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Cowher to Bears? Bettis Says Stop the Bus

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For many, the only silver lining in the Bears' decision to retain general manager Jerry Angelo and coach Lovie Smith was the possibility that Bill Cowher might reprise the role of Da Coach after next season.

It makes sense. It was Hub Arkush who reported during the season that someone in the McCaskey family had made inquiries about Cowher's potential interest. There seems to be little doubt that Cowher will return to coaching when the right possibility presents itself.

Cowher can't put off his return forever. He lives in North Carolina and has been linked to the Panthers job. Others have him waiting for an opening in Tampa Bay. Arkush has said that he covets coaching jobs with the Texans and Bears and is hoping one of those jobs come open.

Jerome Bettis has other ideas. The Steelers' former bruising running back told Sirius XM's "Mad Dog Radio" that Cowher wants the Giants job.

"That's the team that he really coveted," Bettis said. "This is where he always wanted to be. The Mara family, he's been very close to them. ... He's known them very well and was on the inside track, before the Giants won the Super Bowl, for that job. And I think he's holding out for that opportunity if it presents itself."

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Its strange how close Cowher is to the Mara family when the McCaskeys are actually related to the Rooney's and Virginia is very close to that family. He must of met Mike McCkaskey the ri-tard of the family.

Well Cowher won't wait forever, he wants back into coaching and we have all heard it was the Panthers and then the Texans and then the Bears. So its all just BS. He wants either something close to his home or one of the top jobs in the NFL.

What in the world do the Bears and Texans have in common? The Steelers, Bears and Giants, yeah I can see it: family owned, lots of history and tradition. But the Texans? No. crinvp

Its strange how close Cowher is to the Mara family when the McCaskeys are actually related to the Rooney's and Virginia is very close to that family. He must of met Mike McCkaskey the ri-tard of the family.

Well Cowher won't wait forever, he wants back into coaching and we have all heard it was the Panthers and then the Texans and then the Bears. So its all just BS. He wants either something close to his home or one of the top jobs in the NFL.

Bob, Cowher loves Texas he used to coach for the Cowboys. The other thing is and few people realize this. The Texans are one of the richest frnachises in the NFL. The Texans are the 6th most valuable team in the NFL, the Bears are the 9th. Plus Robert McNair is a considered a really good owner.

Why would Cowher retire thinking he could get the New York job? Why even leave the Steelers, Cowher was very close with the Rooney family and loved PIT. The Giants had just made the playoffs 2 years in a row and he thought the job was available? That doesn't make much sense. If he is so close with the owner wouldn't he know if they were going to fire someone, so they could hire him? I think the last passenger got off the bus along time ago.

The bottom line is us as Bears fans should all be disgusted right now. We deserve better. Cowher should be the head coach RIGHT now! If ownership really cared and truly desired the best interest of this team it5 would be that way.

The fact is they were worried more about the money left on the table then they were at helping this team get on the right track. Mark my word, next year this time they will be looking for a head coach. The Bears are going to do worse this upcoming year then last. We have no draft picks, a lack of talent and a coach that is unwilling to adapt to change. And I dont want to hear again that the Colts run the same defensive scheme. We are not the colts. We do not have Peyton Manning. If the colts did not have Peyton they would SUCK!

Its a shame that we will have to sit through another pathetic season. Lovie will be let go and Cowher will be gone. The Bears will end up hiring a no name coach and he will bring in a complete new staff. The players, once again will have to learn a whole new scheme.
So as I am typing this while watching the playoff games, I am left with a disgust of knowing that the Playoffs for the Bears are a long time away.

Thanks, McCaskeys for not caring about the state of the Bears and the dedicated fans that help get you your money. Because we all know its truly all you care about

I'm sure Cowher wasn't looking ahead to coaching again when he retired. He just wanted to get away from coaching for a while. He wanted to spend some time with his family before his kids were completely grown and out of the house.

I don't think he is looking for the owner that will spend the most money. If he was, he would have ended up with the Redskins. I think he is looking for an owner he trusts and respects. Both the Bears and the Giants probably fit those criteria. I suspect he is looking for a new place other than Pittsburgh because he has been there and done that. I don't know that much about Texas or McNair. I just suspect that the long-term traditions of the Bears and the Giants would appeal more to Cowher.

