe you should get your facts right as well. Every team in the league does have a cover two. The Bears are the only team in the league that use it as their base defense. Now we are not just talking about the Cover 2 because the Bears don't just play Cover 2. They play Tampa 2 and their are key differences in the scheme, including players, pressure and coverage. You can play 2 deep safety's in any system, 2 gap 4-3, 3-4, but the Bears play it in a 1 gap scheme. They use 4 down linemen, the drop their LB's and their corners play soft. The Bears Safety's play deeper than any in the league. Their are a lot of differences between what the Bears do in their classic version of the Tampa 2 and what is done when you just play 2 safety's deep in a scheme. Tampa 2 and Cover 2 are not the same thing, the only thing they really have in common is that the safety's play deep and its a zone. Personel is scheme spacific, its a sideline to sideline defense, and it rely's on the front 4 to create a pass rush, Corner support the run more and play a shorter sone, and Safety's should be Strong/free hybrids who can cover a lot of ground. When the Steelers play cover 2 they do not rely on their front 3 to create pressure do they?

Sean, Carrier may be and intresting candidate, but Lovie would never look at him. He is a Ryan guy, and not a Tampa guy.

Their was talk of Joe Barry last year when they hired Rod, he wanted him to come with him. Their was a s### storm in Chicago. Barry is a known "ri-tard"

Allen Williams is a high profile candidate, and I doubt he would except a job here in the current situation. The Bears are not going to get any top guys in here, not when they have better more secure offers or already in a better place. The other animals in the pack can smell when one of their own is dying. Coaches and players will go where their is life before they crawl into the grave. The Bears could always offer a ton of money to some guy to come here. But that is the only way we will get a legit coordinator in here, and the McCaskeys are not about to allow that.

Like Edwards, he can look at the talent level on this team and know it will take more than a year to make them into a contender. The core players on this defense are past their prime or have major issues(Harris). How many coaches want to rely on Tommie Harris for success with the Bears defense. You can just look at the Bears and see whats been going on here for years. The place is a mess and the fans are sick of it.

Jerry Angelo "ri-tard"
Lovie Smith "ri-tard"
Ted Phillips "Rain Man"
Mike McCaskey "*RE*tard"

What's the Monthy Python movie where the guy keeps wanting to stay in the fight as his arms and legs are cut off? Holy Grail? THAT'S the Chicago Bears!

I have been gone from this blog for awhile and out of contact with the internet, so if there is information for which I am unaware forgive me.

Hard to believe that this is the short list for D coordinator job. Pretty pathetic isn't it? Now I know that this opinion will meet with some significant resistance but that is life in the big city, isn't it?

Harbaugh was special teams coach and now is a head coach doing very well in this league with Baltimore. My gut tells me that the best coaching talent that I see is already on the Bears as special teams coach and that is Toub!

Toub is a brilliant guy, the players effort on special teams is always exceptional, Toub is creative and someone that could really take the defense to a new level, someone with a different perspective than all of these candidates out there on this so called short list. Toub has produced year in and year out with personnel that changes on an annual basis.

Toub can do it, I know he can, give him a shot Angelo. He knows the system and he will succeed, it is in his nature and he is a natural leader, the right prescription for this position. 5 year deal as D coordinator before he goes on to be a very good head coach.

I hope the Bears smarten up and take care of a guy like Toub before they lose him. How smart are the Bears, well smart enough to have Singletary call them and say he is interested in coaching and the Bears can't find him a job as a coach.

Dumb, Dumb, Dumb and Dumber is all I can say about the Bears ownership, President, GM and Head Coach.

Open your eyes, Toub is a talent ready now for recognition and a well deserved promotion.

Creighton you are probably right, but that is exactly why Lovie should look at Carrier, he is a Ryan guy and old BEAR who would bring Fire, and Passion back on that side of the ball. Lovie can only be who he is; and that is a strong, slient type. That's why the players love him because he's not a yeller, but the players need someone who is and who they can see understands the commitment it takes to be a top ranked defense. I thought this was an intriguing candidate and one I had not thought of before Sean brought him up. Added Bonus he comes from the Ravens program, one that has been successful and rivals ours as one of the most feared ever, he also had some time under Ryan who has worked wonders with the Jets, I say take a long and hard look at Carrier for D-coordinator.

Here is something to think about guys, Lovie is well-respected around the league, he worked his way up from the bottom and has had early success in Chicago, plus he also has high regard amongst his peers (Martz, Dungy, Tomlin), I see him in a similiar light as Wade Phillips in Dallas who saved his job this season, it's time for the people he has supported (BEARS players like Harris & Manning) to rally around him and make him successful or he's gone, and the best thing we have going for us as a team is that the players know this: nothing could be better for this ball club but to have something they all believe in and play for, this is what makes mediocre teams become good/great ones...We will either have feast or famine next year with the BEARS, it's going to be a wild time in Chicago that's for sure....go BEARS

I think an outside candidate might be Clancy Prendagast from the Chiefs. He is likely out following Crennel's addition and never really suited Kansas's scheme. I wouldn't mind seeing his slanted front in Chicago next year. A good deal of the personnel match, if anything the Bears would have a stronger defense than the one he coached in Arizona. It is still a one gap scheme and adds extra wrinkles to mess with pass protections. It could work very well.

Hey guys! Creighton - looks like your gonna be standing outside Soldier Field in your pink unmentionables all year, the way things are going. Been gone for a while guys.....what happened to Brad Biggs - he get booted because he told the truth about how much the Bears are suckin' right now?? Sean seems to be okay, would like to see some more in depth player analysis and early looks at who might be available in FA or in the draft 3rd round and beyond. Anyway, I vote for Herm Edwards, and then dismiss Lovie after the Bears lose their first 4 straight games. Brando still hates you Crapton/NBS/Creighton.


The Bears need to hire someone who has the resume but had success getting the most out of nothing (the Bears situation) NOT someone who just shared the limelight with elite players making plays that make their coach look good.

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