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Closer look at a few more o-c candidates

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Here's a closer look at some coaches who could be on the Bears radar for the offensive coordinator opening:

1) Tom Clements -- The former Notre Dame star has all the motivation in the world to become the Bears offensive coordinator. First of all, it would be a promotion, since he's currently the Green Bay Packers quarterbacks coach, working with Aaron Rodgers,and he would get a chance to work with another talented player (Jay Cutler). Clements also isn't too risky because he was the Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator in 2004 and 2005.
Most impressively, Clements helped Elvis Grbac and Kordell Stewart make Pro Bowl rosters. The Packers on Monday denied the Bears request to speak to Clements.

2) Bill Musgrave -- Former NFL quarterback has most notably helped the development of two current NFL starters: Matt Ryan and Matt Schaub. The latter he worked with at the University of Virginia, the former the last two seasons with the Atlanta Falcons. Ryan, the third overall pick in 2008, has started 30 games, completing nearly 60 percent of his passes for 6,356 yards with 38 touchdowns and 25 interceptions. Musgrave also has NFL experience as an offensive coordinator.

3) Paul Hackett -- What coaching position hasn't he held? He's been an NFL quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator. But Hackett may be most famous for preceding Pete Carroll at USC. In fact, Hackett recruited Carson Palmer, who now stars for the Cincinnati Bengals. Hackett also was the head coach at the University of Pittsburgh.

4) Mike Tice -- He was ousted after leading the Minnesota Vikings to a 9-7 record in 2005, and he landed in Jacksonville, where he is currently is the assistant head coach/ tight ends coach. Tice doesn't have offensive coordinator experience, but he's widely respected for understanding blocking schemes and developing offensive linemen -- most notably perennial Pro Bowl center Matt Birk. Tice could be eager if Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio, who is scheduled to meet with Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver this week, is fired.

5) Mike Martz -- Lovie Smith knows what Martz brings to the table, having worked with him in St. Louis. Martz coordinated one of the best offenses in NFL history with the Rams, and he helped turn Kurt Warner from an NFL scrub into a potential hall of fame quarterback. Martz, though, is believed to be an outside candidate at this point.

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Bring in Jon Gruden

Slim Pickins

I'd like to submit my name for consideration as I won a Madden 10 tournament over the weekend at a local Bar.

Is this the best that is available? Keeping Turner would have been better. Hard to imagine any promotion from one of the remaining playoff teams INTO an offensive coordinators roll with the Bears-McCaskey-Circus would represent any sort of compelling situation.

Why don't they just through caution to the wind and try to grab some high profile college guy with a wide open offense. Couldn't be worse than Mice Tice.

Why no mention of Jeff Jagodzinski? Considering Angelo's crush on all things Boston College while Jeff was the head coach, I figured he would be high on the list. HIs offense fits what we need to do with our personnel, and he is currently "between jobs." Raheem Morris fired him early this season, when he found out that the offense was more complex than Leftwich could handle, but that doesn't make it a bad system.

Is this list a complete joke or are you serious? Anything from the Raiders........WTF. Have you seen their QB Russell (the new Ryan Leaf). If this is where the franchise is going we have no HOPE at all. If it is the job of the QB coach to groom said QB then Hackett has done the worst job I have ever seen. Next is ticket scalper Mike Tice....really this ox is a joke. No S@@T the Packers denied Tom Clement, how stupid are they. Last but not least is Martz....his time as a coach is done.

If this is all thats left then we are going to be worse next year.

This list is like a Who's Who of losers. Raiders QB coach are you f$$%ing kidding me.


If those are the candidates, and Clements isn't available, I want Martz.

Hackett will make Ron Turner look like Charlie Weis in terms of innovation. Tice has never called plays, and would be better suited as a TE or offensive line coach. Musgrave also isn't known for breeding high powered offenses.

At this point, If I were Lovie, I'd just roll the dice with Martz and hope everyone can pick up the system. If they do, with Cutler at the helm, the offense would be sick.

They have nothing to lose at this point.

Here's to keeping the fingers crossed that everybody except for Martz rejects the offers, because then the Lovie Club will continue to evolve and ultimately die-out due to his ego and stubbornness, and insecurities.

If Jack Del Rio is fired I'd like to see the Bears hire him as DC. I'd be happy to have him as head coach after Lovie is fired.

Idc you do realize that the system Matrz uses is designed for a pocket Passer and for the QB to make all the reads and adjustments and to call the plays at the line? His whole offense is based on timing, the recievers need to run perfect routs. The whole thing is based off the Coryell 3 digit system, at least two of the five receivers run a deep in, skinny post, comeback, speed out, or shallow cross pattern.

