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Chudzinski seems a long shot in Chicago

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San Diego Chargers assistant head coach Rob Chudzinski seemed an ideal candidate for the Bears to interview to become their offensive coordinator.

But it just doesn't appear to make any sense for Chudzinski to leave the Chargers, especially after the club announced the signing of head coach Norv Turner to a three-year extension Monday.

Indications are Turner values Chudzinski insight and intelligence.

Chudzinski could have picked from three different coordinator positions last off-season. But he chose the Chargers, accepting the title of assistant head coach. With that came additional duties that Turner said freed him up to do other things.

Chudzinski is under contract through 2010. Given his situation, it doesn't make sense to leave the Chargers' 10th ranked offense, which includes numerous stars, to work with an unproven Bears offense with some question marks. In addition, Lovie Smith certainly doesn't have the same job security as Turner.

If the Chargers are good again in 2010 -- and there's no reason to doubt that -- then Chudzinski could have his pick of coordinator jobs or may be even become a head coach, a job some believe is inevitable.

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Sean its clear you haven't spoken to Lovie, Angelo and Phillips, "everyone wants to come here". Hello hotest coaching destination in the midwest. Who doesn't want to be here? The Bears are beating away top candidates with a stick because they are so desired.

Now this is the plan so get it right. The Bears are going to wait till other teams take all those chump coaches like Nolan. Then when the crowd has been really thinned out and the coaches are easier to see. The Bears will strike like a angry Cobra and snatch up the best coaches in the league. No not the league, the best coaches ever.


I think you are missing the most important factor in why Chudzinski is not one of your "best coaches ever" group...

"Indications are Turner values Chudzinski insight and intelligence."

Everyone does want to come to Chicago, but only for the Gino's East deep dish, Italian Beef sandwiches, and Ed Debevics.....Or at least those are the things I miss the most being remote.

These guys always say the right things when the media talks to them so they don't burn bridges, but I wonder what they really think of this brain trust when they are done talking to them, either in person or on the phone? That would be an interesting analysis.

By the way, we are trusting the judgment of a head coach who is barely 33% on challenges during his time here....I'm just saying....

I generally don't agree with too much that creighton says on here but his post is perfect.

Don't mean to sound like a broken record, but Martz and Marinelli or a duo pretty close to that will be the eventual choice. It won't work, but...well, Bears fans know the drill by now.

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I don't know where all you "nobody wants to come here" haters were when they hired Tice. Dude walked away from a 2010 contract and took at least a cut in title to come to the Bears. Cause he wanted to come to the Bears.

I'd say Chudzinski would be a long shot. Like Sean says he already has a coordinator job with a contender. Even then, Norv Turner would have to release a coach he likes to let him lateral to the Bears.

Ol' Norm is probably feeling all warm and fuzzy about helping out the team who just canned his brother Ron for the same job.

I dunno. Does Turner have more job security than Lovie? Just got beat in the playoffs, by an inferior team, .....again.

I think you have it backwards, Jensen. I don't think Chudzinski has an intense loyalty to Turner. I think Chudzinski chose to stay in San Diego as an assistant head coach with the hope that he'd be their preferred replacement for Turner if Turner bombed this season and they fired him.

The fact that Turner was signed to an extension is more a reason for Chudzinski to LEAVE, not STAY. I think he wants to be a head coach and he'd have a better opportunity replacing Lovie Smith than Norv Turner next year.

However, job security will keep Chudzinski away from the Bears just like it has every other candidate so far for the Bears' two vacancies.

It doesn't make sense with any coach that looks to his future. There is no future in Chicago.

Norv Turner would be the offensive coordinator to bring into Chicago, everywhere that guy has ever been as an offensive coordinator he's gotten production from his offensive units and quarterbacks. Heck, he even made ol Alex Smith in San Fran look pretty good. Unfortunately, Norv Turner isn't available....obviously. I think Chargers assistant head coach Rob Chudzinski probably won't be coming to Chicago either. Agree or disagree, I think the "job security" thing will play into Chudzinski's choice in staying in San Diego. But, stranger things have happened.

