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Deputy Coroner: Gaines died of enlarged heart

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Bears' defensive end Gaines Adams, 26, died this morning of an enlarged heart, a Greenwood County deputy coroner said. He'd been taken to the emergency room at Self Regional Hospital in Greenwood, S.C., and died at 7:20 a.m. Chicago time.
An autopsy showed he died of cardiac arrest caused by an enlarged heart, and the death was ruled natural, said Deputy Coroner Marcia Kelley-Hays said.

The Bears released the following statement: "We are stunned and saddened by the news of Gaines' passing. Our prayers are with his family during this difficult time."

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God Bless you Gaines

I thought it was normal procedure to check for that? Physicals include that right (athletes)? That was done after the Celtics star draft pick died right? or am I cornfused??

No Randy you are not confused. It seems like the Bears doctors once again missed something, it seems to be a common problem with this group. I had a Pit named Sandy when I was a kid, when she was 6 months old I took her to the vet for a standard series of shots. During the quick checkup, the vet noticed something while listening to her heart. Got an X-Ray, "enlarged heart" didn't take long.

How they missed this is beyond me.

No one dies from just an enlarged heart. My father lived with one all his life. Athletic stress no doubt added increased risk, and that should be investigated along with all other possible factors. Ironically, on the way over here I saw the USA Today story about Brittany Murphy's death "still being a mystery." The line the Hollywood PR machine tried to get us to buy at first was "natural causes." That was until Cyril Wecht, M.D., went on Fox and blew all sorts of holes in that one. Both deaths are horric tragedies, and I'm sure Gaines was probably the more natural one, but it's always nice to know the full nuanced truth rather than being condescended to. RIP, Gaines, you were WAY too young to leave us.

I hope the result of his death doesn't turn out to be Left-ventricular hypertrophy. I find it hard to believe this was missed at the combine or with physicals. If it was something that happend quickly and that was the result, then it really is traggic. Their are certain things athletes tend to do when they get desperate that cause sudden enlargment of the heart.

26 year old pro athletes don't usually just fall over from a heart attack. You see lots of former players with heart conditions these days and they will tell you why they have a heart condition.

This has actually happened to several Soccer players in recent memory. If you look around the sports world you will find an unusual amount of young athletes dying from heart attacks do to non narcotic reasons. Darryl Kile, Rafael Castro, Daniel Jarque, Marc-Vivien Foe, Antonio Puerta, Phil O'Donnell. Soccer players are not usually known for having weak hearts.

The International Olympic Committee today demands routine heart-screening of all athletes. In a ten year period in Britian alone 53 amature and pro soccar players died of Heart attacks. This has been a much more recent problem that finds its roots in the 80's.

I am not knocking Adams, but I am knocking the sports world, NFL physical and heart screening programs, and lousy doctors, who are either dirty, lazy or both.

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