Do you realize that from 99 to 2001 Martz's reciveing core looked like this: Isaac Bruce, Torry Holt, Marshall Faulk(and yes he was a reciever on the rams as well as a back), Az-Zahir Hakim, and Ricky Proehl. Their number 4 and 5 recievers where as good if not better than our current number 1 and 2. Gosh I can't imagine why Martz hasn't had the same amount of success sense 2001. Could it be that he has a high maintenance offence that requires a pocket passing HOF QB, a HOF Rb, 2 HOF WR's, and 2 other solid recievers. Oh and a HOF LT. Sure it was his system which has been around the league sense the 70's and was invented by another guy. Yeah he's a real genius.

Do you know why more team don't run this system? Because it is ultra high maintenance. Do know if you loose a reciver the system starts to break down, and if you loose your Marshall Faulk the system falls apart?

You know the Tampa two used to be a great system as well, it was also invented by another guy in the 70's. Just cause something was great once does not mean it always will be. The league catches up, and both the Tampa two and the Greatest show on Turf aka Air Coryell require a lot of talented players to execute properly.

By the way Rick, Gruden is under contract, so is Mooch. Oh and the first guy on the list is not available so why is he on the list? Maybe the Bears will get lucky Shanahan won't hire his son, which just seems wrong to me, but then I am reminded of Rex Ryan. We could have had him too, but the Bears wanted nothing to do with him back in the day. Ooooops. They tend to like to hire guys that Mike McCaskey gets along with. Which is a bad sign in and of itself.

By the way for all the Martz fan boys. The systems nickname should be your first clue as to why the Bears shouldn't run it "Greatest Show on Turf." Or did everyone forget the Bears play on one of the worst fields in the nfl? Did you forget all those great shots of Bears recievers falling down this year? Or that the Bears play outdoors in december and january in a town nicknamed the windy city? Why do you think Bill Walsh modified the 3 digit system in SF? More 3 reciever sets instead of 5, more 5 step drops instead of seven, he shortened the routs. You know in his West Coast Offense, the system the Bears already use. He rolled his QB out. He opened up the run game with the passing game instead of passing all the time. He did it because it gets cold in SF, and because he needed a run game and to protect the QB. Notice agai nthough that Walsh had great recievers or have people forgotten about Rice, Clark, or even Roger Craig, or TE's Charlie Young and Russ Francis? Or that both teams had great really good offensive lines. Walsh had 5 Pro Bowl linemen. St Louis had 2 but McCollum and Tucker were also good enough to make it, Nutten was solid as well.

I absolutely understand Martz's offense. I tcould bomb in Chicago. But if the players pick it up, it will be amazing. While I have my doubts about Hester, I think Bennett, DA, Knox, Forte and Olsen could run it adequately, with Forte excelling.

Keep in mind the offense had success in Detroit, with far inferior talent, especially at QB and TE.

Martz is also savvy enough to draw up new plays designed for Cutler, including more bootlegs and rolling patterns. And the options on the routes suit a mobile QB.

Fact is, Martz has improved statistically every offense he has ever run. And the Bears personnel as is would be the second best group he's ever had.

It may not work. But what would you run? They don't have the personnel to run a power game. But they do have guys who can run a finesse game. In fact, that's all they have.

Martz is clearly the Bears best choice for next season. Granted he had great players in St Louis, but also had a big role in the development of those players- especially Kurt Warner- and everyone knows what that offense did.

Even more revealing is his 2 years in Detroit. In 2007 the Lions won 7 games with him as OC (BEATING THE BEARS TWICE), the next year they went winless without him. Kitna passed for 4000 in both Martz coached seasons and set the Lions franchise passing record with mediocre talent. His 2008 season with the 49ers was disjointed with Alex Smith getting hurt in the preseason ad Singletary taking over coach midseason so that is tough base anything off of. The Bears have better players across the board and would give Martz a lot more to work with than the Lions or 49ers did.

With the Bears mind boggling decision to bring back Smith and Angelo for another year, I think they ought to see what Martz can do for this offense. He is the best chance for a quick fix for 2010, and if it doesn't work out, clean house in 2011.

Creighton- You are selling Martz short. Look at Faulk's career before Martz and after. Would he be considered Hall of Fame material without Martz or just a good back?