I am also sure that Cowher is the type of coach the Bears would want if they are willing to spend enough money to get him. Those that say the Bears are always cheap forget how much they spent to retain both Urlacher and Briggs when most so called experts were saying there was no way they would spend that much money on linebacker positions. They may not lead the league in spending on free agents but just where has that title gotten the Redskins?

when you ask people to comment on tabloid-like have no-business calling this 'inside' the bears.....maybe 'oustide' the bears, as there is simply no truth to any of this
always want what you don't have. I guess there are some of the factory workers that want a stiff like Cowher, but we already have one of the best and most respected coaches in the game today.
Since we are all talking about garbage and this is TMZ or something, I will give you some real inside info.
The Bears are waiting for Brad Childress to get fired so Lovie's 2nd best friend will come over and coordinate something for the Bears.
There. You are welcome for allowing me to take you inside the Bears. Buh-Bye.

I think you are the one spouting unsubstantiated garbage. First, Cowher has far more respect within the NFL than you give him credit for. Feel free to relate some negative comments about Cowher by NFL insiders. I would trust his methods far more than some flash-in-the-pan young coordinator.

Second, why do you consider Lovie Smith to be "one of the best and most respected coaches in the game today"? What talent has he developed? Why do players seem to take steps backward under his coaching? Why does it take so long for new players to gain his trust and play in his system. Can we afford to virtually redshirt players like Earl Bennett, Juaquin Inglesias, and Henry Melton for a year while they learn his system? That is like playing with one hand tied behind your back.

Third, what makes you think Lovie will be around long enough to outlast Childress? I don't see that having much chance of happening.

I'm always amazed when people say that we never develop players. We've put guys out there and they haven't been good so they get discarded and signed to a team that has better talent around that player. You want to bring up Benson. He was a brash young man who didn't approach the game in a professional fashion until it was taken away from him. He was free to sign with any team but found no takers for a long time. He played well for the Bengals but what was he doing during the 4th quarter once his team was behind last week? Sitting on the bench because he is one -dimensional and can not be trusted coming out of the back field to catch passes or block for blitzers. Our fault he didn't get the chance to kill Palmer like Rex was getting killed? You can bring up Chris Harris but he was great the first year away and a good player now. But during the Super Bowl he was getting killed. He was exploited and fans were all over him. Say Justin Gage. He had worse numbers than Hester this year and he was a WR in college. Bobby Wade. Sucking in KC after getting booted from the Vikes. Bernard Berrian is being paid more than anyone else on offense whose name isn't Favre and isn't worth the money. Anyone else? Thomas Jones? Angelo traded him because Benson needed his competition out of the way. The locker-room cancer was allowed to stay but the consistant vet was traded. Who would do that but the guy who was never in the locker-room: Angelo. Let's go back to 1985. Who sat on the bench and we developed? No one. The only back up who played anywhere close to the starter was Shawn Gayle and that's it. A guy was good enough to play or he sat for a long period of time. There is not a single soul I can think of who was a back up in 85 who became a great player after the great players retired. Saying player development is akin to saying that a team hasn't been to the playoffs in 3 years. Who are you ready to blame for that? You either are a good player and coaching will enhance that or you are a bad player and we will keep you around because we drafted you. That sounds about right. How many former number one picks do we have starting for other teams? Wouldn't good coaches salvage that great talent? And with a practice squad you are able to give a guy a little more time to get things down. If anything it says a lot about a player who is exposed to the practice squad and not taken.

@Creighton, Bill Cowher *never* worked for the Cowboys. Before Pittsburgh, he was Marty Schottenheimer's assistant in Cleveland and then in Kansas City. Before that, he played for the Browns and Eagles, and played college football at NC State. He grew up in Pittsburgh. The last time I checked, none of those places are in Texas.

I think Giants over the Bears is a no-brainer for Cowher because of the front office. Yes, like the Steelers and Giants, the Bears are an old, storied franchise and still family-owned, but its handling of football operations is dubious.

What if Mike Tomlin tanks it up again next season? Is a return to Pittsburgh out of the equation for Cowher?

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