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Fewell picks Giants, according to ESPN

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Perry Fewell, who interviewed to be the defensive coordinator of the Bears and New York Giants, has picked the NFC East team, according to ESPN.

A few days ago, ESPN reported that Fewell would likely take the Bears job.

Fewell, the Bears defensive backs coach in 2005, interviewed for the Bears coordinator job on Monday.

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I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain! Or at least here in Upstate NY the snow! If this doesn't prove that nobody wants to work for a lame duck coach I don't know what will to these stubborn mules of owners. Ladies and gentleman, we got them. We Bears fans have been snubbed for too long and the owners are the chickens that have come home to roost. Call it ironic, fate, a blessing, a curse, etc, I see it as Karma being a what?????

You could see it in Ted's eyes as he delivered his speech to the media ... the hidden message ... "they are going to eat us alive as I deliver this load of crap to the Chicago Media because I know - that no one will want to come here"

And now, it continues - FAWELL - smart choice. BEARS, out in the cold again. btw - is it surprizing that D. Jauron is available. :-) Yup, two more years of B.S. from the stupid-A McClutsky's who thing the fans are as stupid as they are.

Its the JA and Lovie comedy show everyone.. Now what do they do? Did they even interview anybody else for the DC spot? Now Lovie has to do the unthinkable..hire someone that he doesnt know and might have a different idea on how to run an NFL D. I hope the owners are paying attention to this.. Jeremy Bates didnt even show up for the interview..he knows what the deal is here. Fewell also saw the writing on the wall and chose a more STABLE team and ownership. And for Phillips to say Lovie is not a lame duck coach.. 100% BS. The whole league sees this for what it is.. a train wreck. Its not to late to re-think this and can Lovie, but they wont. Wow..this has sunk to all time lows for this team. Hey Sean, someone needs to write a big article about the "not lame duck" status of Lovie is driving away good coaches. The owners have made a big mess even worse by not doing what they should have weeks ago.. FIRE ANGELO, SMITH AND THE WHOLE CREW ALONG WITH THEM!!!!

Phillips and Angelo have gotten just what they asked for.
No one wants to board this sinking ship and they can look in the mirror to find the answer why.
This is supposed to be Lovie's job to pick his own coordinators and this situation has now become the laughing stock of the NFL.
It is not to late to admit that Lovie has already blown his last chance with his bumbling of getting someone to run both the offense and defense so why wait till the end of the 2010 season?
Do it Jerry!
Hold a press conference and tell us that Lovie was on thin ice and he has fallen through.
Offer Bill Cowher what ever he wants and make a trade to get back your 2nd round pick.
Admit that in hindsight Lovie should have been out with Turner and now the mistake has been corrected.
It cannot get any more embarrassing than it is now.

Maybe Lovie will do the Bears a favor and bail for the Tennessee job.
What am I talking about?
Has Lovie ever done the right thing since coming to town?

After being a bears fans for over 40 years I cannot remember a time when they seemed more confused, more inept and more clueless as they do right now.

Sean, I just read about the rumor of Lovie possibly taking up the new UT HC job on PFT. I know that it is just that-a rumor- but in your opinion what with all the negativity hitting the org and the mates either made to walk the plank or not even willing to come aboard this sinking ship, what do you believe the chances would be Lovie resigns and takes up the UT job? Or the Bears org sees this for what it is and forces Lovie to resign?


Not a surprise, or a blow. In New York, Fewell probably felt he had more job security, their staff isn't under the heat Lovie and co are. As far as the overall defense goes, the success this season will stem on the development of some younger d-linemen like Gaines Adams and Jarron Gilbert, and on Tommie Harris getting back to form. If the front doesn't produce, this defense isn't going anywhere, no matter who is calling plays from the booth. Again, Chicago had better hope Gaines Adams comes on, and Gilbert. Chicago's front four simply needs to get to the QB for Lovie's scheme to work, if not, their done.

On the other side of the ball, I'd like to see Seahawks offensive coordinator Greg Knapp get the job in Chicago. He's had success almost everywhere he's been, and runs a balanced attack, this is key. Also, Knapp has experience calling plays in the NFL, which a lot of the QB coaches Chicago are looking at don't. Knapp has had success with most of the quarterbacks he's worked with also, Garcia and Vick to name a few. Jeff Garcia was a pro-bowler under Knapp in San Fran, and Vick in Atlanta. I also like Knapp for his ability to adapt to his personnel, Vick for example. Vick wasn't a great passer, but Knapp still got production out of him and the offense while in Atlanta. You also gotta admire the work Knapp did with Seneca Wallace this year. Angelo should bring in Greg Knapp, Im almost sure he'll have Cutler and the O clicking pretty fast. Again, I like Knapp for his experience at play calling, the scheme he runs, which is balanced and not far from the one Chicago ran this year, and his success with past QB like Garcia. Knapp and Cutler could be a good combo, just an opinion as always GO BEARS!!

What a bunch of crybabies. You tell me how many teams have openings and how many have interviewed multiple candidates. The Bears are doing their due dilligence and interviewing multiple candidates for their openings. Who's to say that Fewell was their first choice as DC? Ever think that there might be some assistants from teams that are still in the playoffs that are not allowed to interview yet? Same thing with OC; who says Bates or Clements were their 1st/2nd choices? Perhaps they were just in the running because they were available to be interviewed. Step away from the ledge and let's see how this thing plays out. I'm certainly not a Lovie apologist; I think he should have been fired, but I also think that freaking out a little over a week into the offseason is going to send some of you to the hospital.

Kevin A.: Knapp is out there but I don't feel he is what we need, as you can see from the posters they are looking at cleaning house, although Knapp has good credentials he has not been successful lately in Seattle, although Hasselback's been injured the last few years. I still see us looking to bring in someone from the playoff teams working at second in command and looking for their opportunity. This is really what we have to sell to potential o-coordinators, a chance to make a name for themselves, not have a lot of medeling or oversight by the head coach, and work with a solid and possibly All-Pro QB in Cutler. Two potent offenses may go down this week, and two guys I like are Kromer-N.O, and Chudzinski-S.D., both of these teams have balanced attacks, head coaches who are considered offensive geniuses and from teams that have consistently been in the top half of the league in offensive performance each year. I think Knapp would be on the fallback list with Martz right now for the BEARS, they need to make a splash and a BIG one at that for the fans, that is why Zampeses was a good interview if nothing else the family name is solid around the league,and he has worked in a cold weather city with a QB that needed to be reigned in somewhat to get wins for the team. I wish everyone would relax a little and let the process work itself out, there are not that many jobs open, the BEARS will (should) get a good man here, and on defense as well. I wouldn't put much stock in ESPN's rumor's right now, they still have Cowher going to Buffalo as the head man, which we know won't happen.......Go BEARS

chitownbear, I hear what your saying, but I still feel Greg Knapp is Chicago's best bet. The guy has experience calling plays, and success doing so. This is key. The bottom line is this, the current regime simply doesn't have time for a new guy who has never called plays to come in and take his bumps and bruises. They need a guy like Knapp who can come in and get the offense clicking. Knapp has 17 years in the league, and his scheme is similar to what Turner ran. That will make it easier for Cutler and his receivers. And I think Knapp can get a lot out of Cutler much like he did Garcia in San Fran.

Aaron Kromer and Rod Chudzinski could work, but they could be John Shoops in the makings also? Remember, Shoop looked pretty good coming from KC much like Kromer and Chudzinski do right now. And again, I don't think the current staff can afford to take that kind of chance. Its one and done for Lovie & co. I just feel Knapp is their best bet to win fast, and he could work out pretty good, we'll see GO BEARS!!

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