As far as Mike Tice, the ships sinking pretty fast in Jacksonville right now also, would it have really mattered where he went. Tice wouldn't have had anymore job security in Jacksonville than he does here in Chicago.

I still like Greg Knapp for the job in Chicago. I think Knapp is a good offensive coordinator who has flown under the radar over the years. This year he got the most he could out of the scraps he had to work with in Seattle. Knapp got a banged up Matt Hesselbeck to a respectable 3000 yards passing, and had Seneca Wallace looking as good as he could when he (Wallace) was playing. Knapp got Jeff Garcia to three pro-bowls during his time in San Fran, and also got the most he could out of Mike Vick in Atlanta. You gotta like Knapp's ability to adapt to the talent he has to work with. I think he could do some good things with Jay Cutler & co here in Chicago. Oh yeah, Knapp wouldn't be afraid to role Cutler out every once and awhile, oh well, it should be interesting whoever it ends up being GO BEARS!!

Tice was going to be released from his contract in Jacksonville, and were have you been? What do you mean I haven't said anything about Tice? I have been all over it.

Jacksonville couldn't afford Tice and he did not get a pay cut, because we do not know what the numbers on his Bears contract are. Tice's contract had a stipulation saying if any team wanted him to coach their line they would let him out of his contract. Tice has not taken a step backwards. He was the TE coach/assistant head coach offense. That was his exact Title. He did not call the plays on offense, what he did was work with individuel coaches on occasion. He asked to be allowed to work with Heck who was incharge on the line. But he was not his boss. In Jacksonville papers he was always refered to as the TE coach. He just had a title. He was basically Marinelli, but coached the TE's. He is one of Del Rio's best friends. He was a assistant his first year only and was bumped up to TE coach in second year according to Del Rio. So no he has not taken a step back. He wanted to coach the line in Jacksonville but didn't get it. He was allowed to work with Heck his last two years.

Chances are Jacksonville will get sold and move to LA. It is doing everything it can to cut salary at this point. Nobody but the Bears talked to Tice about being a line coach and one of his best friends wouldn't let him take over the line in Jacksonville.

As for his contract I have no clue what he made with the Jags or how much the Bears are paying him. He has a two year contract, thats all I know.

Is he a step up from Hiestand? Sure. Is he a great line coach? In my IMO no. Is he a big fun guy? Yes. He is suppose to be a good guy. My own feeling is that Tice may end up as the OC.

Joe, I am sorry you are subject to Dominos and Papa Johns. Nobody should have to deal with that, nobody. Now for Dinner I think I will go to Super Dawg and grab a couple of Dogs(really good relish), then head over to Portillo's to grab a beef, dipped and hot, then Some Gino's or maybe Lous. Maybe this weekend the Chicago Steakhouse New York Strip, rare.

Enjoy your Domino's and those Oscar Mayer dogs they sell in other parts of the country. But if your in New York, Papaya King, the original one. Rao's if you want some italian and Lambardi's on Spring ST. if you want some thin crust. Or my fav Grimaldi's on Old Fulton. If your in San Diego, Pizzeria Luigi, best meatball sandwich you will ever have, amazing thin crust for California, he imports the water to get it right. Oh and if your in WIS, NEB, IN, or the south. Your screwed.

O.K. Stop!
Kevin, you do realize the Norv and Ron are pretty much the same person in the realm of football? What would be the point? Jay would still hold his grudge against Ron trough Norv.

Joe F. Who the heck from Chicago misses Ginos East? That's tourist pizza. Are you not from Chicago and just a tourist who has not been
there in a while? I miss me a good beef, dog and pizza. Just not from Debev's or Ginos' east.

Creighton, yes we are very much screwed in Wis. Except, I can see the
Cubs with ton's of other Cubs fans pretty cheaply, and park rather conviently. Oh....and Buddy Squirrel Cheddar Popcorn beats the pants off of Garrets even on it's most stale day from the mall. I guess
we should all be glad we are not stuck in St. Louis, with quite possibly the worst pizza (provella.....yuk!!!) one could imagine.

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