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Cignetti Sticks With Pitt

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Frank Cignetti, we hardly knew ye.

After only recently emerging as a person of interest in the Bears on-going search for Ron Turner's replacement, Cignetti said in a statement released by the University of Pittsburgh that he will remain that school's offensive coordinator.

Here's the statement: "My return to Pitt last year was the realization of a longtime personal and professional goal," Cignetti said. "It was made even more gratifying by the outstanding season we enjoyed. I couldn't be more fortunate to work for Dave Wannstedt and coach these great kids. Despite recent reports connecting my name with other jobs, I am wholeheartedly committed to being at Pitt and continuing to establish our program among the nation's very best."

The Bears released their own statement: "Ouch."

Just kidding.

The Bears could still get the last laugh if they land the right guy and the offense is productive next season. Maybe Vikings quarterbacks' coach Kevin Rogers, who interviewed with Lovie Smith at Halas Hall on Thursday, it that guy. But it will be difficult for the new hire to make the desired first impression when the search has thus far only reminded interviewees of how good they currently have it or how good another post looks by comparison.

Meanwhile, the search marches (slogs?) on ...

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Ya know, this is turning out even worse than we imagined. We thought that changing assistant coaches was like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. But because no one wants the offensive coordinator job, it was more like throwing the deck chairs overboard so you couldn't even rest for awhile. Turner was a good enough coordinator, now the Bears can't even find anyone competent to replace him. I can't wait to see who they end up with, should be good for a big laugh. How about Abe Gibron?

Oh well.

On to the next.

Rogers is on board, and frankly a better looking option.

And there are still plenty of coaches with experience out there.

Not that this will stop the meatheads who have nothing better to do than act like the Bears coach and GM are the AntiChrist.

You would have complained if he was the hire, so you just get your jabs in a little early.

Press release is the media translation. Here is the actual phone call from Lovie:

"Sorry your named leaked out kid. Somebody liked you enough to put you on the long list, but you didn't make the short one. Just tell the press you love your job and want to stay. We will do an interview this week, everybody will move on, and it will all go away. Say hey to Dave."

oh well
On to the next
Rogers is being interviewed and he looks the best so far of all that have turned the bears down
Not that this will stop all the meatballs from proclaiming that it is a good thing the bears are being turned down by all their choices

you would have complained if Rogers turned us down also so you may as well comment on that right now.

fair is fair idc

IDC yes their are lots of coaches out their, and they have experience, experience doing what I do not know , but experience none the less.

Randy is right Idc you should start your complaining about how nobody should be complaining right now.

You know what the good thing about Rogers is? Its that Cutler has Favre's phone number and can call him and ask his opinion on him. Favre has worked with a ton of great coaches in his time. So some insight fom him will go a long way in Rogers turning down the Bears.

Well Idc their are tons of coaches out their like you say and as we can all tell coaches are lining up for this job left and right. Lining up to say no, or leverage current contracts.

Now maybe your the only person right about the coaching search, or maybe everyone else is right and you may just be wrong.

By the yway thats just funny that this guy turned down a job with the Bears so he could have a lesser job with Wanny. Think about that. Ouch.

Creighton --

How do you know Ciganetti turned down the Bears?

As MS said, it could have been leaked that he was a person of interest, not that the Bears made any moves to get him.

It could be that when news got out, the Bears called him and said, we really weren't interested. It was a leak from some list.

It could be that the team had a conversation, and the Bears turned him down then.

We don't know, because all anyone gives us is "unnamed sources."

The process hasn't been the joke. The coverage and fan speculation over this has been the joke.

BTW -- I thought you felt Rogers was bottom of the barrel. Are you suddenly changing your tune?

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