Rushing Stats
Year Team G GS Att Yards AVG LG TD
1994 Indianapolis Colts 16 16 314 1282 4.1 52 11
1995 Indianapolis Colts 16 16 289 1078 3.7 40 11
1996 Indianapolis Colts 13 13 198 587 3.0 43 7
1997 Indianapolis Colts 16 16 264 1054 4.0 45 7
1998 Indianapolis Colts 16 15 324 1319 4.1 68 6
1999 St. Louis Rams 16 16 253 1381 5.5 58 7
2000 St. Louis Rams 14 14 253 1359 5.4 36 18
2001 St. Louis Rams 14 14 260 1382 5.3 71 12
2002 St. Louis Rams 14 10 212 953 4.5 44 8
2003 St. Louis Rams 11 11 209 818 3.9 52 10
2004 St. Louis Rams 14 14 195 774 4.0 40 3
2005 St. Louis Rams 16 1 65 292 4.5 20 0

TOTAL 176 156 2836 12279 4.3 71 100

Just a lazy question, are those Receiving yds?
As that is the question, run vs. Rec
As in Indy Faulk was well liked here.

However Creighton has a legit point, do we have the players to run this offense? Our WR are still young guys, those WR of the Rams were HOF, Dont think we have that talent and we also need some All Pro Linemen.
Yes out of the candidates mentioned Martz is the best but is that the best?
Guess by what I am seeing though Martz is it. Lovie cohort again? That has not been very good in the past has it?
Sure I would love to see Martz work out that good, but we need player upgrades in the worst way, have not seen that happen yet either

Luke Skywalker

(and Anakin for Defensive Coordinator)

(takes care of Lovie's dark side)

oh boy...We'll have Lovie, Jerry, and Martz flittin around Halas Hall would complete the "just when you thought the Bears couldn't get any gayer" sentence.....feck, I can't wait til the lockout

and the best get would be Dirk Koetter

I think it would be really interesting to see what Mike Martz would do to this offense. After Singletary took over as HC of the niners, he forced Martz to play Shaun Hill and slow down the game. It worked. I think Martz is more flexible than people give him credit for, provided there's a strong HC in place to balance him. For Martz to be successful, he doesn't need 1st round receivers, but quick, shifty receivers in the Wes Welker mode (see Kevin Curtis, Shaun MacDonald, Mike Furrey, etc.). I don't think he needs a 1st round QB, but I know Martz has been raving about Cutler's arm ever since Cutler entered the draft, when Martz was OC for Detroit. The only issue I see is that he needs a good OL, which Chicago doesn't have, and doesn't seem to have a chance of getting in the near future. But I'm confident Martz could adapt to that situation. If he gets the gig, I'm looking forward to watching a Mike Martz offense next year. Say what you will, but it's never boring.

I think Martz is a pretty smart guy. He can adapt. I do have concerns similar to Creighton's. At it's purest level, the system Martz runs can get a quarterback killed or intercepted pretty readily. The Bear recievers don't seem ready for that type of system - is Jay? Tough to tell.

As Sprelay noted, he did make adjustments to Singletary's style in San Fran. I personally think Singletary made a huge mistake in firing Martz. I think Martz would have been his Buddy Ryan.

Mike Tice is a lot smarter than he looks. I thought he did a good job in Minnesota and never got the credit he deserved. He would not be a bad candidate because he could really develop the TE's and OL's.

Of the list, I would take Martz and ask him to water things down just a bit to help the young guys develop.

No brainer - Charlie Weise or Mike Martz - both have professional offensive coordinator experience with excellent results! This is no time to experiment with untried and unproven guys, let them get their experience elsewhere.

You guys don't get it. you just dont f####### get it. The line is terible. When Martz calls a pass play every just how much timwe do you think Cutler is going to get to pass? Oh and think about how angelo and lovie are going to force hester to be this great #1 receiver again. Oh yes A pass happy martz offense just might work right? Hahaha!! But spreelay thinks it wont be boring? Yea if you think the cutler ghetting sacked and picked off like my moms muffins is sometrhing to look forward to than youll get it with Martz. But dont say i didnt warn you.

Kj Weis is with the Cheifs you f###### moron.

"And yes. Iam the King baby!"

Martz might be the only real option open to us...I don't like it, I just can't envision any up and comer willing to attach himself to us right now. I would like to see someone come in with the back of their mind set to take over once Lovie is gone, Heimerdinger maybe...not sure ...I think I feel a serious ironic footnote coming in, and that would be if Ron Turner was the best we Bears.
Fingers crossed in '10.

This whole thing is a joke.
Ted Phillips publicly stated that this is a win or else year for Lovie so who is going to sign up for this train wreck?
If the Bears pick one of these guys to run the offense for a year and then fire Lovie and his staff after the 2010 season then that will mean that Jay Cutler will have had 4 different systems in 4 years.

This is the same thing that happened to Rex Grossman between his last season at Florida and his 2nd season with the Bears.
No wonder he was so screwed up.

Now they are in need of a coordinator on both sides of the ball to join a lame duck staff and they will end up with a bottom of the barrel pick or another one of Lovie's fishing buddies.
Lovie should have been shown the door along with Turner so they could have started over right now.
I am sure that the coordinator positions would have looked a lot more attractive with someone like Bill Cowher or Mike Shanahan taking over instead of this three stooges act.
At least their new coordinators would know that the hire would be long term and not this band-aid on a bleeding wound.

The thing is - None of our WR could seperate at all last year, every once and again but not on a regular basis. Look at the top WR, they make incredible catches and they seperate. The Rams WR? Did both extremely well. Yes we have some nice young WR, but they are still mostly 2 yrs old.
Yeah Phil. we shoulda and ur right bottom of the barrel, Martz ain't goin nowhere's else for a reason. Bears have never hired top talent at any position so we may as well get used to Martz and hopin he brings in someone that can teach our WR something for a change. As far as the Oline, hopin we get a top G somewheres as well. Olin and Pace needs to sitr down, move Beekman over and we might get by, but a Top G is a real need, if I were Martz I would insist on that or no-show.

A trade to get back their 2nd round pick would be a good idea.
This is supposed to be a deep year for O linemen and they could have taken big steps toward rebuilding the line with their 2nd and 3rd round picks.
With no number 1 pick trading away their 2nd rounder was a huge mistake.
Jerry Angelo is such a coward in the draft. He sets the expectations low and if one of his 5th round picks works out then he acts like he is a genius.
He is afraid of any pick higher than a 3rd rounder.
Gains Adams had better be a real player or this is going to get ugly.

I can deal with them trading players like Urlacher for some picks because they are going to have to let go of 2006 sooner or later and I vote for sooner.
They need to start thinking down the road and that is what makes Lovie coming back so damn frustrating. It was time for a clean break and they did not do that.
“We are close”
Yeah… close to being passed in the standings by the Lions.
Clinging to Lovie's one moment in the sun was a dumb move and they need to let it go already but no...
They are dragging this out like they are keeping a terminally ill patient on life support because they once looked good years ago.

To be honest they look even worse now then they did when the season ended.
Now they are coming off as toxic.

While the candidates don't seem all that attractive there is one reason I like Martz and that's because he's meant to be a pain in the but. I think the worst thing that could happen is some young impressionable OC comes in on his first big job and has Luvy and Jerry looking over his shoulder all the time. The Bears need someone with a huge personality to get their own way, and frankly Martz seems to be the only one who fits that bill. Whether or not his system works is certainly debatable, but then what would work with the talent that's there? Please just don't try to bring in another Power O style OC because that's "Bear football". It's boring and they don't have the personnel to pull it off. Plus Luvy's D works best when the offense scores a lot of points. But then I also think they should trade Briggs for draft picks asap so what do I know?

Hey Creighton,

It ain't all about talent - scheme counts too.

Ask Bill Parcells.

I think you are on to something we have been bandying about for quite some time. We need to take advantage of a very strong draft class of offensive and defensive linemen, and that means we need to be drafting near the top (2nd round at minimum, preferably first round). We do not have a pass rush, and for the most part, we can't stop the pass rush.

So who are our trading chips? Basically Briggs, and that's it as far as higher draft pick potential. Alex Brown? Maybe a 4th round pick. Urlacher? NO chance with that contract. Tommie Harris? Viewed as lazy and inconsistent based on the amount of time it took him to recover from "clean-up" surgery. Vasher? Lucky if we get a conditional pick. We don't have the talent to restock our draft picks unless we use Briggs. With Urlacher coming back, Jamar Williams is capable of playing Briggs' role, albeit not at a Pro Bowl level. If you look at the Tampa 2 around the league, most notably Indy, they changed that position out 3 or 4 times in Dungy's tenure, and got good production from late round draft picks in that spot. It doesn't require a Derrick Brooks or Lance Briggs to make the weak side backer a successful position. It take a speedy linebacker with some coverage skills, and Jamar Williams can do that.

But we likely will keep all the discontented pieces in place, and try to make one more run with the pieces we have, and then start rebuilding after 2010 or 2011, when Lovie is gone, and a new coaching staff comes in.

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